Genealogy Software

Genealogy software is a valuable resource to the family historian. It can help you build your family tree quickly and easily. You can also create reports, books and maps.

Genealogy Software

They can also link to genealogy sites which contain an enormous amount of records that can help you further explore your ancestry.

Genealogy Software Reviews

The following are the top genealogy software programs that I highly recommend. All of these programs work on the Windows platform. The Family Tree Heritage 9 package can be used on either a Windows or Mac computer.

Free Genealogy Software Downloads

6 Best Free Genealogy Software Downloads!

Family history research doesn't have to be expensive, in fact some resources and products are available to you for free ...
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Ancestral Quest 15

Ancestral Quest 15 Review!

If you want a genealogy software program that is both powerful and easy to use then this one is for ...
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Best Genealogy Software Programs

Best Genealogy Software Programs – Your Top 5

There are several choices when it comes to selecting software to create your family tree. But what are the best ...
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Family Historian 6

Easy To Use – Family Historian 6

Do you want to use software that is easy to use? The Family Historian 6 package is by far the ...
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Family Tree Heritage 9

Family Tree Heritage 9 – The Best to Print out your Records!

Billed as the best genealogy software tool to print out your family tree records. Family Tree Heritage 9 allows you ...
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Family Tree Maker 2017

Family Tree Maker 2017 – The Best All Round!

Are you just starting out on your genealogy journey? Then Family Tree Maker 2017 will be perfect for you. With ...
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Software Family Tree Maker Deluxe

Family Tree Maker Deluxe – A Popular Choice

Even if you are new to genealogy you have probably heard of this software program. For many the Family Tree ...
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Legacy 8

Legacy 8 – The Best Genealogy Program Today!

Regarded as the best genealogy software program on the market today for the family historian. Legacy 8 is not only ...
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RootsMagic 7

RootsMagic 7 – Offers You More!

This genealogy software program can offer you a lot more than other programs that are on the market. RootsMagic 7 ...
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Legacy Family Tree - Legacy 9

What’s New With Legacy 9?

New and enhanced features have been added to the best genealogy software program. Find out why Legacy 9 is today's ...
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Genealogy Software Guides & Tips

Legacy Genealogy Software and Family Tree Maker

16 Reasons Why Legacy Genealogy Software is Better Than Family Tree Maker!

Want to know what the differences are between the two best genealogy programs? Do they really differ that much? Well ...
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Why Buy Legacy Family Tree 9

20 Reasons Why You Should Buy Legacy Family Tree

The reason why family historians buy genealogy software is to make tracing their ancestry easier. Legacy Family Tree can make ...
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Genealogy Software Issues

You will find plenty of information when researching your family history. A computer program is great for storing data but there are ...
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Genealogy Software Overview

Have you ever thought about using software for tracing your family tree? Do you want to make your life easier ...
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