Religion and Saints

Many thousands of saints are recognized the world over. But what is a saint? Well, a saint represents holiness and is a person who we can follow with confidence or learn from.

Religion and Saints

They are regarded as of Christian faith and being in heaven after death. In life, they were known for their kindness and patience.

You may or may not be aware that each occupation also had its patron saint. These range from bakers, butchers, cobblers, and even nurses.

Here, I have also added information as to the saints that your ancestors may have worshiped within their trade.

Check out the guide at – Saints A to Z that includes nearly 900 saints.

Helpful Guides To Discover

Patron Saints of Countries   •   Religions & Saints

Patron Saints of Countries

Many countries have their patron saint. I have added the origins of these special days for each nation.

In time this section will grow.

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Religions & Saints

Uncover the origins of special days that are marked in the religious calendar. Learn also how religion and saints were important to your ancestors.

Patron Saint Workers and Their Feast Days

Patron Saint Workers and Their Feast Days

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Who Is My Patron Saint?

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