Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews

Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews!

Ancestry has become the go-to place for people to find out about their genealogy. This Ancestry DNA testing reviews post will discuss what this company has to offer you for you to discover your family history.

Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews

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I will explore the features that you will benefit from as you order your DNA kit and set up an account with Ancestry.

Ancestry DNA Test Rating and Details

RatingRating Stars - 4(4/5)
Type of TestAutosomal (atDNA)
How TestedSaliva
Results Waiting Time6-8 Weeks
Normal Price$99
Additional Cost$10 for shipping
SubscriptionSubscribe to Ancestry to access records and connect with cousins
Available InUnited States, UK, and Australia
Bottom LineMost Popular DNA Testing Kit Today!
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Begin your family history journey today!

There are many ways that you can research your family history.

You may decide to check out any number of genealogy search websites that have a ton of genealogical records.

Or, you may want to delve into historical newspapers trying to find articles about your ancestors.

You may even want to ask your relatives for help, join a genealogical society or visit your local archives.

Credit: Ancestry DNA

For some, the next step to family history research is to look at your DNA and get it tested. This is a great way for you to break down any brick walls that you may encounter.

There are many benefits of DNA genealogy testing and Ancestry DNA for that matter. It has become a popular choice for a lot of people.

And it is thought to be the next step in the pursuit of your ancestors.

Discussed in this post:

When you have finished reading this review why not check out The Best DNA Test For You To Buy guide where I cover the 5 best DNA testing kits on the market today!

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What Is DNA Genealogy Testing?

Do you know what DNA stands for? Well, its full name is deoxyribonucleic acid. It is a self-replicating material and it is in every living organism.

And you and me!

What Is A Genealogy DNA Test?

It’s in us all!

It is in every living cell in our body. Our genetic information tells us what color eyes we have or the color of our skin.

Apart from this information, it can tell us where we came from.

But how can it do that you may be asking?

3 different types of DNA testing!

  • Autosomal DNA testing (atDNA) – Looks at the DNA that you get from both sides of your family, looking at male and female lines. The most basic type of testing and the only one at the moment that is offered by Ancestry.
  • Mitochondrial DNA testing (mtDNA) – This type of testing looks at your maternal line.
  • Y-Chromosome DNA testing (yDNA) – This type of testing looks at your paternal line.

How accurate is atDNA testing?

You may be here because you are wondering how accurate is this type of testing. And rightly so.

You want to make sure that you are getting value for money.

And also getting what you paid for.

I will discuss what other people have thought about their DNA test results later on.

Where does our DNA come from?

For now, though I want to clear up where our Autosomal DNA comes from.

As I briefly mentioned just before this type of testing looks at your genes from both sides of your family

So, with that said 1/2 of your atDNA comes from your father, while the other 1/2 comes from your mother.

The genes are what carry a snippet of your parent’s DNA.

You get 1/4 of your atDNA from each of your grandparents, while 1/8 is from each of your great grandparents.

If you go back five generations to your third great grandparents this value drops to 1/64.

So, the accuracy of the results dwindles the further up the family tree that you go.

Please check out the Unexpected Ethnicity Results post from Ancestry which goes further into detail about this.

This type of testing though is still very much popular with people researching their ancestry.

But if you want to further back then you will have to try another type of DNA test.

The Competition

OK, so you want to know how does Ancestry DNA compares to the other DNA testing companies.

Ancestry DNA testing is very much popular as I mentioned earlier.

But why is that?

Well, it is probably because we do in my opinion get ‘bombarded‘ with TV adverts all the time. I know that I do.

But also it is because this type of testing can help us with our genealogy research up to a certain number of generations, about 4 or 5.

Ancestry DNA and Ancestry do offer you a lot. Not only can you get an estimate about your ethnicity, but also you can get connected with your cousins through the DNA Matches feature.

And if you are already subscribed to Ancestry you can also get access to the billions of records that they hold within their databases.

They can help you to break down that proverbial brick wall in your research.

Comparing The Competition!

23andMeAncestry DNAFamily Tree DNALiving DNAMyHeritage DNA
TestsatDNA, mDNA, and yDNAatDNAatDNA, mDNA, and yDNAatDNA, mDNA, and yDNAatDNA
How TestedCheek swabSalivaCheek swabCheek swabCheek swab
Results Waiting Time6-8 Weeks6-8 Weeks6-8 Weeks10-12 Weeks3-4 Weeks
AvailableUS, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, UKUS, UK, and AustraliaUS, UK, and worldwideUS, Canada, UK, Europe, and AustraliaUS, UK, Australia, and worldwide
Bottom LineBonus Health ScreeningMost PopularPotential For MoreMost Comprehensive TestingQuick Results

Ancestry vs. 23andMe

Ancestry only offers atDNA testing, whereas 23andMe offers you all three types of DNA testing. You can buy these tests for a single price.

So, there are no add-ons with this company.

Which is great!

Based on your DNA sample 23andMe does offer you a full health screening. This is something that Ancestry DNA does not offer.

One thing that Ancestry excels at compared to 23andMe is what you can do with your results.

With Ancestry, you can connect with other members and also get hints.

23andMe does not offer this. You are pretty much on your own when you get your 23andMe test results.

Ancestry vs. FamilyTreeDNA

Again this other company offers you the 3 different types of DNA testing, compared to only type for Ancestry.

But it’s what you can do with your results once you get them that counts.

FamilyTreeDNA has, at this current time, close to a billion records. They still have a lot of records but it doesn’t compare to the 8 billion that Ancestry has in their collection.

FamilyTreeDNA is though a popular choice among family historians.

Ancestry vs Living DNA

Living DNA will cost you $60 more compared to Ancestry but your DNA sample will get tested against atDNA, mtDNA, and yDNA.

For Ancestry it is only atDNA. So, you do not get the full package.

You will though have to wait about 10-12 weeks for your results to arrive through this competitor.

But if you are passionate about your research then I would recommend you check them out.

Unfortunately, you will not get access to any genealogical records like you will for Ancestry.

And for me, that is the real downside of choosing Living DNA.

Ancestry vs. MyHeritage DNA

Ancestry DNA and MyHeritage DNA are pretty much the same in my opinion.

But there are advantages and disadvantages with both companies.

They both offer the same kind of testing, autosomal. However, MyHeritage will break down your results far more than Ancestry.

In Ancestry’s favor though you get a lot more support, more records to sift through, and the possibility of connecting to living cousins.

How To Take The Test and Getting Your Results

When you order your DNA testing kit from Ancestry you will also need to set up an account with them. This is so you can receive your results.

Don’t worry though about additional costs for doing this as you can set up a free Ancestry account.

Signing up is very simple and easy to do. As with any signing process, you will need to agree to several terms and conditions.

One of the conditions is to agree that your sample may be used for testing.

You can agree to this if you wish to help the larger genealogy community with the science behind DNA testing.

Receiving your DNA kit!

Once you have ordered the kit it will arrive at you in a matter of days.

Included in your kit will be a saliva collection tube and some instructions for you to follow.

And there is even a prepaid package that you can simply put your sample in and post off.

Your results are completely anonymous as you will be given a unique ID number.

You will though need to link up the serial number of your kit with your Ancestry account.

The scientists at the lab though will not know anything about you. I mean they won’t be able to connect you and your details with your results.

Get the sample right!

You will need to refrain from several activities before taking the test.

This is only so the results are as accurate as possible.

So, please be prepared not to eat, drink or smoke at least 30 minutes before the test.

Also, do not chew gum or brush your teeth. I would say though to stretch it out longer than this time frame.

And you may not want to be near anyone who is smoking.

Once you have followed the instructions you can then pack your sample and post it off.

Get your results!

You will need to wait a while for your results to be sent to you.

There is about a 6-8 weeks wait!

To get these results you will need to log into your Ancestry account that you initially set up.

When your results are ready you will be sent an email from AncestryDNA.

Finding Your Ethnicity and Your Relatives

You want to take the AncestryDNA test because you are interested in where your ancestors came from. You want to know your ethnicity.

And this can be done with Ancestry up to a certain level of accuracy as I mentioned before.

Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Results

There’s how many markers?!

The scientists in the lab will take your sample and look at 700,000 markers contained within it.

From these markers, they will be able to help you find common ancestors that you share with distant cousins.

To find where your ancestors came from AncestryDNA has divided, or grouped, the world into 150+ regions, (it was previously 26 regions).

They have looked at the markers of many people from all over the world.

This has helped them to build up a picture of what to look for within these markers and where in the world that these should appear.

Do bare in mind however though as our ancestors traveled more easily in recent times the results may not be too accurate.

But it’s a pretty accurate result nonetheless.

Your Ethnicity Estimate Explained!

To find out where your ancestors come from you will be presented with a chart. This chart will give you a percentage of your ethnicity.

As the name suggests though this is an estimate. So, please be warned.

Your sample and the results that you will get back will be compared to the 150 regions.

A percentage of each of these regions will be contained in your results.

You will also be able to check out an interactive, color-coded map. This will make it easy for you to see where you came from.

AncestryDNA Matches

One reason that I became interested in genealogy research was to find out about my cousins. Both of my parents are single children, and so I never knew of any cousins growing up.

I, therefore, wanted to make this connection. I found it very exciting to do this detective work!

Get matched with cousins!

You can find any of your distant cousins through the Ancestry DNA Matches feature.

However, to make this connection, they will have to be subscribed to Ancestry and have taken the DNA test.

To make these connections and be matched up, you will have to share your results with the Ancestry community.

And likewise, your cousins will have to do the same.

Even though you may not like this idea of sharing I must stress that sharing is a great way for you to go beyond your research.

I have learned a lot about my ancestry by making contact with my newfound cousins.

This is what genealogy is all about, the sharing of information.

However, you may not make a connection at first and this may take a while.

So, please be prepared for this scenario.

10 Tips To Contact Your Ancestry DNA Matches!

Ancestry DNA’s Genetic Communities!

Your Ethnicity Estimate can tell you where your ancestors came from, up to about 4 or 5 generations. This estimate will give you an older picture of your ancestry.

On the other hand, the Genetic Communities feature will give you a much more recent picture.

Share and share alike!

This is a helpful community of Ancestry members who share the same recent ancestors. This community is built up by the DNA matches than Ancestry has found.

Through this feature, you will be able to tell the migration patterns of your ancestors as they moved around the world.

This is another great way to help you further your family history research.

Ancestry’s DNA Circle!

This section of your DNA results will help you discover other living relatives. And it doesn’t matter if they took the test or not.

By searching through other Ancestry’s members’ family trees it can calculate whether they are a distant relative to you. It is another great way to make connections with your cousins.

How Do I Interpret My Ancestry DNA Results?

This type of testing looks at 700,000 markers as I explained earlier. Your sample is also broken down into 150 different regions of the world that Ancestry has assigned.

But the results may, or may not be as you expected. And they may leave you a bit baffled as to what they mean.

Ancestry DNA Test Results

You are compared with …

You first need to know how Ancestry has arrived at your results. Yes, they look at 700,000 markers in your DNA and assign a percentage to each of the 150 different regions of the world.

But how do you get these percentages?

Well, Ancestry needs to have a sample to compare your results with.

To perform this comparison Ancestry have tested the DNA of 4,245 individuals.

To make your results as accurate as possible the individuals must be native to one of the 150 regions.

That way they will be fairly confident that your results will be as accurate as possible. But there is also room for error.

And that is also why it is called an estimate.

It is though their best shot to give as near-accurate results as possible.

And so this is why you may not get the results that you were after.

Interpret Your Ancestry DNA Results Here!

What Else Can You Do With Your Ancestry DNA Results?

Ancestry DNA is pretty impressive as you can get hints to records within their database that you didn’t know about before.

There is every possible chance of this happening as they have the biggest collection of genealogical records on the planet, 8 billion and counting.

Plus, you can also get connected with distant cousins as well. This is another great way for you to break down a brick wall in your research.

But what more can you do with Ancestry DNA?

Well, to get more from Ancestry DNA you may want to consider asking your family to take the test as well.

This way you will get more information to work with for your genealogy research.

Everyone is unique and so their results will almost certainly differ from you. Your siblings and your parents’ DNA will be similar to yours but they won’t be the same.

So, by them doing the test you will get different ethnicity estimates and more of an idea of where your ancestors came from.

What About Your Privacy and Is Your Information Secure?

The scientists in the lab will not be able to connect you and your personal information with your DNA test results. This is because you will be assigned an anonymous ID number.

So, your personal information is secure in that sense.

Ancestry DNA Privacy

You don’t need to share!

But to make connections with other Ancestry DNA members you will need to share your DNA test results, and vice versa.

Despite this alarming statement, you will rest assured that only people that share a common ancestor will be able to see your results.

If you are not completely satisfied then you can request that Ancestry DNA remove your results from their database, as well as your sample.

Your results are stored within a secure third-party testing laboratory. Ancestry, therefore, take the security of your information very seriously.

How To Protect Your Ancestry DNA Privacy!

Other Peoples Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews

So far you have learned about what Ancestry DNA has to offer and what I think about the testing that they provide.

But you are probably wondering what do other people think of this company and whether you should also take the test as well.

Of the nearly 300 people that reviewed Ancestry DNA at DNA Testing Choice, most people gave them a favorable review.

Although some people were not satisfied. This is because they either got an estimate from a region that they didn’t expect or didn’t get an estimate that they were hoping for.

This seems to be the main grumble from this small group of reviewers, apart from others who were not satisfied to wait so long for their results.

Pros & Cons


✔   Great to help you build an extensive family tree
✔   Break down brick walls
✔   Access genealogy records through Ancestry hints
✔   Get ethnicity estimates about your ancestors
✔   Get connected with distant cousins
✔   Impressive 150+ regions


❌   May receive anomaly in your DNA results

My Final Thoughts

In all, in my opinion, Ancestry does what it says it does. It gives you an ethnicity estimate based on the DNA sample that you have provided.

As the science improves you will get more accurate results sent to you to your Ancestry DNA account.

Please though let these further results take time. But just to let you know that you can expect them. And they can help you further with your genealogy research down the road.

Results will vary for anyone taking the test.

So, if you don’t get the results that you were after do not be dismayed.

There is certainly room for error with these results and some people have become perplexed with their results. This is especially true with their quite unexpected ethnicity estimate percentages.

I thought that I would better tell you that.

My suggestion is to make your results as accurate as possible so do refrain from eating, drinking smoking, chewing gum, or brushing your teeth at least 30 minutes before you take the test.

I would though suggest maybe a bit longer than this.

Do I recommend Ancestry DNA?

Yes, I do recommend AncestryDNA as it can tell you a lot about your roots. Through the results, you can find out where your ancestors came from and also get hints for possible records connected to your ancestors.

Plus, you can connect with distant cousins.

It is a great tool for you if you want to build an extensive family tree. So there is every chance that you will get what you are looking for with Ancestry DNA.

However, this kit is not for you if you are wanting to know more about your ancestry.

I wish you all the best with your genealogy research if you do decide to take the test.

If you decide to buy this DNA testing kit then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

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18 thoughts on “Ancestry DNA Testing Reviews!”

  1. So, Owain great article. I had ancestry dna done years ago and am looking for more y data. But how many y markers are tested with ancestry now? And are there upgraded tests for more ? Also can I upload raw dna results from FTDNA to ancestry file?
    Thanks Roy

    1. Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the compliment and query. Unfortunately Ancestry doesn’t test for y markers. You will have to purchase a different company’s DNA kit. For that reason I recommend Living DNA. They are the best in my opinion.

      Also, Ancestry does not allow uploading of raw DNA data from other companies. They would rather you purchase their DNA kit.

      This Raw DNA Data Guide will be of interest to you.

      Sorry that I couldn’t be more positive with my response.

  2. Most of the information I already knew. The matches had to be contacted, not enough Info like “T.N.” . Information is mostly on just the people who paid for the test and Ancestry should be paying them. Just not impressed!!

    1. Sorry to hear that you have a negative experience with the Ancestry DNA test. I hope that in future you will get more information, and hopefully more matches.

      All the best.

  3. Questionable results. I had my DNA test with done in 2016. The initial results were pretty much bang on with a few small surprises.
    Recently they offered to update the results. Naturally I agreed. The “new” results couldn’t be any more different. In short, an ethnic group I had 6% match in previously now went up to 74%! How is that possible?
    Turns out that Ancestry changed the way they test since my original test. They used to do Y-chromosome and maternal mitochondrial DNA (I’m a female, so only the later possible for me). Now they only use autosomal DNA using just a few markers of thousands. Not very accurate if you ask me.

    1. Ancestry’s DNA testing was ‘supposed’ to have been improved. Looks like this was not the case for you.

      Whether they compared your DNA with a different sample I cannot say but looks like you’re not getting the results that you were after.

      You could try my Where To Upload Raw DNA Data For Free post. Here, you can upload your DNA and get a different perspective and hopefully answers that you were expecting.

      I wish you all the best Carmen.


  4. Well drawn out. I never knew this degree of DNA testing. Good information. Is there one particular type of testing that stands above the other of the three you mentioned?

    1. Hi Ronnie, thanks for your comment and question. Depending on the kind of results you want will determine what test that you take.

      If you want a more recent picture of your ancestry then Autosomal testing is the one to go with. The yDNA is only for males to take, whereas the mitochondrial testing looks at the maternal line but men and women can take it.

      Hope this helps. All the best.

  5. Thanks for the extremely comprehensive review Owain, you always write such detailed articles that cover all of my questions. I had been considering getting a DNA test for a while because I’m quite familiar with my dad’s side of the family but I’m mostly clueless on my mom’s side and would like to find out more.

    This has definitely sold me to move forward with giving it a shot!

    1. You’re most welcome Craig. You’re quite like me because I know quite a lot about my father’s side but not too much about my mother’s.

      I have started tracing her side but I could definitely learn a lot from DNA testing. You may want to ask your mother if she would like to do the test as well.

      All the best with the test.

  6. i definitely learned a lot through reading this post. I did want to know a little bit more about what you mean in the cons section about an “anomaly” in the sample. If that happens, do you need to redo the test? How much can it distort the interpretation of your results?

    1. Hi Brad. Some people have received rather perplexing results, i.e. ethnicity that they were not expecting. This can be put down to the sample of people that Ancestry DNA rely on to compare your DNA with them.

      There’s no need to retake the test, unless maybe you did eat, drink or smoke within the 30 minutes before taking the test.

      I would hope that Ancestry could redo the comparison and see what results they get for a second time. Overall as the science improves you will get more accurate results sent to your ancestry account.

  7. I’ve always really enjoyed visiting your website.

    Ancestry results has been a big hit in the world because we all want to know our ethnicity instead of just being classified by the area that we live in. I want to thank you for bringing to life what DNA actually stands for. Its been one of those acronyms that I’ve simply overlooked because I knew what it was.

    I also really enjoyed learning where exactly we get out DNA from. I simply thought it was from mom and dad.

    As for the competing companies I really like that they offer additional testing and all for one price. Have you any clue as to why Ancestry doesn’t do this?

    What I really like about ancestry is the community. It looks very welcoming. I can only that how happy everyone is in there to be so much more informed of their ethnicity.

    Thanks for putting together such a great read.

    1. Thanks Justin for dropping by again and leaving a comment.

      It really does fascinate me that we can learn so much about our ancestry through our DNA. Before we would just look at records. Now information is right inside us. In our DNA.

      I am not sure why Ancestry DNA only offer the one test. But I think later on down the road that they will offer more.

      Community is everything when it comes to genealogy. Not only can tother people give friendly advice, (myself included), but also we can make connections with our distant cousins.

      I have myself made these connections and it has helped me immensely. I have learned so much about other branches of my family tree that I didn’t even think about researching.

  8. This is so cool. Using DNA to discover your roots is fantastic.

    This technology is moving so fast. Do you think the data will get more accurate as they constantly improve?

    1. I think that the results will get more accurate. It all depends though on whether Ancestry do have a larger sample to work with.

      I am no scientist myself though so I cannot say for certain whether the results can be more accurate, but they can certainly help us with our genealogy research.

  9. This is a very comprehensive review. You provide a ton of information in a short span. I learn a few things that I was not previously aware of about Ancestory. I always assumed it was a gimmick. Your review makes me rethink that. Great job.

    1. Thanks Eddie. I wanted to cover as much as I could about Ancestry DNA. You always want to know what you are getting when you purchase something. And DNA testing is no exception.

      Ancestry dna can help you a lot as I have mentioned in the review. But at the end of the day it is your choice. But for me it’s definitely worth a shot. Who knows what you will discover with a DNA test?

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