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By | October 2, 2017

Do you have old photographs stored away in shoeboxes and cupboards that maybe in any room of your home or even up in the attic? Learning how to archive family photos is probably what you are asking yourself so that they can be preserved for generations to come.

Well I am pleased to say that this MEGA Collection will show you that rather than these photos laying unseen you can do so much with them to bring their memories to life.

How To Archive Family Photos Mega Collection

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How To Archive Family Photos Mega Collection Product Details:

Family Photos Collection
Resources A book, a webinar, a PDF file, two ebooks, four video downloads and a 8GB USB flash drive
Price Was $299.40Now $89.99 (saving $209.41 – save 70%)
Shipping Cost Free shipping within the US!
Availability Ships worldwide!
Place To Buy Shop Family Tree

Buying these 10 resources would normally cost you a staggering $299.40. But buying this complete collection that contains a book, together with video and webinar downloads, and more, altogether can give you a 70% saving.

All of this for just $89.99!

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Sure does sound tempting doesn’t it?

But what does it actually contain and what can you get from this collection? Well keep reading and I will show you how you can benefit from this aid.

Preserve your family photos now!

It can be overwhelming the amount of photographs that you have dotted all over your home. It may also be overwhelming as you don’t know where they all are. But when you do find them it will be a joy to look over them again. And as it may have been a while since you last looked at them you may discover something that you didn’t see the first time.

These unorganized memories may also be damaged due to the conditions to which they were stored in. As a family historian you will want to preserve these photographs for generations to come.

Do something now to preserve these memories!

So it is best for you to do something now with all those photos before your ancestors stories get lost in time. Taking the time to organize, digitize and putting names to faces will help your family members know who their ancestors were.

When it comes time to writing your family history you can also include these photos that you have saved and preserved. Also, other members of your family will appreciate the amount of effort that you have put into it.

They will enjoy reading about their ancestors’ lives and put a face to the person that they have heard of countless times before.

I know this because when I was younger I would hear a lot of different stories about my ancestors. As I started to do my own genealogy research and look into the photos I could see who the story related to.

I could then start to make order of their lives as I wrote up the history of my family. It became quite enjoyable to piece together my family history book.

How To Archive Family Photos

What To Do With Old Photos?

The MEGA archive family photos collection will help you get the most from your old photographs. As with any old family treasure you will want to preserve them, and it is therefore worthwhile getting some guidance to do this.

How To Archive Family Photos

We are brought into the genealogy world because we have heard so much about our ancestors. So we are pretty green as it were as how best to do anything within this field. That is where these guides come in. They will show you the way and show you the best tips and practices for preserving your family photographs.

This How To Archive Family Photos Mega Collection is for you it you want to:

  • Digitize and preserve your photos,
  • Create a system for organizing all your photos,
  • Find ways to share your photos,
  • Retouch any imperfections.

What You Can Learn From This Collection

As I have already mentioned when we start this exciting new hobby we do not always know the way. We therefore need a helping hand to show us the best way to get the most from our old family photos. There is so much that we can do with them. From digitizing to repairing the damage that has been done to them due to how they were stored.

How To Archive Family Photos

This collection is perfect for you if you want to learn:

  • Strategies to preserve your photos as digital files.
  • How to organize and manage your photo collection.
  • How to maintain filing your old photos.
  • How to scan your photos and store them digitally.
  • How to edit and retouch your photos.

There is so much you can learn from this MEGA collection as I have listed above. But there is more! Do you want to do editing on your smartphone while you maybe away from your home computer? Or do you want to know what cheap software program that you can use?

Not only will you learn all of the above but also the following:

  • How to understand metadata.
  • Preparing your photos ready for publishing.
  • What software that you can freely use or that is cheap online.
  • How to edit photos that are on your smartphone.
  • How to print your retouched photos.
  • How to handle the different kinds of photographs in your possession.
  • Step-by-step instructions to restore your family photos.
  • How to date your photos and their context.

The How To Archive Family Photos MEGA Collection Includes

You maybe wondering what is included in this package. Well, the MEGA collection gives you TEN resources to help keep your ancestors memories alive. You will get a book, a webinar, a PDF file, two ebooks, four video downloads and a 8GB USB flash drive to store your family photos onto.

Also, with this collection you will get a multi-purpose cleaning cloth so that you can keep the dirt and dust off your photos.

How To Archive Family Photos

As this collection contains digital products then this will mean that you can start benefiting from the useful guides, strategies and tips contained within the collection. So while you are waiting for your book, cloth and flash drive to arrive you can start preserving your old family photos.

Normally this collection sells for $299.40, but through the Shop Family Tree website you can get it all for just $89.99. This will give you a massive 70% saving. The money that you save can then be best spent on either items to help you with your genealogy research.

This MEGA Collection contains all of the following titles:

  • How To Archive Family Photos (Book) – $25.99 – This is a practical how-to guide that will help you organize your vast collection of family photos. This guide will also help you to both digitize and preserve your photos for generations to come. It will discuss all type of photos from old tintypes , black and white, to even photos that you have taken recently.
  • Organizing Digital Photos (Video Download) – $39.99 – This is a practical video guide that will help you to organize your collection of family photos. It will show you how to do archive your photos in a fast, fun and pain-free way.
  • 5 Easy DIY Genealogy Book Projects (Video Download) – $39.99 – This is an excellent video guide that will show you 5 different approaches that you can take to create a family history book. It will look at how to prepare, publish, plan and structure your book, as well as other subjects.
  • Photo Editing and Retouching for Genealogists (Webinar Download) – $49.99 – If your photos are damaged in anyway then you will want to touch them up. But how? This webinar will guide you through the processes, as well as showing you what apps and free software that you can use for this purpose. It will also show you how to tackle any type of photo that you may have in your collection.
  • Digitally Archive your Photos and Documents (Webinar Download) – $49.99 – Another useful video guide that will help you to organize your family photo collection.
  • Photo Rescue: Digital Solutions for Creating, Editing and Archiving your Family Photos (ebook) – $19.99 – Learn the tools and techniques to preserve and share your family history through your photo collection. It will show you how to create a visual archive of your family’s memories. You will learn what to look out for when buying a camera, how to touch up photos, as well as how to store and back up your collection of photos.
  • Scanning Secrets (Video Download) – $29.99 – This 30-minute video will show you tips and techniques for scanning your photographs. Learn what scanners are available to you and how to choose the right one for you. This video guide will also show you how to work efficiently so that you can scan your vast collection of photos both quick and effortlessly.
  • Family Photo Detective Ebook (ebook) – $26.99 – Your family photos can tell a lot about your family’s past, just by looking at the clues. From this ebook you will learn how to look at the clothing, accessories and hair styles. From these clues you will be able to pinpoint either the year or decade that the photo was taken. Also, by looking at the facial features and the type of photograph will you be able to identify just who is in the photo.
  • Digitizing Your Genealogy Cheat Sheet (PDF Download) – $9.99 – A 6-page PDF that is full of valuable information in a quick-reference way. A very handy guide to refer to when you are taking pictures to scanning and preserving them.
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth$1.50 – A multi-purpose cloth is essential when you are dealing with old family photos. This type of cloth is ideal when cleaning your photographs, as well as your camera equipment. This is a 6×6 cloth that is small enough to be kept at hand.
  • USB 2.0 Flash Drive (8GB) – $14.99 – This drive can be used for either a Mac or a PC. If you don’t have your own flash drive then this will be useful for you as you back up your photos on this external guide.

How To Archive Family Photos

Final Thoughts

The MEGA collection will give you so many resources to help you archive your family photos. It is not always clear to the beginner just how and where to begin. That is where this collection comes into its own. It will show you the best way to preserve your photos depending on which type of film has been used.

As a genealogist and a family historian we want to put a name to the face that we are preserving. Only by doing so can we truly appreciate whho we are researching and the lives that they lived.

How To Archive Family Photos

The saving of more than $200 can be used on other aspects of our genealogy research. We could buy certificates or documents, or maybe join a genealogy website such as

We all want to save money, there is no doubt about that. Therefore the money that we save with this collection will help us with our research as we collect more information on our ancestors and resources such as this along the way.

Further Recommendation!

Besides buying this awesome collection of resources to help you archive your old family photos why not head on over to The Family Curator. There you will find practical guides that will help you to rescue your images from hard drives and memory cards.

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12 thoughts on “How To Archive Family Photos – Mega Collection

  1. Justin

    Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for. We have boxes and boxes of family photos that we would be devastated if something ever happen to. Backing up all of photos where we could access them whenever we need them would take away one of our big worries. you post was really helpful.

    1. Owain Post author

      You’re most welcome. This collection can help you digitise your photos as well as touch them up if they need to be. The information you will find in the guides will help you immensely

  2. Wanda

    Owain this is amazing, I had no Idea that all this was available, your site is clean and easy to follow. I have shared it on all of my social sites because I do think everyone should have access to this.
    Good Job, and good luck in all you do.

    1. Owain Post author

      Thank you very much. I am glad that you like this site and that you have shared it.

  3. Farhan

    I have never put in any serious thought into old family photos. I have the impression that putting them into a photo album will provide adequate protection.

    After reading your article, I just realized that it’s going to take some effort into researching, in order to preserve my old photos. Thanks for the informative review on the resources that will help me do this.

    Great review!

    1. Owain Post author

      This collection will show you how you can preserve your photos. They will teach you to handle them, how to retouch and edit, make copies, and more.

      It will take some effort but by doing this you will have passed on your legacy to your children and your children’s children

  4. Jason

    Very interesting article. I couldn’t even guess how many photos that I have lost over the years. I wish I would have kept better track of them, but now that I know aobut this, I’m going to invest in it and make sure I save my photos. I have lost enough family memories due to lost pictures, but with this program, I should be able to keep track of them.

    1. Owain Post author

      That is a shame that’s you have lost photos. I know it’s hard but we should try not to regret it. But we can preserve memories by archiving the photos that we do have. And also if we do it now

  5. Irvie

    Owain, this is a wonderful idea! I actually signed up for one of those online genealogy sites. There was a monthly fee and I wasn’t able to devote much time to it so I quit. But the cool thing here is that I would be able to get the info and have it available whenever I have the time. And I only pay one fee. I love it!

    It sounds like you had an awesome experience with your dad while you were growing up. My parents would tell stories sometimes, but I don’t know much about their genealogy. My mom doesn’t even know where her family comes from! I want my kids to know more about who their family is and some of the wonderful people I am confident we have in our family tree.

    1. Owain Post author

      I began my interest in genealogy because of my dad. He knew quite a lot of about our ancestors. Through researching though we uncovered things we didn’t know about so that was fun indeed. My mom didn’t know much about her ancestry. Working together we traced out her family tree and also connected with quite a few living relatives.

      Both my parents have photos and we have preserved these with backups and telling their stories in a book I wrote. So this collection can help keep your family memories alive. It is quite a useful collection to own to preserve your family’s history

  6. Marlinda Davis

    Wow, I never knew products like these existed! I am a photo junkie. I like to take pictures and collect family photos as well. I have also recently been interested in charting my family’s genealogy as well.

    I found this information very useful and will definitely bookmarking this for later on. It is so important that we preserve our family’s unique heritage for our future off-spring.


    1. Owain Post author

      I am glad that you agree that it is important to preserve your family heritage. I also feel that if you don’t do it now then some of your family’s history will get lost in time. Preserving family photos is just another way that you can do this

      All the best with your genealogy research Marlinda.


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