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The genealogy hobby is certainly not a cheap one so please be prepared to spend some money. How much though is entirely up to you! There will be documents to purchase, subscriptions to pay, and genealogy software as well. Plus other tools that you will need to chart your ancestry. This section will explain and …

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Software Family Tree Maker Deluxe

Family Tree Maker Deluxe – A Popular Choice

This is probably the world’s most well-known genealogy software program. For many, the Family Tree Maker brand is a popular choice among genealogists today and is regarded as one of the best genealogy software programs today. * Affiliate Disclaimer * It has become synonymous with the family historian. Many use it to help them create …

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Genealogy Guide & Tips

The journey to discovering your family’s past can be an exciting adventure. You will find out all sorts of interesting things, such as who your ancestors were, what they did for a living and maybe why they migrated many miles to another country. However, we all need some guidance to help us with our genealogy research. That …

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