An Introduction to Family History

Researching your genealogy can be a rewarding pastime for you. Many of us wish to discover who our ancestors were and where they came from.

It can throw up all sorts of interesting information that we never knew before about our family’s past.

An Introduction to Family History

Here, you will find posts that will introduce you to the world of genealogy. Find out how exciting this hobby can be.

Check out the Introductory Course to Family History from FamilySearch.

Guides & Tips!

Here are some helpful posts introducing you to the wonderful world of genealogy. Discover why genealogy is a much-loved hobby shared by so many of us.

Family Tree Builder

100 Family Tree Quotes

Genealogy is an exciting hobby that can tell us so much about our past. Here are 100 family tree quotes ...
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Why Is Genealogy Important?

20 Reasons Why Is Genealogy Important?

Discovering and researching your ancestors is an exciting and interesting pastime that anyone can do. But what is the reason ...
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New Year Resolution Facts

2018 New Year Resolution Facts and The Genealogy Guide!

2018 has begun and it brings new optimism for a new year. Let me share with you some New Year ...
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4 Things You Should Know About Genealogy

4 Things You Should Know About Genealogy

Genealogy is an important topic for people of all backgrounds and cultures. It provides a way to trace your family's ...
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5 Creative Ways To Find Information About Your Family History

5 Creative Ways to Find Information About Your Family History

Learning about your family history, celebrating family traditions, exploring your culture, and understanding where you came from can open your ...
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Genealogy Forums and Genealogy Message Boards

8 Genealogy Forums and Genealogy Message Boards You Need To Check Out!

We all need help sometimes when tracing our ancestry. There are genealogy forums and genealogy message boards where beginners and ...
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Genealogy Tips

80 Plus Genealogy Tips

Trying to find your ancestors can be an exciting journey for you. Here, I will present to you more than ...
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9 Key Benefits to Studying Your Family History

9 Key Benefits of Studying Your Family History

If you are new to genealogy then you know that it can be quite overwhelming, to begin with. This is ...
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Why I Hate Genealogy

9 Reasons Why I Hate Genealogy!

Discovering and tracing your family tree can be a wonderful hobby. There is just so much that you can discover ...
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9 Steps to Tracing Family History

9 Steps to Tracing Family History

Do you want to know about your ancestry, but you do not know where to look? Do you find it ...
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Basics of Family History

Basics of Family History

Family history is both an interesting and rewarding hobby. You never know what new information you will find or where ...
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Boost Your Travel Tours with Your Family

Boost Your Travel Tours with Your Family- How Does Family Reunions Affect Lifestyle

Your ancestors may have once lived in a cold climate. Or maybe a place that experienced quite harsh conditions. Well, ...
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Know Your Roots

Do You Know Your Roots? Here’s 5 Ways To Find Out!

Have you ever wondered just who your ancestors were and they came from? Have you ever been curious to know ...
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Family Tree Size

Easy Family Relationship Chart For Your Genealogy Research!

Does the term "second cousin, once removed" baffle you? It's OK if it does because the easy family relationship chart ...
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Family First - Find Your Ancestors Now

Family First – Find your Ancestors Now

Americans have been obsessed with knowing their ancestors for generations. The study of genealogy has helped many learn about their ...
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Family History 101

Family History 101 – 5 Basics You Need To Master

I want to share with you 5 basics that you need to master to get the most out of your ...
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Family History Questions

Find Your Family History Questions Answered Here!

If you are new to genealogy then you may have become confused along the way. That's OK, it's happened to ...
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Family Reunion Ideas Activities

Fun Family Reunion Ideas and Activities!

Every once in a while we will meet up with our relatives and share with them our latest news. But ...
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Importance of Ancestral Roots

Genealogy – Importance of Ancestral Roots

To learn, research, and maintain your ancestry will influence you, your parents, and even future generations. Find more about the ...
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Genealogy - Walk to the Trail of Family History

Genealogy – Walk to the Trail of Family History

Genealogy is a travel to the land of your ancestors. Some people are curious to know about their family history ...
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Genealogy For Kids

Genealogy For Kids? Ways To Get Your Children Interested In Your Family History!

Learning about our heritage doesn't have to start when we are adults. Yes, sure we check countless sources, turning every ...
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Genealogy Conferences

Handy Tips To Get The Most From Genealogy Conferences!

While researching your ancestry you may get stuck along the way. And so genealogy conferences are a great way for ...
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Find Cemetery Grave

How To Find A Cemetery Grave And What To Do When You’re There!

You can learn a lot from the graves of your ancestors. But how do you find a cemetery grave? And ...
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Genealogy Society

How To Find A Genealogy Society Both Near And Far!

Do you know where your ancestors come from? Well, a genealogy society can offer you information not only about the ...
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Organize Genealogy Data

How To Organize Genealogy Data

Are all of your research notes, printouts, letters, and records getting out of hand? If yes then you will need ...
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Family History Society

Join A Family History Society

Family history societies are found all over the world. You will most likely find a family history society in an ...
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Make My Own Family Tree

Make My Own Family Tree Now!

When starting on your genealogy journey you will need some way of keeping track of your ancestors and their details ...
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Family History Dictionary

My Fun Family History Dictionary!

Often when researching your ancestry you may come across a word or a term that will perplex you. Here is ...
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Old Occupations Their Meanings and How To Find Them

Wondered about what your ancestors did for a living? You may however know the job title of these old occupations ...
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Plan a Visit to the Archives

Want to do more with your genealogy research? Well, one suggestion for you is to plan a visit to the ...
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Top 10 Genealogy Blogs To Check Out!

Top 10 Genealogy Blogs To Check Out

Need help tracing your family history? Finding it difficult to track down the records of an elusive ancestor? Let me ...
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Family History Interview Questions

Top 20 Family History Interview Questions

Interviewing family members can certainly help your ancestry research. But knowing the right family history interview questions to ask can ...
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Google Genealogy Search

Top Google Genealogy Search Tips

You are here because you want to know how this popular search engine can help you with your ancestry research ...
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Family History Story

What Is Family History?

I must admit I did lie before in a previous post. I had mentioned in my What Is Genealogy post ...
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Researching my genealogy

What Is Genealogy?

Heard of the word genealogy, or the term family history. But what is genealogy all about? Do you even know ...
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What Is My Genealogy

What Is My Genealogy?

If you've seen the Ancestry adverts then you may be asking yourself, 'What is my genealogy?'. Family history research can ...
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What More Could A Family Be About

What More Could A Family Be About? Amazing Quotes

Family is the most beautiful blessing that can be given to us. They are there for us through the good ...
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Find all of your photographs

What Sources of Information At Home Can You Find?

The first step to take when beginning your family history is to collect all possible sources of documentation around your ...
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At The Archives

What To Do At The Archives

Want to find out more about your ancestors? Many services are available to you at the archives. But what exactly ...
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Ancestry TV Show

Which Ancestry TV Show Do You Watch?

Genealogy TV shows have certainly caught our interest whether it is celebrities or the everyday person that the show follows ...
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Build A Family Tree

Why Build A Family Tree and How Long Does It Take?

Genealogy research is a fascinating and rewarding hobby for many people all over the world. But why should you discover ...
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Why Do Family History Research?

Why Do Family History Research?

Genealogy has become a very much popular hobby in recent years. In fact, it is the 2nd most popular pastime ...
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Why Research My Family History

Why Research My Family History – The Reasons

Many people these days are researching their ancestry to try to discover their roots. Have you wondered why this is ...
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Product Reviews!

Check out the following product reviews that will introduce you to this wonderful subject. Learn how you can start tracing your family tree here.

The Everything Guide to Genealogy

Research Genealogy – 6 Books to Help You!

Family history as the name suggests is the study of families and tracing people's lineage. But how do you research genealogy? ...
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Ancestry TV Shows on DVD

What Ancestry TV Shows Are On DVD?

Genealogy has become the second most popular hobby on the planet today. Watching these shows on TV you probably are ...
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