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Hello and welcome to The Genealogy Guide where you will find loads of guides, tips and reviews that will HELP YOU research your family history.Owain Couch

If you are wondering who I am then you are in the right place!

Here you can read my story, see how I became interested in genealogy and why I created The Genealogy Guide site was created.

I’m Owain by the way, a fellow family historian who is passionate about helping others discover their ancestry.

Why Genealogy Anyway?!

My first experience of family history was when I was a young boy. My father would recite to me stories regarding my ancestors. He would tell me these stories over and over and over again.

And yet I was never tired of hearing them. I loved hearing these stories of my ancestors!

Do you have special stories that your father or mother passed down to you? Or maybe these stories came from your grandparents or other relatives.

Anyway, some of my own family stories would go back as far as the mid 1700s. There were all sorts of anecdotes and tales from various branches of my family tree.

Some were from his father’s side, but mostly his mother’s.

Years would go by and my father would still continue telling me the same stories all over.

We had discussed writing the stories down in a book but nothing ever came of it.

Finally, our family history book was being written!

Eventually this came a reality when pen was put to paper and the stories flowed. I wanted to write a book filled with this family history so that it would be preserved forever.

While transcribing my father’s notes I thought to myself that it would also be a good idea to include family charts. From these charts people could see the relationship between my ancestors and my father and I.

I also included photos so that people could put a face to the name and stories. Photos of family heirlooms were added showing the many family treasures that had been handed down the generations.

And so my research project grew into something so much more than I had first envisioned. It had grown into something that would be cherished for generations to follow.

The Genealogy Guide Awards and Accomplishments!

Top 100 Genealogy Blogs

Since The Genealogy Guide was created back in June 2016 I have continually added informative guides and helpful tips to help YOU trace your family history.

I have also provided many thorough reviews that explore what genealogy products and services that you can use.

I am therefore pleased to announce that my efforts have been recognized as I am now featured in the Top 100 Genealogy Blogs.

And I’m currently ranked #24!

That’s quite an achievement and I am really proud of what I have achieved with the site.

Rest assured though that I am committed to providing more advice for you and likewise rise the ranks of the Top 100 Genealogy Blogs.

Extreme Genes

Episode 216 – Sunday, November 26, 2017

A brief mention of The Genealogy Guide appeared in this episode in relation to how children can get involved in family history. Why not check out the Genealogy For Kids post to see what all the fuss was about?!

Credit:   Extreme Genes

Why Did I Create This Site?

After self-publishing my family history and holding in my hands a book containing a wealth of so much personal history I wanted to give back to the genealogy world.

So, what better way than helping others than creating a genealogy website!

Researching my genealogy

Currently this site has more than 220 helpful guides and reviews!

And I don’t plan on slowing down. There is just so much more to explore and write about.

While researching your own family history you can check out old documents, interview relatives, visit where your ancestors lived, or even do a DNA test.

The possibilities of finding out about your family tree are endless!

This site is not only for the beginner to the genealogy world, but also to the seasoned family historian as well.

So, whether you are starting out on your journey or you have been doing this for a while you will find something of use here.

Get Involved and Help Build The Genealogy Guide Site!

Is there something missing on this site? Is there a topic, tool, resource, date or even an event not featured that you would like to see?

No problem, just comment below or contact me.

Genealogy Guide Needs You!

I am always interested to hear your ideas or suggestions as I want to build a genealogy site that will help YOU. Or if there is an article that you find useful then please like and share it with your family and friends.

If you have your own genealogy blog then please feel free to link to The Genealogy Guide.

Write For Me!

I also welcome guest bloggers to contribute articles to the site. It doesn’t matter what the article is about as long as you think it will help others to trace their family history.

What better way to give back to the genealogy world, (like I am doing), than by helping your fellow family historians. So, get involved today!

The Genealogy Guide is your guide to help you on your family history journey!

Visitor Testimonials

My goal with this site as I have said is to help people trace their family history. I have been fortunate to have received many compliments, either through comments on posts or by private messages.

Here are some of these compliments that I have received:


As a regular visitor to The Genealogy Guide I can safely say this is the best way to trace your ancestors, thanks to the wealth of information that Owain provides. I love how this website covers all angles and highlights the optimum methods in building your family tree. Owain continually adds regular updates and I would recommend this website to anyone interested in genealogy.

Craig, Founder of UK TV Services Abroad


There is such an abundance of valuable information packed into The Genealogy Guide. Owain really knows how to research your ancestry and discover your family history.

If you ever thought about building your family tree, this is definitely the place to start and finish. Owain has all the details right here at your fingertips.

There is also a whole lot of cool history, helpful tips, resources, and tools. Thanks Owain, I just love this site!

Gina, Owner of Acrylic Painting Ideas


I’ve been checking out your site and really am impressed with so much information. You obviously are very well versed on all aspects of genealogy. Personally I don’t know beyond my mom and dad, very much about my family history at all.

I’m going to keep checking this out and probably start my own search effort here and find out after about 60 years where my roots are.

Thank you for building this site and informing us about searching out our roots and helping so many connect with the unknown past and really helping us understand ourselves through our ancestors.


I have been visiting Owain’s site for a long time and it is safe to say that the information here is just amazing for tracing ancestry. And I also love Special Day posts like Saint Valentine. That was a great story by the way.

And if anyone is interested in tracing their ancestry or just want to know more about them, then this site should be your guide.

Furkan, Owner of Find Best Boxing Gloves


Owain has worked hard to present helpful information in a clear, concise and actionable manner and he’s doing a terrific job. He fully considers all aspects of products, activities and questions related to genealogy and crafts thoughtful, thorough and extremely helpful reviews, guides and suggestions.

The quality of his work has captured my interest and caused me to consider my own family history and many other things besides, such as what to do with old family photos and what products may be the best fit for me to learn more about my ancestry. It’s really quite fascinating.

If you’re interested at all in genealogy, I think you’ve come to the right place. And even if you aren’t, take a look around, and you may find – as I did – that it is an intriguing subject that will have you deeply appreciating Owain’s work.

Kevin Bulmer, Speaker & Host of The No Schedule Man Podcast

Please Give Me Your Feedback!

I would love to hear from you. Please tell me what your reasons are for researching your family history.

If you have any queries or suggestions for this site then please feel free to comment below. If you don’t feel like commenting below then you can instead Contact Me privately.

Thank you,


Founder of The Genealogy Guide


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