Write and Publish Your Family History

As you research your family history you will want to write up what you have found out. When I was doing my own genealogy research I discovered that I would learn more about my ancestors by writing up what I had discovered.

Write and Publish Your Family History

As you write up the information you will make connections and you will also ask more questions about your ancestors. This will then set you off onto more research!

Check out American Ancestor’s guide to Writing and Publishing Your Family History.

Your Family History and Stories!

Your family history deserves to be preserved and passed down to your children. So, why not start writing what you know. Learn how with these practical guides that will show you the way.

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Why Not Self-Publish Your Family History Book?

You may wish to write up your family history research and self-publish it. I wrote up my own family history using Microsoft Word. Also added were family charts, maps, pictures of family heirlooms.

Write A Family History Book

I broke up my book into chapters, each of which looked at a separate branch of my family.

Binding your book is simple!

After completing my book I then converted it into a PDF file. From there I was able to print it out at home and get it paperback binded at a stationary shop.

I must admit I went with the cheap option but I was very happy with my book of 300 pages that I produced. I was able to print out a copy for my parents and each of my siblings.

You may though wish to hire a publishing company that can print out and bind your work. And you may also wish to sell your book.

You may even consider giving your local library or family history society a copy as well.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for topics to add to this page then please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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