Ancestral Quest 15 Review!

If you want a genealogy software program that is both powerful and easy to use then this one is for you. In this Ancestral Quest 15 review I will show you what you can expect from this program.

Ancestral Quest 15

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I will also outline the new features and improvements that have been added to the latest version of this program.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Ancestral Quest 15 Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 3(3/5)
Normal Price (Windows) $29.95 (Download) or $34.95 (CD ROM)
Normal Price (Windows upgrade) $19.95 (Download) or $24.95 (CD ROM)
Normal Price (Mac) $38.95 (Download)
Normal Price (Mac upgrade) $24.95 (Download)
Platform CD ROM and Download
Compatible Windows and Mac
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, TreeTips, NetFam Collaboration, Memories Manager
Connects FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
Help & Support FAQs, Video Tutorials, Newsgroup, Phone and Email
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Today’s genealogy programs are packed full of features, all of them trying to outdo each other.

As you can imagine there is plenty to cover with any software. And so for that reason I will try my best to give you an overall view of what you can expect from Ancestral Quest.

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What You Can Expect!

Create A Family Tree With Ease!

Ancestral Quest 15 will allow you to view your family tree in 4 different ways, which are Family View (shown below), Pedigree View, Name List View and Individual View.

Ancestral Quest Create Family Tree

Besides these four views there are Individual Edit Screens where you can enter and edit all the vital information associated with your ancestor.

I must admit here that the interface may seem a bit basic. But if you are wanting a program that performs then Ancestral Quest is for you.

The simplified interface certainly makes it easy for you to navigate around your family tree and edit what you need to.

Research Your Family Tree on the Internet!

Besides entering what you already know about your ancestors you can also do your research online from within the program. This can be done in a number of ways.

3 ways to search for your ancestors online:

  1. TreeTips – This feature will be discussed in the following section.
  2. Internet Searches – First select the ancestor that you are interested in. Then with a few clicks you can then search a number of online search engines. These include, and Ancestry. From this feature you can also add your favorite search engines.
  3. Direct Links – With this feature you can let Ancestral Quest perform Ancestry searches behind the scenes. You can choose what you want to see. However, you will need to have an Ancestry subscription for this feature to work.

    Ancestral Quest Internet Search

Organize Your Family History Research!

Organizing your research is simple with the Research Manager and Log. Ancestral Quest allows you to create To Do lists so you know what further research that you need to carry out.

You can also organize your tasks by either location or type, or anything that you desire for that matter.

Review Your Family Tree!

From time to time you will want to review your family tree. You will want to know what information that you currently have and what further information that you need to collect.

Reviewing your information can be done by:

  • Printing reports.
  • Review lists of citations that you have added.
  • Able to sort lists of information.
  • Able to view and edit multiple files side-by-side
  • View an Individual Summary screen for an ancestor on one screen.

Create Reports and Charts!

With any basic genealogy software program you will want to view your family tree and the information that you have entered either in reports or charts.

This can easily be done by the Reports and Charts feature as shown below.

Ancestral Quest Reports and Charts

OK, maybe it’s not quite that easy to start with but once you get your head around the basic Ancestral Quest interface and this feature you will soon be able to create a variety of different reports and charts.

I won’t go into all the various reports and charts that you can expect from this program.

Hopefully you can see for yourself from the above screen shot. But I will give you a sample of the benefits of this program.

Some benefits of the Reports and Charts feature:

  • Ancestry/Descendant Wall charts that have photos or not, (depends on your preference).
  • Fan charts up to 13 generations.
  • List of addresses which can be used for family reunions.
  • Most reports can be printed as a PDF or text file.
  • Print reports in a different language

Share Your Family History Research!

Part of genealogy research is being able to work on your family tree with other people. These people will most likely consist of other family members, but they could also be your friend or someone from a genealogical society who is helping you.

Ancestral Quest Share

Obviously one way that you can share your research is by printing out reports, (as I have mentioned above). But there are other ways.

6 ways to share your research:

  1. Print reports and charts.
  2. Create web pages (shown above).
  3. Create PDFs and text files.
  4. Export your family tree as a GEDCOM file.
  5. Add media items into your GEDCOM file.
  6. Include a source record when you are importing data, (useful when people are checking your sources).

Work With Others!

Ancestral Quest also allows you to work with others on your family tree by using just one single master file of your information. This can be performed by anyone anywhere in the world.

This can be performed by using the unique NetFam Collaboration feature. To do this you will need to place your family tree file on Ancestral Quest’s central server.

Once the file has been uploaded you just inform the people that will be helping you research your family tree.

Any new work that you perform on the tree will be seen by the others the next time that they log on, and vice versa.

The great advantage of this feature is that it eliminates the need for you to create a GEDCOM file.

But this does come at a price, $29.95 per year.

2 New Features Added!

1. TreeTips

Many of the other genealogy software programs have a leaf or hint feature. It was only a matter of time when Ancestral Quest would incorporate this feature into their program.

Their version of it is called TreeTips.

Ancestral Quest 15 Treetips

So, what does this feature do?

Well simply this feature will show you potential records that ‘may‘ contain your ancestors. Ancestral Quest will connect with 3 of the largest genealogy search websites, and they are MyHeritage, FamilySearch and FindMyPast.

Connecting to these sites will mean that you will have a collection of over 10 billion records at your disposal.

You can see from the above screen shot that there are tips for each of the names in this family tree. And these tips mostly come from MyHeritage, followed by FindMyPast.

By hovering your mouse over the icons representing these sites you will show many records are available. And by clicking on them you will be able to see the actual records.

2. Memories Manager

The Memories Manager feature is a way for you to share your photos, documents and stories with other members of your family. This is done by uploading this media to the FamilySearch website.

Not only can you upload your research to this site using this feature but you can download as well.

6 Enhanced Features Added!

1. Family View Child List Enhancements

The Family View that features in Ancestral Quest has been improved upon with this version by the request of its users.

These users wanted to see clearly from the list of children whether that child had a record or not, or a spouse.

Ancestral Quest Child list

You can see to the left of each child a different triangle symbol that reflects these conditions.

A filled triangle means that there is no associated record, while a dot above the triangle means that there is a spouse for that child.

The ‘<‘ that you can see for the 4th child this means that you followed the family tree from their parents to get to this child.

2. Pedigree View Enhancements

The Pedigree View has also seen improvements. With this latest version of Ancestral Quest you can extend the view to include 7 generation, (albeit if you have a large monitor).

Or you you may only want to view 3 generations at a time but in a larger scale.

Ancestral Quest Pedigree View

You can easily adjust this scale using the controller at the top left of the view.

3. Merge Individuals Tool

The developers have yet again listened to their users with the improvement of the Merge Individuals tool. Originally merging data from two files was performed using an over/under display.

With the request of its users you can now also perform this action side-by-side, so you can clearly see what information is within both files.

Ancestral Quest Merge Individuals

FamilySearch Enhancements!

The following 3 enhancements all relate to Ancestral Quest’s connection with FamilySearch.

Not only have you seen the advantage of the introduced TreeTips and Memory Manager tools but the following enhancements will also help you greatly as well.

4. Append To Names

With this improvement you can now display an individual’s RIN (Record ID Number) and the FS PID (FamilySearch ID) after their name.

5. Import Family Lines

This feature allows you to import family lines to a person within your tree up to 8 generations. Previous versions allowed you only up to 3.

6. View Ordinances When Linking With Family Search

With this enhanced feature you can choose to Show LDS Ordinances. By doing this you will be able to better assess whether the selected record that you have found on FamilySearch matches your local record.

Pros & Cons


✔   Connects to FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
✔   Straightforward and easy to use
✔   Excellent supported help in the form of online video tutorials
✔   FAQs, online discussion groups, in program help section and telephone support
✔   Can research online within the program
✔   Can easily connect and share research with others


❌   Basic interface design

Do I Recommend Ancestral Quest?

If it’s a no nonsense genealogy software program that you want then Ancestral Quest certainly delivers. Yes it may not look fancy but at the end of the day what do you want?

You want a program that you can easily navigate around where you can enter your ancestors and their details. And that is one very important aspect of such a program.

It is also a great tool for any genealogist who wants to organize their vast family tree consisting of thousands. The powerful search function makes it easy for you to locate an ancestor that you are after.

I like how this software has been true to the original. It has not tried to outdo itself by prettying it up.

Instead the developers have concentrated on what really matters. And they have been listening to their users and given them what they want with each new version of the software.

Also, for the loyal users of the program they are rewarded with a discounted price on the latest version. So, that’s something that I like about this product.

One other thing that I like about Ancestral Quest is that you can purchase either a Windows or a Mac version. This is not something that you commonly see with the other genealogy software programs that are on the market today.

Do I recommend Ancestral Quest?

Yes, I do recommend Ancestral Quest 15. It’s simple, easy to use and that is what you want from a genealogy software program.

If you decide to buy this software program then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

Start Your Family History Adventure Today!

Most comprehensive and easy-to-use genealogy software!

Ancestral Quest 15

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