Why Not Get A Dog DNA Breed Test?

By | December 14, 2017

It often amazes me what DNA testing can reveal. So did you know that you actually get a dog DNA breed test? Yep, I was surprised as you when I discovered this out.

Dog DNA Breed Test

So, please find out more from guest blogger Meg from Dog Breed Identifier.

DNA Tests Aren’t Just For Humans – Fido Wants One Too!

It’s no surprise that we wonder about our ancestry – humans often look back to the past in order to help find meaning for their own lives in the present.

While we may dream about our mysterious genealogy and the lives of our ancestors, it’s definitely not something that man’s best friend worries too much about.

Dogs themselves don’t care a bit about who their great grandparents were – but their adoring owners often do!

As dog DNA tests grow in popularity, increasingly more owners are choosing to get their dogs tested.

There’s no denying it’s tons of fun to find out that your mixed breed mutt is part Shepherd (so that’s why she goes crazy when she sees sheep) or Labrador, dog DNA tests can provide important medical and training insights as well.

This infographic on Why Your Dog Wants a DNA Test For Christmas outlines some of the benefits dog DNA tests can offer curious owners.

Dog Breed DNA Infographic

Convinced that you need a DNA test for your pooch? Make sure to check out DogBreedIdentifier.com for dog DNA test reviews and more info!

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