House of Names Review

House of Names Review – Discover Your Coat of Arms!

Do you wonder what your coat of arms looks like? Want to buy something featuring your family’s heraldic design? Well, this House of Names Review will show you what this site is all about, what products that you can buy, and how they can help with your family history research.

House of Names Review

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If you were expecting a review of the book, “House of Names” by the Irish novelist Colm Toibin then I’m sorry but you have come to the wrong place.

But while you are here WHY NOT check out your family’s coat of arms?

Are you just a little bit intrigued as to what it looks like?

This House of Names website review is very comprehensive as I cover every aspect of this site and service. So please read on.

House of Names Rating and Details

RatingRating Stars - 5(5/5)
Names1,000,000+ Last Names, and 50,000+ First Names
ProductsT-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Mugs, Jewelry, Glassware & Steins, Plaques, Mouse Pads, and More
Free Stuff3 Coloring Books, 5 Generation Chart, Design Your Coat of Arms
Ships ToNorth America and the rest of the world
FREE shipping on orders over $85 US
Help & SupportFAQs, Telephone and Email, Newsletter, Facebook and Twitter
House of Names
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Coupon BirdsRetail Me Not

Please also note that this site offers a single-family coat of arms for a surname.

Many sites will offer different versions of a coat of arms, however, House of Names is different in that it provides you with the earliest known example of your surname’s coat of arms.

Discussed in this post:

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

I would love to hear from you.

About House of Names!

This coat of arms website is operated by the Swyrich Corporation who is the industry leader when it comes to Name history, Coats of Arms, and also Heraldic clip art.

The corporation incidentally manages four other sites which are Hall of Names, International Coat of Arms, Kingpins, and PinsCentral.


Back in 2015 House of Names saw over 5 million unique monthly visitors come by the site to check out their family coat of arms and purchase products as well.

Not only does the public regularly visits the site but also schools and universities will link to House of Names for students to carry out family research.

Anyone who has a passion for family history can check out the site and see what it offers them.

Every surname has its variations!

At the start of this review, I mentioned that there are many examples of a coat of arms for a single surname.

Wondering why this is?

Well, it’s because with every generation a descendant would add, or maybe embellish, on the design that they inherited from their father.

This would allow anyone to distinguish between father and son.

However, when the father died the coat of arms would revert back to the original design.

This form of inheriting a coat of arms is referred to as cadency.

For more information regarding the connection between knights and a coat of arms, inheriting a coat of arms, and the 6 parts that make up this heraldic art please check out my What Is Coat of Arms? post.

50 years of research!

Before I continue I do want to mention the research that is carried out behind the scenes. There is a dedicated research team that works in-house who delivers to you the earliest known example of a family’s coat of arms.

Research has been carried out since 1968. Not only is research ongoing but also revision as well.

So, you can imagine with 50 years’ experience that they have amassed a huge library of coats of arms and the history behind each and every one of them.

In fact, there are over 1,000,000 last names within their databases, and more than 50,000 first names as well.

This research covers first and last names from all over the world.

House of Names is both proud of the products that they sell and as well the research that they carry out.

They give a 100% guarantee that the coat of arms for your family surname is both authentic and accurate.

Researching Your Surname (and First Name)

The House of Names search function is a really simple process. You just type in your last name in the “Last Name Search” box that appears at the top-left of the page. And then click on the magnifying glass symbol.

House of Names Review - Search

(From this area of the site’s page you can also search for the history of your first name as well.)

What appears next is the origins of your surname, including whether your name has patronymic, matronymic, locational, or occupational origins.

You can find out more about the origins of surnames by reading my What Does Your Surname Mean? post.

Researching your surname!

Besides giving you an overview of the history of your surname and the origins as well, there is more interesting information that is presented to you.

  • Early Origins – First record of where your family name occurs.
  • Early History* – Early history of your surname dating from over 700 years ago.
  • Spelling Variations – A list of possible alternative spellings of your surname. This is really useful for your genealogy particularly if you cannot find an elusive ancestor.
  • Early Notables (pre-1700)* – Anyone of notable importance who carries the same name as yours.
  • Migration to Ireland* – Records of people who migrated to Ireland that share your surname.
  • Migration to New World and Oceania* – Same as above but who traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States.
  • Contemporary Notables – People of importance and celebrity status with your surname.
  • Historic Events – Historical events where your surname features, (two Couch’s died on the Titanic).
  • Suggested Readings – Your surname may appear in novels or even folk songs like mine.

* Information marked with an asterisk is only available after purchase. Once payment has been processed you can download this information straight away.

A selection of Family Crest Products then follows bearing your surname’s coat of arms.

  • Armorial History with Coat of Arms
  • Coat of Arms & Surname History Package
  • Crest Image (jpg) Heritage Series
  • Coat of Arms/Family Crest Key-chain
  • Coat of Arms/Family Crest Coffee Mug
  • Armorial History with Frame
  • Framed Surname History and Coat of Arms

Research your first name!

You may wonder about the origin and meaning of your first name as well.

Please be aware that there aren’t as many first names listed within the database as there are surnames.

But with over 50,000 names covered there is a good chance that your first name may be featured.

For example, my name “Owain” is Welsh and is not listed, but the English equivalent “Owen” is. Incidentally, it does say that the Welsh meaning is “young warrior, young bowman“.

Similar to the information that you will glean about your surname you will uncover their meaning, variations in different countries, and anyone of importance who shares the same first name as you.

If you are interested to learn more about your first name then please check out my What Does My Name Mean? post.


Discovering the origins and meaning behind both your surname and first name are great. But you are probably wondering what products are featured on this site that feature your coat of arms.

House of Names Review - Sale Products

From the home page of the site, you will find 5 products that are On Sale Today. These will typically be 15-25% off the current retail price.

Below these sale items are 10 Featured Products that are very popular with visitors of the site.

You can search through the many products that this website offers by clicking on any one of the 5 choices available to you. I will cover each of them below.

Ordering Process

Once you have found the product that you like just select it and then enter your surname into the “Last Name for this Product” box. Your name will then feature on your selected product.

You can then Continue Shopping or proceed to the Checkout.

All major credit cards are accepted, as well as Check/Money Order and even PayPal.

1. Digital Products

If you don’t fancy waiting for products to arrive to you in the mail then why not check out the digital products that are on offer here.

The benefits of purchasing a digital product are that you can print them off at home. There is no limit to how many times you do this. And you can email them to family and friends.

  • Family Crest & Coat of Arms
  • Coat of Arms & Family Crest + Extended Histories
  • Extended Surname Histories
  • Family Tree Templates
  • Symbolism

2. Prints

For anyone who is passionate about their family history then this is the Prints section is perfect for you.

From the Prints section of the site, you can buy framed products that include your coat of arms, and the history behind the name if you wish as well.

  • Armorials
  • Surname Histories
  • Coat of Arms & Family Crest
  • Symbolism
  • Anniversaries
  • Plaques and Frames
  • Hand-Painted Plaques
  • Embroidered Goods

3. Apparel

Why not proudly display your family’s coat of arms by wearing it?

From this section, there is a range of different products for you to choose from. You can wear these no matter the weather, so it doesn’t matter if it is hail, rain, or shine.

  • Ball Caps
  • Sweat Shirts & Hoodies
  • Golf Shirts
  • T-Shirts

4. Home & Barware

These items can be used within the home, in your own bar at home, (if you have one), and whilst you are traveling as well.

Featured products:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Tiles
  • Steins
  • Travel Mugs & Sport Bottles
  • Shot Glasses
  • Coasters
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Keychains
  • Mouse Pads
  • Wooden Jewelry Boxes
  • Tote Bags
  • Clan Badge Products

5. Gifts

This section of the site will make your job of finding the perfect gift for someone much easier.

From here you will find products that are suitable for a special occasion or a price range.

  • Family Reunion Gifts
  • Wedding Gifts
  • Gifts Under $20/$50/$100, and Over $100
  • Gift Packages

Please note that you will find these products within the other sections of the site.

Free Stuff

This section of the site contains FREE downloads that the kids, (and adults), can enjoy. Once completed you can upload your drawings to either their Facebook or Twitter pages.

House of Names - Design your Coat of Arms
  • 3 Coloring Booklets – Contains 8, 11, or 12 pages of coloring fun. Explore the world of Mythical Beasts, walk into Woodlands, or go into the Lion’s Den.
  • Blank Family Tree – A simple but elegant color-coded 5-generation chart where you can fill in your ancestors’ names, and your partner’s too. Perfect for your children.
  • Design Your Coat of Arms – Be creative and design your own coat of arms. Add anything you want at all to make up your own unique heraldic art.

Please note that you will need to have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these documents. Don’t worry as there is a link provided for this software.

Help & Support

There is plenty of help and support that you can receive by checking out the bottom of the website.
  • Shipping & Returns – Get all the Shipping Information that you need as well as check out Order Tracking & History, and read their Guarantee.
  • Shopping Services – Learn the process of How To Buy, check out their guides to Customer Service, or sign up for an Email Newsletter.
  • More To Explore – Read Testimonials and check out their FAQs.
  • About – Check out the Contact Us page to get the help you need, and read all about the company in the About Us section.

I’ll just discuss two of the helpful support features that I have listed above in a little more detail.


Here you will find 14 of the most frequently asked questions, such as how authentic are the surname histories, and who can have a coat of arms.

Contact Us

If you cannot find the help that you need in the sections that I have explored above then you can contact the company in a number of ways.

You can write them a letter if you prefer, phone or fax them, or maybe use email.

They are available for queries from Monday to Friday, closed on weekends.

Pros & Cons


✔ 1,000,000+ Last Names
✔ 50,000+ First Names
✔ Free shipping for orders over $85 US
✔ International Shipping available
✔ 100% satisfaction guarantee
✔ FAQs, Telephone and email support


❌ May not find your coat of arms
❌ Can take 5-10 weeks for international shipping

Do I Recommend House of Names?

This site can not only show you what your family coat of arms looks like. But it can give you the meaning and origin of your first and last names.

If you are writing your family history as I have you will know that this extra piece of information can really make your book shine.

In my opinion, it just enriches your family story even more.

Is House of Names Legit?

My review so far shows a positive review of the site and its service. I do not want you to take just my word for it though.

You can check out the Scam Detector to see that they give House of Names a 91.7% approval rating.

That’s a really good score for being a trustworthy and safe site that gives a quality service.

I like the cool products!

Besides the information that you can learn from this site but there are plenty of cool products that you CAN find as well.

House of Names products

You may want to proudly wear your coat of arms on a T-Shirt or sweatshirt. But if you don’t that’s OK as there are other products that you can buy.

I particularly like the framed plaques that you can put up on your wall and show your guests. They’re a real topic starter.

They have amassed information for 1,000,000+ last names, and 50,000+ first names. So, there’s a very good chance that you will find what you are looking for here.

And with a dedicated research team, you can be assured that the information that you will get will be very detailed.

Do I recommend House of Names?

Yes, I definitely do recommend House of Names, but if you don’t find what you are looking for then please contact them. They are there to help.

If you decide to buy anything from this site then please come back and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you.

Discover Your Family’s Coat of Arms!

And buy cool products too!

House of Names Review

Check Out House of Names Now!

Thank You and Please Leave A Comment

I hope you enjoyed this post giving my House of Names Review. If you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment below.

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16 thoughts on “House of Names Review – Discover Your Coat of Arms!”

  1. Lucas Scott Watkins


    I like House of Names, but I would just urge a bit of caution. I’m not an expert by any stretch, but as a Cymrophile (Welsh enthusiast), I know for sure that at least two surnames are incorrect, the problem being that they are attached to other surnames that have nothing to do with the one searched.

    Anyone who knows anything about Welshmen knows that they will try to take credit for things that are not theirs, winking all the time, but this is not the case this time.

    The ones in question are Glendower, which is Welsh, not Scottish, or Irish, and Ellis, also Welsh, not Anglo-Saxon. Any linguist would spot this immediately. The other names on the Glendower page have the correct origin, and the variant spellings are truly all related, but are not connected to Glendower. Glendower is an Anglicization of the name Glyndyfrdwy, which is a valley in Wales, and gives its name to Owain Glendower, the Welsh patriot. Ellis is more than likely not at all related to the Christian name Elias, but rather has a form recorded on a still-standing monument in Wales to a king named Eliseg. The name is a family name and predates even the pillar, which I believe is 8th or 9th century.

    That being said, with the enormous amount of material they have researched, it is understandable to have a few misses, so I have no problem cutting them slack, but if you are interested in accuracy, I recommend doing some homework of your own to verify the findings (and to check my work!). You’ll have fun along the way, I promise! Hope this helps.


    1. Croeso Lucas,

      Thank you for your feedback on House of Names, and suggestion of doing your research beforehand. On a similar note I have always said this when researching family trees on Ancestry.

      As someone whose name was taken from Owain Glyndwr it can get annoying when it is Anglicized to Glendower. And with that I suppose errors will tend to creep in.

      Haven said that anyone reading this please do some research beforehand, and contact House of Names to see if any correction does need to be made.

      Cymru am byth,

  2. There is no such thing as a coat of arms for a surname. A coat of arms is associated with an individual person, based on that person’s actions in life. Nobody else, even if the same family or same surname, would be entitled to use that coat of arms.

      1. Thanks for the feedback James. I will have to add some more information to this review with this input.

        I did discover that House of Names give the earliest arms for a family name. But I was not aware of inaccurate coat of arms.

  3. I have ordered several products from the House of Names website. I am very much pleased with my family history and all the products which I ordered. I have a nephew who did genealogy research several years ago. I have passed on my information to him and his father (my brother) and to both of my children. Your website has been very helpful. Thank you for building and maintaining it.

  4. I am really interested in the history of my Family. Do you know by any chance if they are focused on one region, say the US for instance? I am from Europe and currently looking for a website just like that one!

    Thank you!

  5. I was thinking more “Game of Thrones” when I read your title 🙂

    What a great idea. We are having a big family reunion in the fall and I think getting t-shirts for everyone would be so much fun. Coffee mugs might also be a great idea. Just as I thought, I have some Irish and Scottish in my last name. I will have to start planning this now it could be quite a task to get sizes for everyone and agree on a design. I just noticed it takes 5-10 weeks for international shipping, so I better get started. Thanks for this amazing idea.

    1. That’s a great idea about getting T-Shirts for a family reunion Steve. I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe an idea to get sweatshirts as well 😉

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