Mental Health History

Does your Ancestry Effect Your Mental Health? Here’s How to Deal with it.

The human body as we know it is one of the most complex organisms on earth. Discover in this post what mental health history has been passed down your family tree and how you can deal with those conditions.

Mental Health History

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This guest post from Ashlie Lopez will explore the condition known as ADD, (also ADHD), and the best way that you can deal with this condition.

I must iterate that the thoughts and opinions expressed here are solely that of guest blogger Ashlie.

If you do have concerns about your health and well-being then it is best to consult your medical practitioner.

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Accept Your Ancestry’s DNA

The medical field, the understanding of our bodies, and its’ discoveries continue to progress all the time. Scientists and doctors continue to study the human body so that we can live a healthy and happy life.

Accept Your Ancestry's DNA

Several factors can affect one’s health, which are:

  • A person’s way of living,
  • Their eating habits,
  • The person’s sleep routine and waking up,
  • Their routine of working out,
  • Their thought processes that a person indulges in.

However, some conditions are not caused due to a person’s lifestyle, or the external environment that is around them.

And these conditions will derive from an individual’s genes, or rather what is in their DNA.

These conditions have been passed down to us from our ancestors.

One cannot run away from it or change it. The best thing that we can do is to deal with it and accept its existence.

ADD Passed Down To Us

Our ancestry impacts the mind the most rather than physical disorders or diseases. One of the most common problems is Attention Deficit Disorder.

People even after realizing that they have this disorder do not mentally accept it and they stay in the denial phase.

Individuals that are suffering need to accept that this is a disorder that flows in the blood and that needs to be cured.

These individuals need to go through an ADD Treatment so that they can overcome this problem, or at least minimize it.

This disorder may show signs at early ages or even after entering adulthood.

The problems or signs that can be seen due to ADD are:

  • Difficulty in paying attention to instructions or details,
  • Focusing on a single task,
  • Following deadlines, or
  • Even maintaining good social interactions.

Medical marijuana has been said to help ease the problems of this disorder.

The question though arises who can consume medical marijuana and how you can get medical marijuana?

Just What Are The Symptoms of ADD?

Well, marijuana is only to be consumed medically by adults. This is because the brain cells in adults have been developed in strong networks.

We do not want marijuana to harm a child’s brain in any way.

As per verified research, every 1 out of 25 individuals has such a disorder in the U.S.

The best way to identify such disorders is to visit a licensed doctor so that you can help identify this problem and overcome it.

One observant symptom is that a person will feel anxious all the time.

Common symptoms may also include:

  • Lack the ability to manage things and tasks,
  • Have sudden bursts of emotions of being sad or angry or depressive,
  • Have sudden unjustified mood swings, or
  • Become obsessed with a few or certain activities and restlessness.

Getting Help For ADD!

ADD has the sub-type known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). This sub-type can mostly be found in children.

This disorder can be treated with the help of experienced and licensed ADHD doctors.

Sometimes these disorders may not be identified, or they will not show up until a person has become an adult.

Initially, if it has been identified at an early age the doctors can immediately try to help cure the problem. While within adulthood the disorder seems to grow stronger as well.

Getting medication

People do need medication of higher dosage that can help calm the mind and which can help them focus.

For adults, doctors can prescribe medical marijuana for curing such disorders. This particular prescription will only be given within states where medical marijuana is legal.

The best place to get medical marijuana would be by visiting a marijuana doctor. These doctors will be able to prescribe the optimum quantity that one needs to consume and would define when one should consume it.

Please note that excess use of marijuana may not be a good idea and getting marijuana illegally may damage your health or enhance your dependence on it.

Please watch this video!

I want to share with you the following 4-minute video which discusses five things that you don’t know about medical marijuana and its industry.

By the way, it was a real eye-opener for me.

Credit: Wall Street Journal

Ashlie’s Closing Opinion

ADD and ADHD is real-time disorders that are carried in the bloodline of a person, and that they have no control over them.

These conditions as noted above have been passed down to us by our ancestors.

The right path for one to choose is to accept the fact that something is wrong with them and get themselves checked up.

There are various signs that one can observe and there may be different severity levels of such disorders.

These are not to be taken lightly as they can leave one with the above-mentioned problems for a lifetime.

Getting the help of medically prescribed marijuana is the right decision along with the right treatment for these disorders.

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4 thoughts on “Does your Ancestry Effect Your Mental Health? Here’s How to Deal with it.”

  1. My cousin experiences a ton of ADD symptoms but growing up his parents refused to accept the fact that he might need help. It’s sad to see someone with so much potential be held back because others’ in control of them might take it as a hit to their own personal ego. He is almost 18 and not sure if he plans to take it into his own hands. I have a hard time talking to him or anyone in my family about it because it is such a touchy subject. Even more touchy for his parents than for himself. Go figure….

  2. Hey,

    Excellent and quite unusual post, which is a really good thing. My brother suffers a lot with his mental health. He has had a failed marriage and cannot keep a job. He obviously needs help and I think your post and your site could maybe steer him in the right direction.

    So, I have forwarded this post onto him and I have encouraged him to comment, and go through your other posts aswell. I have advised that if he has any questions then he should contact you, and hopefully you will be able to help.

    Thank you for sharing, and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


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