Special Family Days

There are several days of the year that are celebrated for individual members of the family. These include the obvious days for our parents, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Special Family Days

But there are also other special family days observed as well!

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What Activities Can You Do?

You may have stumbled across this page looking for ideas on what you can do with your family.

Well, there are many activities, such as going on a day trip, out for a meal, or maybe having a barbecue in the backyard with your loved ones.

A family reunion is also a special occasion where you can chat with relatives that you haven’t seen in a long time.

Plenty of games to play!

And there are plenty of games that everyone can join in on, like charades for example.

Family Reunion

Rather than discuss all the different kinds of activities, I want to explore the various special days that there are for each member of the family.

So, I hope that you do enjoy reading this page and discover a holiday that you did not even know existed before.

Please read on as like me I am sure that you will be quite surprised as to the days that do exist!

Here you will discover:

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

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How Many Days Are There?

You know I was quite surprised to uncover just how many days there actually are. There is practically a day set aside each year for nearly every member of the family.

Unfortunately there is no National Brother-In-Law Day or National Sister-In-Law Day.

So, if you did happen to come across this page looking for those days then I am sorry to say that you won’t find it.

But you never know, maybe one day there will be a celebration for these members of the family.

What’s the number?

Would it surprise you if I said that I have amassed on this page 26 different days?

Well, sit back and relax as I show you each and everyone of these days. And I will show you when to celebrate these days as well.

Days For Your Relatives and Parents!

We are all pretty familiar with both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They are celebrated all over the world.

Although you may not be aware that various days of the year are set aside for these special days. Yes, there are countries that celebrate mothers and fathers on different days than our own.

What also may surprise you is that the origins of these two special days can be traced thousands of years ago.

Of course we owe its modern incarnation to the Americans who have greatly commercialized these days to pay our respect to our parents.

There is even a ‘Visit Your Relatives Day‘ which I found intriguing.


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At present though only these two special days are recognized as holidays. There are calls for the others to be.

I bet one day they will be as unfortunately commercialization is taking over the world.

Interested in Genealogy?

Before I do continue with this guide to the different days for each family member I just wanted to share something with you.

If you are interested in tracing your family history then you may be interested in the following video, courtesy of Ancestry.

DNA genealogy testing can  help you to uncover where your ancestors originated from. It also connect you with distant cousins as well.

Please watch this!

Check out the following 4-minute video Ancestry that shows how DNA testing helped make the connection between distant cousins, one from the U.S. and one from England.

Credit:   Ancestry

So, when you do celebrate the following days in this guide why not ask your relatives about your ancestors.

Get to know your roots by asking them questions such as where they came from, are there any family stories, and who were they?

You may very well be surprised and interested to discover a whole new world of adventure, just like I did!

Family Days Celebrated Internationally!

Right then, here we are, all 26 different special members of the family that have a day just to celebrate and honor them.

These are all the special family days that I have come across while researching for this guide.

If you think that I have left out a special day for a member of the family then please feel free to comment below.

Like me you will probably be amazed as to not only how many there are but also what days are set aside.

Please note!

There are a number of days for in-laws, however as I noted earlier to date there is no National Brother-In-Law Day or National Sister-In-Law Day.

If this does change in the future then I will be sure to add these days to this page.

The Special Family Days

Aunt and Uncle Day – July 26th

Aunt and Uncle DayAs with parents, your aunt and uncle have had a hand in your upbringing, to a lesser extent though maybe.

They may have taken you out on day trips, or babysat you, given you birthday and Christmas presents, and maybe gifts when they have gone on holiday.

They may also be confided with instead of our parents.

We may do this as we want an older ear to hear our troubles when we don’t want to speak to our own parents.

This day, also referred to as National Aunt and Uncle Day is celebrated annually on July 26.

Baby Day – May 2ndBaby Day

Baby Day or National Baby Day is celebrated annually on May 2. It is a day to enjoy and care for your baby. Although what day do we not do this?

Experiments have shown that the more positive you are towards your baby then the less they will cry and the more that they will smile and be vocal.

Birth Mother’s Day – Day before Mother’s Day

This special day is celebrated the day before Mother’s Day. It is a day to recognize the birth mother of adopted children. It is also a day for the mother who for whatever reason had to give up their child.

Originally it was a day that was created by a birth mothers group from the city of Seattle, Washington. It was intended for this day to be used to honor and remember birth mothers, but also to educate them.

The first event was held the day before Mother’s Day in 1990.

Of all the special family days this is the most controversial. This day was originally set up for the mother who gave up their child.

It was a day to help them cope but for some or most they would rather celebrate their day on Mother’s Day.

Brother and Sister Day – May 2ndBrother and Sister Day

This is a day to celebrate the bond between female and male siblings. It is a day to cherish the connection you have with your sibling.

This day is held annually on May 2.

Brothers Day – May 24thBrothers Day

Brothers have a unique bond, and this is cherished on National Brothers Day, an unofficial holiday.

It is held annually on May 24.

Children’s Day – Various Dates

All over the world children are blessed with a special day just for them. This day of the year though varies from country to country and is referred to by different names.

The origin of Children’s Day began in 1856 when Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard from Massachusetts held a service dedicated on the second Sunday in June.

childrens-day-aOriginally this day was called Rose Day. It was later renamed to Flower Sunday, and then finally referred to as Children’s Day.

Today only the United States observes the second Sunday in June for children.

For Canadians it is referred to as National Child Day, or also Child Day Act and is held on November 20.

Germans have celebrated children since 1950, and two days exist depending on the region of the country. June 1 is recognized as Kindertag, but also September 20 which was the day it was first observed.

Another date is June 1 which is recognized as International Day for Protection of Children by many countries. This day has been observed by 47 countries, mostly from Europe.

The Women’s International Democratic Federation established this day and it was first celebrated back in 1950.

The United Nations recognized Universal Children’s Day as a day for children and is held on November 20. This day is observed by 26 countries including Ireland and the United Kingdom. It was first setup by the UK back in 1954.

Please check out when your country celebrates Children’s Day.

Cousins Day – July 24th

Cousins Day or National Cousins Day is an unofficial holiday that is held annually on July 24.

These members of the family if of similar age feel just like your own sibling. Cousins can also feel like a best friend.

You may meet them regularly at birthday parties, Cousins Dayweddings, holidays, family reunions, or any other special event.

The relationship between a cousin is shared by a common ancestor.

First cousins share the same grandparents, second cousins the same great grandparents, and so on.

The term ‘once removed’ means that there is one generation gap between the relationship.

Please check out my family relationship post explaining it all to you.

Daughter-In-Law Day – September 26th

All I know about this day for the daughter-in-law is that it is celebrated on September 26.

Father’s Day – VariesFather's Day

A special day of the year to celebrate the father of the family and fatherhood.

This day has many origins and incarnations, the latest which has been influenced by America.

Although this day is celebrated globally it is observed on different days.

You can read the What Is Father’s Day All About post for more information.

Father-In-Law Day – July 30th

National Father-In-Law Day is observed on July 30. It is a great day to spend time with your spouse’s father and get to know him.

You can enjoy your time with him by doing his favorite hobby. Or you may even have lunch with him and chat about when he raised your partner as a child.

Family Day – Various Dates

Only four countries around the world celebrate Family Day. For South Africa it is a public holiday, where Easter Monday was renamed as Family Day.

Vanuatu observe this day on December 26, while in Thailand it is held on the second day of Songkran. In Vietnam both the family and community are honored by a special day.

north-americaSome provinces of Canada, two states of the United States and one territory in Australia celebrate children. For Canadians it is a statutory holiday, meaning federal workers still need to work on this day.

It is held on the third Monday in February for the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan. Alberta was the first back in 1990.

The province of British Columbia though celebrate this day a week earlier on the second Monday of February. For the territory of Yukon it is a Friday on February and is known as Yukon Heritage Day.

In America the state of Nevada Family Day is held a day after Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving holiday is a national holiday in both Canada and the United States and is held on the fourth Thursday in November.

The second state to celebrate families is Arizona and this day for them is the first Sunday in August.

The Australian Capital Territory Australiacelebrated both family and community from 2007 to 2009 on the first Tuesday of November.

This day though was changed from 2010 to the first Monday of school holidays during the months of September and October.

Gold Star Mother’s Day – Last Sunday of September

This day is also referred to as American Gold Star Mother’s Day and National Gold Star Mother’s Day.

A gold star symbolizes a family member who has died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

It was originally intended for mothers who have lost a son or daughter in World War One. It was formed in 1928. Later it was for the mothers of servicemen and woman who lost their lives in military service.

This holiday is observed on the last Sunday of September. A joint congressional resolution designated this special day on June 23 1936.

Grandparents Day – Various Dates

Both grandmother and grandfather also have their special day which is either known as Grandparents Day or National Grandparents Day.

The United States was the first country to recognize these members of the family back in 1978.

It is held on the first Sunday after Labor Day. Canada began to celebrate grandparents in 1995 but stopped doing so in 2014.

grandparents-aMarian McQuade from West Virginia petitioned all fifty states to celebrate the contributions that seniors have made throughout history.

She began to do so back in 1973 and received proclamations from 47 of the states.

On August 3 1978 President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation so that grandparents can be honored. The forget-me-not flower is the official flower for National Grandparents Day.

The Age Concern charity in the United Kingdom introduced this day in 1990, and since 2008 it is held on the first Sunday in October. As yet though this day is not as popular as both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.

In Australia Queensland was the first to hold a Grandparents Day on the first Sunday in 2010. New South Wales followed the next year holding this day on the last Sunday in October.

Then in 2012 both Australian Capital Territory and Western Australia celebrated grandparents by a special day.

Please check when your country celebrates Grandparents Day.

Husband Appreciation Day – Third Saturday of April

This is a day for the male partner to be recognized. The original idea for this day was probably borne out of the idea to give these men, who have no children, for them to have a day to be celebrated.

It is held annually on the third Saturday of April.

Middle Child Day – August 12th

Middle Child DayThe first child of a family has always been seen as special, as of course they were the first born.

The third or last child can be seen as the baby of the family, as they were the last born.

The middle child therefore sometimes gets overlooked.

So for this reason there is a National Middle Child Day which is observed annually on August 12.

No evidence to the origin of this day is known, but it is likely that it was created by a middle child.

Mother’s Day – Various DatesMother's Day

Similar to Father’s Day this day is used to honor mother’s and motherhood.

Also, there are a number of origins and today’s celebration of this day that have been influenced by America.

Of course like Father’s day this holiday has become quite commercialized within recent years.

You can read the What is Mother’s Day All About post for more information.

Mother-In-Law Day – Fourth Sunday of October

Mothers get their own day, so why not mother-in-laws? This day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of October, where you honor the person who gave birth and raised your spouse.

Much like Mother’s Day you can give your mother-in-law a card, flowers, or even take her out to dinner.

This day was first observed back on March 5 1934 in the city of Amarillo in Texas. It was initiated by the editor of the Amarillo local newspaper.

Parents’ Day – Various Dates

parents-dayThe United Nations proclaimed a Global Day of Parents and is held on the same day that they set for children, June 1.

This day shows appreciation for their selfless commitment to children and for their nurturing.

In 1994 President Bill Clinton established that Parents’ Day would be held on the fourth Sunday in July. While in South Korea this day is held annually on May 8th.

The origins of this day can be traced back to the 1930s.

Respect For Parents Day – August 1st

This day is quite similar to Parents Day, but for this day there is an emphasis on respect. It is a day for children to see the importance and the leadership of their parents.

Respect For Parents Day was created by Marilyn Dalrymple from the city of Lancaster, California and is held annually on August 1.

Siblings Day – April 10th

Siblings DayThis day is also sometimes called National Siblings Day or National Sibling Day. This unofficial holiday in the United States is on a fixed day of the year April 10.

It was first held in 1997.

Claudia Evart from New York suggested this day in memorium to her brother and sister who both died young.

President Bill Clinton recognized Siblings Day in 1998, as well as governors of 39 states.

Single Parent Day – March 21st

National Single Parent Day is celebrated on March 21 to honor the sacrifices and hard work of raising children without a partner.

It is also the day for the children to recognize both of their separated parents commitment to raise them. Parents can appreciate the day as well by observing their achievements.

This day was first celebrated back in 1984 thanksSingle Parent Day to Janice Moglen. She was a divorced mother of two and felt that a day should be celebrated for single parents.

Janice contacted the organization Parents Without Partners to setup a national day for single parents.

This day may have been chosen as March 21 1957 was the day that this organization began.

She petitioned each state to recognize Single Parents Day. President Ronald Reagan proclaimed this day in 1984 to be National Single Parent Day.

Sisters Day – First Sunday of August

Sisters DaySisters have always looked after and confided with one another.

Despite maybe having an argument between themselves deep down they love and care for the other.

They have a connection, a strong bond that cannot be broken.

This day, also sometimes called National Sisters Day is observed on the first Sunday of August every year.

This day can also be celebrated by a sisterhood, rather than just actual sisters. This term could refer to a woman in a religious service, i.e. a nun, a female worker, or a good friend.

Son and Daughter Day – August 11thSon and Daughter Day

Not only do children get Children’s Day but there is also National Son and Daughter Day.

This is observed annually on August 11. Though to be technical this day could refer to grown up sons and daughters.

There is no evidence as to when this day originated.

Son-In-Law Day – April 10th

A resolution for this day was first introduced on March 24, 1994. But it was never enacted. The date set for this member of the family was April 10.

Stepfamily Day – September 16th

It maybe surprising that one in three Americans live in a stepfamily. What maybe even more surprising is that fifty percent of marriages in the United States ends in divorce.

As many people therefore live in a stepfamily a day was needed for these family members.

Stepfamily DayNational Stepfamily Day was created by Christy Borgeld from Grand Rapids, Michigan. To be declared a national holiday though it needs to pass an act of congress, which this day has not.

A picnic was held for the first stepfamily day in 1997. And since then it a picnic is usually recognized as the event for such a day.

This day allows for all step-relatives to be appreciated similarly as biological relations. These relatives also deserve the recognition for the love and support that they give.

National is held annually on September 16.

Wife Appreciation Day – Third Sunday of September

Similar to Valentine’s Day this day is for men to show respect, love and appreciation for their partner.

The original idea for this day was for wife’s who are not mother’s. Wife Appreciation Day is held on the third Sunday of September.

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    1. With so many special dates they can easily be overlooked. But they are all important to us like you said. Aunts, uncles, everyone

  3. Family is one of the most important aspects of our existence. Each part of the family tree will have brothers, sisters,cousins,uncles,aunts,mothers and fathers.

    I had no idea that each had its on special day of the year.

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    1. You’ll be relieved though that some of them are newer creations so you may not have been aware. Mother’s and Father’s Days are the obvious days but these ones yet have not received the same attention, so they would have gone under your radar

  4. I think this is a wonderful site to recognize all of our family members! Although we love our family all the same, its nice to know that there is a day that show these special members gratitude and appreciation. It is nice to know someone is thinking of us and it makes us feel good to know we have a good impact on their lives.

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    Really great article:)

    1. It really is surprising just how many days there are isn’t it? Seems like there is a day for every member of the family. Hope I haven’t missed any. Card makers would make even more money if they took advantage of these days as well as Mother’s and Father’s Days.

      Glad that you now know there is a special day for you to celebrate with your brother

  6. Hi, Owain.

    That was a load of family days. Most of them which I never heard about before.
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    Most of the days are not celebrated in Norway. We have father’s and mother’s day which are great for people selling stuff. I can imagine that their income increases greatly these days. I know they sell more on mother’s day.

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    1. I have Father’s Day and I am also an uncle. And on top of that I am a middle sibling as well.

      I bet it wouldn’t be long until these American family days will be worldwide. Much like Mother’s and Father’s Day.

  7. Owain, Hi!
    This post was an interesting read. I have not heard of several of these days (and it looks like I’m not alone). I was very impressed to see there is an actual day for the single parents and specifically the gold star parent who lost a loved one in the services.
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    1. It is a nice thought to have a day for single parents and especially for the ones who have lost relatives in the services

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    Ancestry is a topic that has always interested me so I’m happy to have come across your site. I had no idea that there was a Family Day or that the US (which is where i live) celebrates Children’s Day on the second Sunday of June. Do you happen to know which states in the US celebrate it?
    I’m also interested in Geneology and just received my results from 23&me; which I found was fascinating!

    1. I beleieve that it is celebrated in each state, but unlike Mother’s and Father’s Day there is not much about this day” or the other days to be honest.

      That’s great about your results. I hope it adds more to your genealogy research

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    1. There are so many days for each member of the family. I wonder whether in time that all of these days will be recognized as a national holiday

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  13. Well, I have been enlightened! I never knew there were so many family days celebrated. Father’s day and Mother’s day are the big ones in Australia. In fact Father’s day is coming up next weekend, which always proves a challenge for my daughter and myself to buy suitable presents! I personally think it is nice to honor members in our family and treat them in a special way on certain days. However, it would be nice if we treated our loved ones special each day of the year.

    1. I was quite surprised at the different days there are when researching this topic. The reason why I started on this theme was because I am also in Australia and thought as Father’s Day is coming up I could add this to the site. You may wish to check out What Is Father’s Day All About? It would be nice to treat our loved ones special everyday as you said

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    1. Thank you for appreciating this page of my site. Although it does not concern genealogy research I though it was fascinating enough to include it on my site. I am always interested about things like this. If you have any suggestions on what to add to my site then please feel free to let me know

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    1. You are so right there with Family Day. It is important to remember the true meaning behind the special day. Spend time with the family and show how much you love one another.

  16. This post is very informative! It’s interesting to see how different family days have fluctuated over the decades, especially in the States. Since I come from a diverse family, I’m fascinated with history and who people hail from specifically. It’s an awesome thing to see more people interested in their heritage anymore enough to research ways to learn about it, especially if they can’t find out from the people who are closer to home.

    1. Not only is it interesting to see how many different family days there are, but how they are celebrated Over the world. Also, how they are celebrated on different days of the year.

  17. I never heard of some of these days like Grandparents day or siblings day. Now that I have a son I guess I will need to celebrate Children’s day or Family day, just another reason to spoil him. Why do you think some of these days are not as popular as father’s day or mother’s day?

    1. I had a vague recollection of Grandparents Day, so it was very interesting to find out about other days celebrating the family. I suppose the other days are not as popular as they are relatively new. There are pushes though for these other days to become holidays. I don’t suppose though that they would ever top Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

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