What Is Genetic Genealogy – Mega Collection

Heard of this new way to research your ancestry? You maybe wondering what is genetic genealogy and asking yourself how can it help you. Well, this is another form of family history research that you can carry out to help you find more connections.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

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There are four main forms of genetic DNA testing that can be carried out. For more information please check out What Is A Genealogy DNA Test?

Genetic Genealogy Mega Collection Details

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But buying this complete collection that contains a book, together with PDF and video and downloads that altogether can give you a massive 83% saving.

All of this for just $99.99!

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Sure does sound tempting doesn’t it?

But what does it actually contain and what can you get from this collection? Well keep reading and I will show you how you can benefit from this aid.

Who offers this testing and what do you get from it?


There are three main commercial DNA testing companies that offer this type of research. They are 23andMe, AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA.

Through these companies you can order a DNA kit and send them a saliva sample.

Although you can conduct this type of research by visiting a center that does this type of testing.

From the results that you get back from these tests you can learn where your ancestors originated from.

You may also find living cousins through these tests as well.

How can I learn more about genealogy DNA testing?

To get the most from genetic testing it is best for you to purchase a guide. The results you get back can be quite confusing to comprehend.

Here, I will review the Genetic Genealogy Mega Collection that will help you decipher the feedback you get from these tests.

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

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Why Purchase the Genetic Genealogy Mega Collection?

There are many reasons why you should purchase the Genetic Genealogy Mega Collection. Obviously we want to know more about our ancestors.

But sometimes we may have hit a brick wall or have pursued all other avenues of research.

That is why we may consider genetic genealogy. But we will need a guiding hand with this new line of research.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

Love this set of guides if:

  • You are thinking about DNA testing or already have taken the test.
  • You want to learn about the results from these tests.
  • You want to know what can and cannot be expected from these tests.
  • You are looking for tools to analyze the genetic results.
  • You want to find and connect with living relatives and find your common ancestors.
  • You want to break down brick walls in your research and also solve family mysteries.

What Can You Learn From This Collection?

As I have mentioned before the results that you get back from this type of testing can be confusing.

Although this form of testing is simple to conduct, (you just produce a saliva test), the results can be difficult to comprehend.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

This collection will help you learn:

  • How to use the results you get back from DNA testing and what you can learn about your family history.
  • What different tests that are available to you and how each of them can help with your research.
  • The advantages that each of the three major tests offer you.
  • By using genetic testing how this can help solve family mysteries.
  • Several techniques and analysis methods that will help you understand your test results.
  • What is DNA triangulation and how it can help you.
  • The practical applications of both analysis tools and triangulation.
  • The different between common DNA segments and shared DNA segments and why this really matters.
  • Interpreting the ethnicity of your results and why it may not be what you had expected.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

The Genetic Genealogy Collection Includes

There are FIFTEEN resources that are within this collection. You will get The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy book together with thirteen videos and a PDF download.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

Make a saving with this collection!

As this collection contains mostly digital products then you can begin understanding the DNA results that you already have.

So, you can start straight away making sense of these results while you wait for your book to arrive.

The items in this collection would normally cost $599.85 altogether.

However, you can purchase this entire collection from Shop Family Tree for only $99.99. That is a phenomenal 83% discount.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

Titles included in this collection:

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy (Book) – $29.99

This book will teach you the different types of tests, the methodologies and also the pros and cons of the three major DNA testing companies. This guide will also help you to decipher the DNA test results that have been returned to you.

It will teach you what you need to know about ethnicity estimates and haplogroup designations.

It will also make sense of the suggested distant cousins, and help you use third-party tools such as GEDmatch to interpret your results.

Using DNA to Solve Family Mysteries (Video Download) – $49.99

This video guide will help you with your DNA tests that break down brick walls in your research. This guide will also help to prove ancestral connections and origins.

Genetic Genealogy: Tools to Analyze DNA Results (Video Download)

$49.99 – From this guide you will learn about the best tools and tips for analysing DNA results.  And also what you can learn from them.

DNA Triangulation: What It Is and How to Use It (Video Download)

$39.99 – Learn how to use triangulation when it comes to your DNA. From this you will be able to pinpoint DNA matches.

Genetic Mismatch: DNA Conflicts in Your Family Tree (Video Download) – $39.99

This video guide will help you to deal with the conflicts between your DNA results and your research. So, what do you do?

Learn the strategies in this video to resolve these mismatches.

Dealing with Your DNA Matches (Video Download) – $39.99

This guide will help you plan what to do with your DNA matches. It will show you how to communicate with your newfound cousins.

As well you will learn about possible quirks in your results, the special cases and how you can incorporate living people into your research.

Using Evernote to Track Your DNA Data (Video Download) – $39.99

This tool is fantastic for genealogists to use. You can use it to simplify and also manage your test results, work out connections and the hints that are presented to you about your family tree.

Using DNAGEDcom (Video Download) – $39.99

Another tool that you can use with your test results is DNAGEDcom. This is a website that has tools that you can use to make discoveries with your genealogy research.

All About AncestryDNA (Video Download) – $49.99

This guide will show you the advantages of going with AncestryDNA for this type of research. You will also learn about what testing is available and how you can use analyze tools and make connections.

All About Family Tree DNA (Video Download) – $39.99

This guide will show you what FamilyTreeDNA has to offer. And you will also learn how to discover your genetic cousins and connect matches.

All About 23andMe (Video Download) – $39.99

This guide is all about showing you what 23andMe has to offer. From this guide you will be able to trace your maternally and paternal lines.

Autosomal DNA Crash Course (Video Download) – $49.99

This kind of test works for both men and women. This will help you trace both sides of your family.

This guide will able you get the ins and outs of this type of testing, and break down those brick walls.

Genetic Genealogy and Y-Chromosomal Testing (Video Download) – $39.99

Learn about Y testing and what it can do for your research. This video will teach all about Y-Chromosome, how it works and how it’s measured.

From this guide you will be to read the results and analyze.

Jump into GEDMatch (Video Download) – $39.99

Learn how to use this powerful tool, GEDMatch, to analyze your autosomal DNA results. Also from this guide learn how you can search for genetic cousins and use comparison tools.

Genetic Genealogy Cheat Sheet (Video Download) – $9.99

This is a 8 page cheat sheet that contains charts, tips and resources that will help you use DNA to piece together your ancestry.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

My Final Thoughts

Conducting DNA and genetic testing for your family history research is certainly a good idea.

It can help you break down brick walls in your research that you may have encountered along the way.

You may not be sure of your ethnicity or want to prove a connection to a branch of your family. You may even be able to find living relatives.

However, you will need some guidance when it comes to selecting which type of testing is appropriate. You will also need help when it comes to interpreting the results.

Conducting the test is simple!

You just take a swab of the inside of your mouth. But when you get your results they are not laid out simply as A-B -C.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

You need to decipher and interpret the results to help you further with your research. We all need help when it comes to genealogy research.

Genealogy help is at hand!

When we begin researching our family history we are all new to this hobby.

So, it’s always nice when there is a helping hand that will show us the way.

When it comes to genetic genealogy well then this is another thing altogether. And that is where this collection comes in useful.

It can show you the way.

This collection will give you the information that you will need in order to make the most of this testing.

The savings that you will make by purchasing these fifteen resources in one collection is also worth noting.

With the nearly $500 that you save by buying these guides you can use that money for certificates and documents of your ancestors.

What do you think?

If you decide to buy any this helpful collection then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

What Is Genetic Genealogy

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Further Information!

If you are interested to learn more about Genetic Genealogy then please head on over to ISOGG Wiki.

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