What Is US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day All About?

To the American people September 17th marks a very special event in United States history. But what is US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day all about?

US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Do you know why Americans celebrate this day and what is its origins?

Well, read on as I will explain.

Special Date:

US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day – September 17th

(Date changed to preceding or following weekday if it falls on Saturday or Sunday)

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History of US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day!

The significance of this date goes back to the signing of the Constitution of the United States on September 17th 1787.

Citizenship Day

However, the commemoration of this date is surprisingly much more recent.

Would you be surprised to learn that this special day is less than 80 years old?

The Changing Name of September 17th!

It was in 1939 when newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst requested there to be a day where people could celebrate United States Citizenship.

This day was subsequently created by Congress the following year in 1940. But the name for this day would be “I Am An American Day“.

And instead of it being celebrated in mid September as we do today it originally fell on the third Sunday in May.

Twelve years later on February 29th 1952 President Harry Truman would change this name to “Citizenship Day“, by signing it into law.

Becoming American!

This date would thus recognize anyone who had become an American citizen.

Then on August 2nd 1956 Congress wanted there to be a week long celebration that would begin on September 17th and end on September 23rd.

Congress also requested that the President proclaim this week to be called “Constitution Week“.

And finally in December 2004, this special day in September would be renamed as “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day“.

Correction – If you want to be factually correct Constitution Day was first recognized by schools in Iowa much further back in 1911.

It was then in 1917 when the Sons of the American Revolution first promoted Constitution Day.

What Happened on September 17th 1787?

Alright, so I have already mentioned that this day in September is special because it marks the date that the US Constitution was signed.

But what really happened leading up to this date all those years ago in 1787?

The Formation of the Constitution!

During the summer of 1787 delegates gathered in the state of Philadelphia because they wanted “a more perfect union“.

There were 39 brave men in all who wanted to put together the American Constitution.

Some of these brave men included:

  • George Washington – Commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War, who would later become the first President of the United States of America.
  • Benjamin Franklin – Known for being an author and printer, as well an inventor, politician and scientist among other things.
  • Alexander Hamilton – The first United States Secretary of the Treasury. He was an economist and political philosopher.
  • Thomas Jefferson – Becoming Vice President in 1796, and then in 1800 becoming President. He though did not sign the Constitution as he was in France at the time serving as US minister.

Even though George Washington was one of the delegates it was James Madison who is considered as the father of the Constitution.

He was a key figure in the drafting of this important document.

The Signing of the Constitution!

A framework was thus developed that would provide balance and freedom. Both the federal and states interests were to be taken into account.

Importantly the rights of every American citizen was also taken into account.

This framework, or rather the Constitution of the United States, was signed by the delegates on September 17th 1787.

It was not until June 21st 1788 that this constitution would come into effect by being approved by 9 of the 13 original states of America.

What Do People Do On US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?

Although September 17th is not a federal holiday it is still encouraged that all citizens observe this very important day in America’s history in some way or another.

What Do People Do On US Constitution Day and Citizenship Day?

What you will see on this day!

The President of the United States may make a proclamation each year requesting that the country’s flag be displayed on government buildings on this date.

The colors of the American flag, them being red, white and blue, will feature predominantly on this day by all proud Americans.

Artwork displaying the founding fathers may also be seen on this day as well as the words “We the People“, which was written in the Constitution.

These Constitution Day posters can easily be found by searching on Google.

What Can You Do On This Day?

The President may also request that people observe this event within their community. Places where events could take place could include in schools or churches.

What To Do On Constitution Day?

A range of events and activities will take place by various civil and educational authorities.

The act that renamed this day to “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day” in 2004 mandates that there will be educational programming that will teach people the history of the American Constitution.

So, this programming will teach the significance of this date in American history, as well as the formation and signing of the Constitution and also who the founding fathers were.

You may also wish to see to test your knowledge with a 10 question Constitution Day Quiz.

Please be advised though that this quite a tricky quiz so you may want to take it with friend s or family.

Did You Know About Australian Citizenship Day?

September 17th is not only special to the American people but also to Australians, and for the same reason as well.

Although again this day in September is not a public holiday the Australian people will reflect on the meaning and the importance of their citizenship.

It is a day for them to think about what unites all Australian people and to take pride in their country and its values.

But also on this day they celebrate the role that ordinary citizens have played to shape the country that it is today.

My Final Thoughts!

The United States of America has a very proud history.

And even though Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is not a holiday I still feel that it is important to be proud to be an American.

I also feel that it is important to know about the history of America, as well as the formation and the signing of the Constitution.

I hope that this post has enlightened you as to why this is a very special day.

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