Genealogy Guide & Tips

The journey to discovering your family’s past can be an exciting adventure. You will find out all sorts of interesting things, such as who your ancestors were, what they did for a living and maybe why they migrated many miles to another country.

Genealogy Guide and Tips

However, we all need some guidance to help us with our genealogy research. That is where this site comes in, where you will find many genealogy guides and tips.

Genealogy Guides and Tips To Discovering Your Family History!

An Introduction to Family History          Old Family Photos

Preserve Your Family Treasures          Research Your Family History

Write and publish Your Family History

Many Helpful Guides and Tips That You Can Use!

This section starts with an introduction to family history. Here you will discover why ordinary people like you and me take on the challenge of researching our family history. There must be a reason surely? Also within this introduction there is a review of six genealogy books that can help you.

Following on from the introduction there are interesting topics such as coats of arms and the origins of surnames. Then there are tips on how to perform a better family history search, how to break down brick walls and what mistakes in genealogy that you need to avoid.

What Is Coat of Arms?

We all have family heirlooms, documents, letters and photographs that we all have hidden away in our homes. Here I will discuss how you can preserve your family treasures so that they may be cherished for generations to come.

Finally within this section there are posts regarding how you can write your family history. I have found great delight in writing up my ancestry and have learned so much more about my family in the process.


If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for topics to add to this page then please feel free to contact me or comment below.

2 thoughts on “Genealogy Guide & Tips

  1. Arthur Siew

    I notice that people of European descendant tend to be quite unsure where their ancestry originated because Europe historically were quite fragmented into many smaller states and kingdom as compared to the East such as China, India and Japan. It can also be due to other factors such as geographical isolation that can help to limit martial aggression from other places for example, China was isolated by the Gobi Desert, India by the Himalaya and Japan by being an Island nation.

    Europeans even before setting out to colonize other part of the world befor 1600s, they already do have communication and contact with other cultures through trade, diplomacy or military. This can range from when Rome was a superpower in the West, during Alexander conquest in Persia and the Indus Kush, Spaniard contact with Moors and Mongol’s military campaign in Eastern Europe and Turkey.

    1. Owain Post author

      You are correct with your observations. I have provided useful guides for anyone with European heritage. These can be found within the Family History Books and Download section of the site. In future I will be also adding tools for anyone with Asian descent who is tracing their family history.

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a thoughtful and interesting comment.


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