DNA Genealogy Testing

DNA testing has become very popular over the last couple of years amongst genealogists and family historians. This is mainly due to the significant decrease in price, but also due to the benefits that you can get from your results.

DNA Genealogy Testing

This type of testing can help you to break down any brick walls you may have encountered and help you to progress with your research.

And as you will learn through the posts in this section there are other benefits as well, such as connecting with living cousins.

Helpful Guides & Reviews

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DNA Reviews!

Explore the many different DNA testing kits that are on the market today. There is just so many to choose from these days so it is important to pick the right one for you.

23andMe DNA Test Review!

23andMe DNA Test Review!

DNA genealogy testing can tell us a lot about our ancestors and help us with our family history research. In ...
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Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews

Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews!

Ancestry has become the go to place for people to find out about their genealogy. This Ancestry DNA testing reviews ...
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Family Tree DNA Testing Review!

Family Tree DNA Testing Review!

There are several DNA testing companies out there that offer you different tests and tools. This Family Tree DNA testing ...
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Home DNA Test Kits

Home DNA Test Kits For Your Ancestry Research!

There are many different DNA testing kits that you can take in the comfort of your own home. So, why ...
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Neanderthal DNA Test

Is There A Neanderthal DNA Test? Everything That You Need To Know!

Are you curious whether you have any Neanderthal DNA at all? Do you know whether there is a Neanderthal DNA ...
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Living DNA Testing Review!

Living DNA Testing Review!

DNA testing has become the next big thing in genealogy research. In this Living DNA testing review I will show ...
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MyHeritage DNATesting Review

MyHeritage DNA Testing Review!

DNA testing has become a popular next step for the family historian along their genealogy journey. In this MyHeritage DNA ...
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Best DNA Test Native American Ancestry

The Best DNA Test For Native American Ancestry To Buy!

When it comes to choosing a DNA test kit you want one that will give you results that you are ...
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Best DNA Test For Ancestry

The Best DNA Test For Your Ancestry Research To Buy!

There are many different DNA testing kits available on the market today. So, you maybe wondering which is the best ...
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TheGenealogist DNA Testing Review

TheGenealogist DNA Testing Review!

If you are wondering which DNA testing company to go with you maybe perplexed as to what is actually involved ...
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Upload Raw DNA Data

Where To Upload Raw DNA Data For Free!

You've got your DNA test results and have seen what they say about your ancestry. But where can you find ...
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Dog DNA Breed Test

Why Not Get A Dog DNA Breed Test?

It often amazes me what DNA testing can reveal. So did you know that you actually get a dog DNA ...
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Guides & Tips!

Getting your ancestry DNA results is just one part of the process. Understanding what it all means will help you continue your family history journey.

Ancestry DNA Testing

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Ancestry DNA Testing Kit!

Do you want to go further with your genealogy research? Well then an Ancestry DNA testing kit can fulfil that ...
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Ancestry DNA Matches

10 Tips For Contacting Your Ancestry DNA Matches!

You can learn a lot about your ancestors from cousins you meet online. But what are the best ways to ...
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Free DNA Testing Kit

How To Get A Free DNA Testing Kit!

Do you want or need to get your DNA tested? Do you want to know how to get a free ...
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Ancestry DNA Test Results

How To Interpret Your Ancestry DNA Test Results

DNA testing has become the latest tool for genealogists to research their family history. But have you asked yourself how ...
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Ancestry DNA Privacy

How To Protect Your Ancestry DNA Privacy?

Are you interested in taking the Ancestry DNA test? But you wonder how to protect your Ancestry DNA privacy. Do ...
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Top 3 Techniques Used For DNA Testing

Top 3 Techniques Used For DNA Testing

We all like to think we are special. That's true because we are all unique beings! Everyone's DNA is different ...
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What Is A Genealogy DNA Test?

What Is A Genealogy DNA Test?

DNA testing has recently become popular and mainstream due mainly to reduced costs and the continual Ancestry adverts you see ...
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Ancestry DNA

What Is Ancestry DNA and How Can It Help You?

Ancestry has become the number one genealogy search website for family historians to discover their genealogy. You may have heard ...
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What Next To Do With Your DNA Testing Result?

What To Do With Your DNA Testing Result?

Have you taken the next step on your genealogy adventure? Do you now have your DNA testing result and want ...
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Book Reviews!

A helpful book, (or two), is a great way to make sense of it all and get the most from this ‘new’ tool. To me this is an essential accessory for any family historian who is passionate about their ancestry.

Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

What DNA Genealogy Book Shall I Buy?

My What Is A Genealogy DNA Test? article explored what DNA testing is all about and what the various different kinds ...
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What Is Genetic Genealogy

What Is Genetic Genealogy – Mega Collection

Heard of this new way to research your ancestry? You maybe wondering what is genetic genealogy and asking yourself how ...
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Unlock The Mystery of Your Family History!

By discovering your ancestors origins and also connecting with distant cousins you CAN unlock your family history.

What Is A Genealogy DNA Test?

Everyone has probably heard about Ancestry DNA. They have become the most popular out of all the DNA testing companies.

Although you do need to consider other DNA testing kits when pursuing this line of research.

This is because each kit will offer different tools and features that you can utilize when you receive your results.

You can find out more about Ancestry DNA as well as the other companies by checking out this section of the site.

Further Information!

After checking out the reviews here on this site then why not head on over to Consumer Affairs. There you will find more guides to the best DNA testing kits that are available today.

Consumer Affairs

Also, from this site you can read what other people are saying about these kits as well.

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for topics to add to this page then please feel free to contact me or comment below.


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