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Genealogy research will give you the facts that will help you build a family tree. But a historic newspaper archive will bring interest to your ancestry through stories and events that happened in the life of your ancestors.

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Historic Newspaper Archives Can Uncover A Whole New World!

When you first start on your family history journey you will be exploring what details that you can find about your ancestors. You will gather their names, dates and places of interest, what they did for a living and all other sorts of information.

But it’s the stories that really bring their legacy to life. And you can find these stories within the pages of a historic newspaper.

There are many sites that you can find online that will give you access to this valuable resource. Here I want to provide guides to these sites and show you how you can get the most from them.

Please note that what you find within a historic newspaper archive may not exist elsewhere, so it is definitely worth checking.


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