Military and Defense Holidays

There are many days throughout the year that we honor and commemorate anyone who has been connected with war or conflict. On these days it is important to remember the fallen and wounded, but also their partners, loved ones and family.

Military Holidays

For that reason I have put together this section so that you can see all these different days that you can remember your family and ancestors who have been involved in war.

Military and Defense Holiday Dates

US Military Holidays

A Guide to US Military Holidays

Do you have relatives and maybe ancestors who have fought in war? This guide to US military holidays will show ...
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Bastille Day Interesting Facts

Bastille Day Interesting Facts and Its Origin

The French celebrate one very special day in July commemorating an important turning point in their history. Here in this ...
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Remembrance Day UK

Everything You Need To Know About Remembrance Day UK!

November 11th is a day where we pay respect and honor the fallen, to the men and women who fought ...
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Veterans Day History

Veterans Day History Lesson! Everything You Need To Know!

Do you want to know the history behind this special day? Well then please read on as I will give ...
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What Is ANZAC Day All About?

If you are either an Australian or a New Zealander then you will be fully aware as to this special ...
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What Is Armed Forces Day?

What Is Armed Forces Day All About?

Did you know that there is a special day of the year that we can honor and pay tribute to ...
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Confederate Memorial Day

What Is Confederate Memorial Day All About?

Well simply this is a state holiday that is shared by eight different southern states of North America. Confederate Memorial ...
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What Is Independence Day?

What Is Independence Day All About?

The most famous day of the year that is celebrated on the Fourth of July in the United States. But ...
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What Is Memorial Day All About?

What Is Memorial Day All About?

What can you do to remember all who have fallen? Well, please read on and I will discuss that as ...
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What To Do On US Labor Day?

What Is Patriots Day All About?

There are a number of days that commemorate the fallen. You may have heard of Patriots Day but what is ...
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