Genealogy Freelancers Review

Got a brick wall that needs breaking down? Well, Genealogy Freelancers can connect you with a specialist who will be able to tackle your problem. Just post your problem and wait for genealogists to come to you.

Genealogy Freelancers Review

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You just need to select the one for you and wait for them to do the work. How simple is that right?!

Genealogy Freelancers Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 4(4/5)
Yes to join but need to pay specialist once job completed
Fee Types
Base Price, All-Inclusive Price, or Hourly Price
Services Custom Research, Live Relation Research, Document Translations, Look Ups, Record Pick Ups, Village Photography, Mentor, Publishing, Calligraphy
Help & Support
FAQs, Online submission form
Countries Available
USA, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, France, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and many more countries

What is Genealogy Freelancers all about?

Set up back in 2008 by a group of professional genealogists Genealogy Freelancers have been helping countless people to trace their ancestry by breaking down brick walls in their research.

At present there are over 2100 genealogy specialists all over the world who can help you with your problem. If you need help with your North American or European ancestors then this site is for you.

When setting up this service it was a truly groundbreaking idea as you couldn’t find anything like this online. Nothing even came close to it!

This is a FREE service where a genealogist will come to you and offer their expertise. You do not have to search the entire Internet looking for help.

You just post your research project and then let a genealogist come to you. It’s that simple!

Verified specialists come to you!

To make sure that the genealogist can actually help you their credentials are first verified.

This means that their background is checked to see whether they are a member of a professional organization, has secondary education or has some special experience.

So, from this assurance you know that you will get the help that you are after. And that means that you can and you will learn more about your ancestors through the help that is offered to you.

Genealogy Freelancers acts as sort of the middle man, bringing the family historian and the experienced genealogist together.

You, the family historian can get the help that you need, and if you are a genealogist then you can offer your expertise and help the public with their research.

Read how Megan from Walking The Genes was able to track down elusive documents thanks to the help of a professional genealogist.

Discussed in this post:

Please note!

This post will review Genealogy Freelancers from the family historian’s perspective and what you as the family detective can expect from this service.

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How To Join

Before you can actually post a project to get the help that you are after you first need to join the site. Don’t worry, joining up is incredibly easy and it is absolutely FREE.

Genealogy Freelancers - How It Works

You will only need to pay for the help that you receive.

Easy to follow process!

It really is a quite straightforward sign up process. There’s only a few pieces of information that you need to fill in and once you have done all that then you are on your way to posting that job.

Signing up is all taken care of on one single page. Personally, I hate it when you sign up to an online service and it takes you ages as you go through countless pages.

You just wonder when you are going to come to the end of this process. This is not the case with this site.

What you will enter:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • User Type (Genealogy Seeker/Genealogy Specialist)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • How you found Genealogy Freelancers (search engine, ad, friend)

Then you just read the Terms & Conditions, agree to them and then hit the Submit button. And that’s it!

I know that reading Terms and Conditions can be quite boring, but if you do then you will know exactly what you are signing up for.

So, it’s well worth spending some time reading it and seeing what your rights are.

How It Works

OK, well I have briefly mentioned how it works, but let’s look at it a little closer shall we?

Genealogy Freelancers - Set Up a Project

Genealogy Freelancers make it very easy for you to get the help that you are after. In fact, they make it a point to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

3 steps for you to take!

1. Post your project

There are a few fields of information that you will need to enter in order to get the help that you after. And also to make it easy for the professionals to see exactly what help is required.

For this step you will enter a Project Name, the type of help required, i.e. Speciality, and the City and Country where your research is needed.

As a note I would advise you to enter as much information as you can. By doing this you can expect a prospective genealogist to know more about your case and be able to help you better.

However, if you do forget to do this then fear not as you can edit your project with new information even after you have submitted it.

Your project will have a posted date which will also include a date that the project expires on. This expiration date just helps the system not to get clogged up with out-of-date projects.

2. Compare your offers

Once you have entered all the project details then you just sit back and wait for the offers to come to you.

Or rather than sitting back you can of course carry on with research that you are able to do. It’s entirely up to you.

Depending on what information that you enter then you will be matched up with suitable genealogists who can help you. It’s then up to them to make you an offer.

When you have given sufficient time then just check back on the progress of your request and see what offers that you have been presented with.

Then just compare the service that is offered as well as the price that you will need to pay to the genealogist.

3. Select your specialist

And then the final step in this process is to simply select the specialist that you will feel will help you.

You do not have to jump in straight away and hire the first person that comes your way. You can take your time and ask the specialist that is offering assistance some questions.

By asking questions you can be assured that you have the right person for the job. After all you do not want to give money to someone who can’t really help you and your problem.

You can communicate easily with a specialist by selecting your project and clicking on the PMB icon, (Private Message Board).

From there you can interact with the specialist and see whether they are right for you or not. You will be notified by email if they have responded to your message.

So, you don’t need to keep checking back periodically.

Be prepared to ask questions such as what you can expect to be researched for the money that you are paying. Also, ask whether the price that has been submitted to you is a base price, an all-inclusive price, or an hourly price. It’s best to be sure.

Status of Projects!

There are 3 terms that you need to be aware of when it comes to the status of your project.

  • Open – This means that your project is open for bidding
  • Frozen – A specialist has been selected but as yet they have not accepted the project
  • Closed – Your selected specialist has accepted the offer and thus the project is closed to any further bidding

Services and Categories Available To You

As yet I haven’t really discussed the services that are available to you.

So, let’s see what’s on offer shall we?

There are many kinds of brick walls that you may encounter when you are tracing your family tree.

I know that when I was tracing my family tree that I faced several kinds that I had to leap over, or rather break through.

Genealogy Freelancers has broken down these brick walls into 9 different kinds of service that they offer.

  1. Custom Research – Get help from a genealogist who can either help you with your entire family tree or maybe only a few branches at a time.
  2. Live Relation Search – Reconnect with long-lost relatives or distant cousins that you have never met.
  3. Document Translations – Decipher those documents that are in another language with this useful service.
  4. Look Ups – Stuck with a record that can’t be found? Then this service will help you locate where it is.
  5. Record Pick Ups – If you are unable to pick up a record then you can easily hire a genealogist to do this for you and post it to you.
  6. Village Photography – Get visual with your research by hiring a genealogist who will take pictures of where your ancestors grew up, and of course where they were buried.
  7. Mentor – Need a little help with a problem? Choose whether you want a one-hour consultation or a whole day’s worth. And you can ask as many questions as you like.
  8. Publishing – Researched your family tree and want it published so that you can pass it down to your children? Publishers are ready to tackle your research and get your hard work bound.
  9. Calligraphy – Hire a professional calligrapher to either add the final touch to your family book or project.

To help you understand whether Genealogy Freelancers can help you with your brick wall they have broken down their expertise into the following categories.

  • Genealogy Research (General)
  • Online Genealogy Research
  • Archive Research
  • Heirs and Probate
  • Pedigree Charts
  • Translations
  • Family Book Publishing
  • Village Photos
  • People Search
  • Family Historian
  • African American
  • Native American
  • Coat of Arms
  • Calligraphy
  • Heraldry
  • Military
  • Jewish
  • Civil War
  • DAR and SAR
  • Research Plans
  • Mentoring
  • Slavery

Time frame of your Project

When you select a specialist to help you a time frame for completion of the job will be set up.

This can work in your favor as this will mean that the specialist will work their hardest to get the job completed in the allotted time.

However, there is always the possibility of unexpected delays, i.e. waiting on a record. For that reason it can be a bit frustrating for you to have a date in mind only for it to be extended.

But please be assured that your job will be completed. It is a requirement by Genealogy Freelancers that a specialist will follow through with the research project that you have submitted.

If there is follow-up work to completed then a second project may need to be set up. This second project will need to go through Genealogy Freelancers first before you and the specialist can continue with your research.

For me this is a great idea to include as it can stop the genealogist from getting more and more work from you. In this case you may feel pressured into it.

So, with Genealogy Freelancers stepping in you will feel more at ease whether accepted another project or not.

What are you expecting?

One final word of caution. Genealogy research can bring up some quite unexpected results. It can give you something that you least expected, such as a child of your ancestors that you didn’t even know about. Maybe even from a woman you didn’t even know existed.

Please be prepared for whatever information that the specialist will give back to you.

Rating your experience!

One key feature that I like about this experience is the opportunity for you to rate the help that you have achieved.

Once your job has been completed and you have paid the genealogist then you can rate them and write a review.

It’s not a requirement but it can definitely help other users of the site know whether to hire a particular person or not.

It’s just that giving back attitude that I like about genealogy.

Pros and Cons


✔ Get worldwide help
✔ 2100 specialists
✔ 9 different services available
✔ Easy to sign up and request help


❌ Expiration time on jobs
❌ Required time frame for jobs

Do I Recommend Genealogy Freelancers?

While tracing my own family tree I encountered many brick walls in my research. I either couldn’t find a record that I was after or I couldn’t make any sense of the document that was right in front of me.

At that time I was new to the world of genealogy so I didn’t know which way to turn.

Luckily for you though Genealogy Freelancers makes your job a lot easier. You do not have to waste countless hours searching for the help that you need online.

As I mentioned in this post the process is as easy as 1, 2, 3. So if you do get stuck then please check out this site.

There is absolutely no point at all wasting your time and for you to get frustrated as you can’t get past that brick wall. Doing this will surely mean that you will give up and not discover your ancestors.

Personally though I do not like the expiration time set on jobs. I can see why Genealogy Freelancers did it in order to free up the system with unanswered projects.

But for you the family historian if your job is not answered and expires then you have to set up your project again. Although as I mentioned in this post it is a simple process to set up anyway.

So do I recommend Genealogy Freelancers?

Yes I do recommend Genealogy Freelancers. Quite simply it takes the hassle out of this experience and gets you the help that you need.

If you decide to check out this service then please come back and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

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Genealogy Freelancers Review

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