Research Your Family History

As you go on your genealogy journey you will develop many skills, methods and strategies that will help you research your family tree. You can improve on how you will conduct your research and apply this to the next ancestor of yours.

Research Your Family History

There are just so many sources of information out there for you to use. And as you are new to them you will have to learn how to get the best from them.

The following guides will show you how you can uncover more about your family history.

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Census Records!

This is an invaluable source of information for the family historian. So, it is important to glean as much as you can from them.

A Guide To U.S. Census Records Online

A Guide To U.S. Census Records Online

The Internet has so much information at your fingertips. It's hard to know just exactly where to look. Luckily for ...
Census Records From 1950

Are The Census Records From 1950 Available?

If you are reading this post then you are probably wondering what census records that you can check. The 1940 ...
Canada Census Records Explained!

Canada Census Records Explained!

Are you interested in your Canadian ancestors but don't know what the best resource is to use? Well, the Canada ...
U.S. Census Years and Census Dates

Curious About U.S. Census Years and Census Dates?

Do you know when the U.S. Government collected information about the American population? Do you want information that these records ...
Basics of US Census Records

The Basics of US Census Records

Just where do you find a mass of information that can help you with your genealogy research? Well, the US ...
Tips on Using The United States Census Records

Tips on Using The United States Census Records

Building your family tree can be the exciting part when conducting genealogy research. Many resources are available to you. Using ...
Tips on Using UK Census Records

Tips on Using UK Census Records

Building your family tree can be a very exciting part of your genealogy research. For me using UK census records ...
Census Years and Census Dates

UK Census Dates and Why You Should Use UK Census Records

You will be surprised as to what you can learn about your ancestors from old census records. There is a ...
US Federal Census Records

What Can We Learn From The US Federal Census Records?

There are so many sources of information available to the family historian. The US Federal census records are by far ...
UK Census Online

Where Can I Find The UK Census Online?

Interested to find your UK ancestors? Want to find as much information about them as you possibly can? Well, then ...

Coat of Arms & Tartan!

This is an area that is so fascinating and brings out a totally different side to genealogy that you may not have thought before. It is definitely worth discovering.

Find My Family Coat of Arms

Find My Family Coat of Arms

Are you tracing the origins of your family history? Wondering to yourself, "how do I find my family coat of ...
House of Names Review

House of Names Review – Discover Your Coat of Arms!

Do you wonder what your coat of arms looks like? Want to buy something featuring your family's heraldic design? Well, ...
Scottish Tartans Family Name

Scottish Tartans And Your Family Name!

Interested in your Scottish ancestry? Well, then discover the origins of Scottish tartans and find your family name with this ...
Symbols on a Coat of Arms

What Are The Symbols On A Coat of Arms?

I bet you've seen those fancy old designs and have wondered what they represent. What do these symbols on a ...
What Is Coat of Arms?

What Is Coat of Arms?

Have you been tracing your family tree and wondered what these old designs are about? If you are like me ...

Family History!

Get practical tips on researching your family history with these helpful guides and tips. I have learned so much while tracing my family tree as you will discover here.

Breaking Down A Brick Wall

10 More Tips To Breaking Down A Brick Wall

My previous post discussed 10 tips that can help you with your family history research. If those 10 tips weren't ...
Find Your Family History

10 Ways To Find Your Family History!

Are you interested to know more about your ancestors? Then my 10 ways to find your family history post will ...
Tips To Follow At The Archives

5 More Tips To Search Your Family History

Researching your family's history can be a rewarding hobby. We will build our family tree with names, dates, and places ...
Family History Search

5 Tips For A Better Family History Search

We all want to make the best possible effort while we research our ancestry. These 5 tips for a better ...
Hiring A Genealogy Researcher

A Quick Guide To Hiring A Genealogy Researcher!

Do you need expert help to uncover the origins of your ancestors? Well, hiring a genealogy researcher is something that ...
Breaking Through Brick Wall

Breaking Through Brick Wall In Your Research

Have you hit a dead-end in your genealogy research, (no pun intended). But what to do? Breaking through brick wall ...
Genealogy Freelancers Review

Genealogy Freelancers Review

Do you have a brick wall that needs to be broken down? Well, Genealogy Freelancers can connect you with a ...
Cite My Sources

How Do I Cite My Sources?

While exploring our heritage for the first time we are all too new to the practices of a good genealogist ...

Mistakes In Genealogy – What Are You Doing Wrong?

There really is no wrong way to do your family history. You can decide to trace a branch, a family, ...
Free Family History Search

Tips For A Free Family History Search

Want help searching for your ancestry? There are many ways that you can conduct a free family history search. Sometimes ...
Breaking Down Brick Walls

Top 10 Tips For Breaking Down Brick Walls

Hit a brick wall in your genealogy research? Frustrating right? Well, here I want to give you my top 10 ...

Names & Surnames!

Your name can also reveal something about yourself and also your ancestors. And they can give you clues that you can use to research your ancestry.

First Name Meaning

First Name Meaning – Where To Learn More?

Do you want to learn more about first names? Well, this guide will explore 3 sites that you can check ...
SurnameDB Review

SurnameDB Review – The Internet Surname Database!

Discovering the origin and meaning of your last name can add value to your genealogy research. This SurnameDB Review will ...
Named Patterns In Your Family Tree

The Names and Named Patterns In Your Family Tree

What's in a name? Well, a lot more than you might imagine. These named patterns are inherited, passed down the ...
Surnames as a Given Name

What Does My Name Mean?

Have you ever wondered why your parents gave you your name? Have you ever wondered to yourself "What does my ...
What Does Your Surname Mean?

What Does Your Surname Mean?

While researching your family history looking for ancestors you may overlook the meaning of your last name. So, have you ...
What Does Your Surname Mean?

What Is The Guild of One Name Studies All About?

Researching your family history can be an interesting and worthwhile hobby. The Guild of One Name Studies looks at individual ...

US Census Records (1850-1940)!

The US Census Records are a goldmine of information. They can help you to build out your family tree as you will discover here.

1850 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1850 Census Records?

Genealogy records can be found on countless websites on the Internet. These vital pieces of information about our ancestors seem ...
1860 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1860 Census Records?

Are there any American Civil War ancestors in your family tree? Well, the 1860 census records can help you to ...
1870 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1870 Census Records?

Having American Civil War ancestors can enrich your family history. Finding out though what they were doing after the war ...
1880 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1880 Census Records?

Census records contain so much information about your ancestry. From personal experience, they can tell you many different details about ...
1890 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1890 Census Records?

Wondering just what did your ancestor do during the very end of the 19th century? Well, the 1890 census records ...
1900 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1900 Census Records?

Curious as to what your ancestors were doing at the start of the 20th century? Well, the 1900 census records ...
1910 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1910 Census Records?

Are you interested to know what your ancestors were doing in the early 20th century? Well, the 1910 census records ...
1920 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1920 Census Records?

Do you know what your ancestors were doing during the Roaring Twenties? Well, the 1920 census records can give you ...
1930 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1930 Census Records?

Want to know what your ancestors were doing a year after the Great Depression. The 1930 Census Records can not ...
1940 Census Records

What Can You Learn From The 1940 Census Records?

You can find an awful lot of information from census records. They can tell us where our ancestors came from, ...

War Ancestors!

Learn about ways that you can uncover the military career of your ancestors. Discover a whole new world of your fighting forebears.

Sons of the Revolution

A Guide to the Sons of the Revolution

Many people claim to have an ancestor who fought in the American Revolutionary War. If you do know then you ...
British Army Service Records

British Army Service Records Explained

Do you have ancestors who were in the British Army? If so then you may wonder how to get these ...
Tips For A Military Rrecords Search

Tips For A Military Records Search

Interested in your ancestors' military career? Do you know what wars and battles did they fight in? Did they get ...
U.S. Military Records Explained

U. S. Military Records Explained

Interested to learn what your ancestors did during their military career? You may be wondering though how to find their ...

If you have any comments, queries or suggestions for topics to add to this page then please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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