Best Genealogy Software Programs – Your Top 5

There are several choices for you when selecting software to create and build your family tree. But what are the best genealogy software programs that you can purchase?

Best Genealogy Software Programs

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Do you know which one to buy?

Just which family tree program is right for you?

Top 5 Best Genealogy Software Programs To Buy!

Here I will give an overview of the 5 best genealogy programs that you can buy today.

Legacy Family Tree          Family Historian 6        Family Tree Maker 2017

RootsMagic 7          Family Tree Heritage 9

Full genealogy software reviews can be found after each product that I review here.

Comparing The Competition!

These programs in my opinion the best on the market today. Each of them have their certain qualities and features that make them stand out on their own.

So, have a look at what they offer and whether they are right for you!

Legacy 9 Family Historian 6 Family Tree Maker 2017 RootsMagic 7 Family Tree Heritage 9
Rating Rating Stars - 5 Rating Stars - 4 Rating Stars - 4 Rating Stars - 3 Rating Stars - 3
Platform Disc and Download Disc Download Disc and Download Disc and Download
Compatible Windows Windows Windows and Mac Windows and Mac Windows and Mac
Connects FamilySearch, Find A Grave, FindMyPast, GenealogyBank, MyHeritage FindMyPast, MyHeritage FamilySearch, Ancestry FamilySearch, Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage FamilySearch, Ancestry
Bottom Line
Best All Round Software Easy To Use Most Popular Offers A Lot Best For Printing

Bonus Program Review:

Ancestral Quest 15
The best for storing large family trees!
Ancestral Quest 15

Please note!

All of these genealogy programs can be used on a Windows computer, (exception Family Tree Heritage 9 and Ancestral Quest 15 which can both work on both Windows and Mac).

These family tree programs are available to purchase from either the US or UK. Please check from the sellers that I have included if you can purchase your choice of program from outside of these countries.

When you have finished reading these family tree software reviews you may want to head over to Top Ten Reviews where there is a Top 10 Best Genealogy Software of 2018 guide.

Just thought that I would put that out there for you!

Want FREE!

Not quite ready to spend a fortune on tracing your family tree?

No worries, you can check out my 6 Best Free Genealogy Software Downloads guide.

Please be aware though that free does mean that you will get limited features and so you may want to consider buying a proper genealogy program with full capabilities at some point.

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What To Expect From A Genealogy Software Program?

Before I show you my top pick of the best genealogy programs that you can buy today I first want to discuss what you should be looking for in a program.

What To Expect From A Genealogy Software Program

Or, rather what should come standard with a genealogy software program.

Genealogy Software Program Requirements:

Build A Family Tree

Pretty obvious that you want a program to do this, but you do want a program where you can easily create a tree and add your relatives and all of their details.

You want to add their name, important dates, locations, any notes, etc.

Add Media

Genealogy software programs these days allow you to add multimedia to members of your family tree.

These can include pictures, videos and even sound clips or your relatives.

Add Your DNA Results

As DNA genealogy testing has become increasingly popular these days it is only right that you have somewhere to store your results.

This information can also be stored in your program.

Produce Charts

A program should be able to produce relationships charts based on the family tree that you have created.

You can expect hourglass, pedigree and fan charts to name but a few.

Produce Reports

Reports are a great way to easily see information about your family tree.

You can expect family, descendant and a genealogy report at least from these programs.

Map Your Ancestors

The best programs should allow you to see the migration of your ancestors.

They should as well show you where they were born, married and died, and also other important events.

Create Books, CDs, and a Website

Not only can you produce charts and reports but there are other ways that you can showcase your family tree.

Most programs these days will allow you to create a book that you can print out and share with your family.

Creating CDs and a website should also be an option.

Import & Export

If you have already created tree elsewhere then you should be able to upload it into your new software program.

Alternatively you will also be able to export your tree so that you can then pass it onto other family members

Doing so means that you can work together on your genealogy.

Getting Tips

The best thing about using a program is that you can get tips or hints for building your tree further.

This is possible as they can be connected to popular genealogy search websites such as Ancestry, FindMyPast and FamilySearch.

Be advised though that to access this additional information you will need a subscription to these sites.

Getting Support

You should also get basic support such as help files, telephone and email support.

You can also get access to video tutorials and maybe forums on the respective company’s website.

1. Legacy 9 – Best Genealogy Program Available Today!

Regarded as the best family tree software on the market today. Legacy 9 has got this title because of the many features it contains.

Legacy Family Tree

This software offers a lot of different chart types to the user, which is the most compared to any other program that is available.

As well as charts you can also display your results in the form of a webpage. There are other cool tools and features which you can see in the table below.

Legacy 9 Family Tree Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 5(5/5)
Normal Price Bundles vary from $34.95 to $99.95
Discounted Price (upgrade from Legacy 8) Bundles vary from $26.95 to $89.95
Platform PC Disc and Download
Compatible Windows
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, Hashtags, Color Coding, and more!
Connects FamilySearch / Find A Grave (FREE)
FindMyPast / GenealogyBank / MyHeritage (PAID)
Help & Support FAQs, User Groups, Email
Full Review What’s New With Legacy 9?
Previous Version Legacy 8 Full Review (read more what Legacy can do)
Bottom Line All Round Software!
BUY HERE   ==>
Legacy Family Tree Store

What Does Legacy 9 Offer You?

Legacy 9 can link you to popular genealogy sites such as FamilySearch and Ancestry to further help with your research.

Credit:   Legacy Family Tree

It also has an embedded browser so that you can find information and import it into your tree easily.

So, you don’t have to switch between computer programs and lose your concentration.

Color coding system makes your tree simple to follow!

Legacy 9 makes adding multiple marriages easy to follow as you can color code different spouses and descendants.

Errors are flagged with red warning symbols so that you can clearly spot any mistakes that may have been entered.

This program allows you to add comprehensive information when citing any record. It is important for any family historian to record where they found information regarding their ancestor.

By adding all relevant information then you will be able to know where to return to your ancestor’s record if you need to.

Drawbacks To This Program?

Unfortunately even the best program does have its drawbacks. One disadvantage is that does not support same-sex marriages. There is however a planned update to rectify this.

One earlier drawback with the previous version, Legacy 8, was that there were no web-hints available to you.

I am pleased to announce now with this latest version of the Legacy Family Tree software that they are now available.

Legacy 9 Is Still The Best Software Program!

Despite this minor flaw Legacy 9 is still a great investment to help you research your family history. If you want to make a start and find out about your ancestry then check out the Legacy Family Tree Store.

Read more what about Legacy 9 by checking out my What’s New With Legacy 9? post.

Here you will see what has been improved on and what has been added to the best genealogy software program that you can buy today.

Many Reasons Why Legacy 9 Is Far Superior!

There are too many reasons for me to list and describe here. But I will point out a few reasons why you should consider Legacy 9 as your genealogy software program.

Top 5 reasons:

  1. Customize the interface – If you are not completely satisfied with the layout of the program then no worries. You can customize it however you feel.
  2. Huge capacity – Add as many people to your family tree as you like. And also information about your ancestors. You are not limited to size with this program.
  3. Powerful and intelligent merging – If you have more than one file of information then you can easily merge all of this into the one file. Ancestral Quest makes it very easy to see the differences between the files.
  4. Powerful searching capabilities – With any program you want to find your ancestor and their information effortlessly. This is easily done with the search function of the program. This is performed by a simple fill-in-the-blanks form or by using a powerful detailed search.
  5. QuickFill fields – This is one of the best features of the program in my opinion. When you are entering information the program will automatically fill in the remainder of the information. This will allow you to then to go onto the next ancestor to add to the tree.

Check Out My 20 Reasons Why You Should Buy Legacy!

Legacy 9 Family Tree Software Bundles Explained!

When you click through to the Legacy Family Tree Store you will be presented with a choice of 6 different bundles that you can choose from.

The prices listed in brackets are the discounted price if you are upgrading from Legacy 8.

The first three bundles offer you Legacy 9 as a download and CD together with:

  • Printed and PDF manual, 272 page guidebook, and webinar membership – $99.95   ($89.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual, and a 272 page guidebook – $54.95   ($46.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual – $39.95   ($31.95)

Legacy 9 Family Tree Software Bundle


The second three bundles offer you Legacy 9 as just a download plus:

  • Printed and PDF manual, 272 page guidebook, and webinar membership – $79.95   ($71.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual, and a 272 page guidebook – $49.95   ($41.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual – $34.95   ($26.95)

Legacy 9 Family Tree Software Bundle


✔   13 new and enhanced features with Legacy 9!
✔   Red warning symbols to highlight errors
✔   Connects to FamilySearch/Find A Grave (FREE); FindMyPast/GenealogyBank/MyHeritage (PAID)
✔   Sync trees to web
✔   Web hints now available!
✔   25 different charts and 20 reports
✔   Print books and wall charts


❌   Same-sex relationship not possible
❌   No email or telephone support, (but does have online resources, printed material, video tutorials and FAQs)

My Verdict

There is a reason why Legacy is the leader when it comes to helping you create and build your family tree. It is because this software gives you exactly what you want and need for your genealogy research.

The user interface is lack luster I must admit but when it comes to a program do you want something that actually works for you or just looks pretty?

Plus it does offer many exciting new features such as connecting to the FindAGrave site, backing up your tree online, creating cause of death and X-DNA charts, and more.

I am very excited to put Legacy 9 at the very top of my list of best genealogy programs!

Best All Round Software!

Setting a new standard in genealogy software!

Legacy Family Tree - Legacy 9

Buy Legacy Now!Check Out My Legacy Review!

2. Family Historian 6 – Easiest Genealogy Program To Use!

Although coming in second this program is by far the easiest to use that is available to you.Family Historian 6Don’t you want software that you can use straight away and not have to worry about how to use it?

Well, adding your ancestry information with this software package will be very quick for you.

Family Historian 6 Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 4(4/5)
Normal Price Please refer to Amazon for price
Platform PC Disc and Download
Compatible Windows
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, Books, Booklets, CDs, DVDs, Websites
Connects FindMyPast / MyHeritage (PAID)
Help & Support FAQs, Guides, User Groups, Video Tutorials, Email
Book Getting the Most from Family Historian 6
Full Review Full Family Historian 6 Review!
Bottom Line Really Easy To Use!
BUY HERE   ==>
www.Amazon.comAlso available for Amazon Prime customers!

What Can You Get From Family Historian 6?

Family Historian 6 offers nearly twice as many chart options than Family Tree Maker. It does though give you less charts than the number one rival Legacy.

Credit:   Family Historian

This program is primarily useful if you wish to do online publishing.

So, if you want to share your family’s history to the online world then Family Historian 6 is for you.

Enter and view information very easily with this program!

The main screen of this program shows a pedigree chart showing your ancestors. The details of a selected member of your family will be displayed to the right of this chart.

Entering personal data is very easy for you to perform.

As with other available choices you can view your ancestors origins on a world map. Images can also be uploaded to the map.

For me seeing a map of where your ancestors lived, worked and moved just gives me an appreciation of their lives and the struggles that they faces in order to find work.

Different media types can be uploaded and attached for each person in your family. Any source material added can also be rated on its quality.

All of the sources for an individual can be viewed in one area of the program.

Create Books, Booklets and More!

Creating charts and reports is a common feature with any genealogy software program today. But you may want to do more than that.

Family Historian 6 will allow you to create books, booklets, websites, CDs, and DVDs as well. All of these great gifts that you can then share with your family, or maybe your friends if you wish.

Drawbacks of Family Historian 6?

Despite Family Historian 6 having twice as many charts than the popular Family Tree Maker program there are no background templates installed.

This therefore will make your charts look quite dull.

Another disadvantage with this program is the inability to enter any DNA results that you may have. As DNA research is beginning to become an important avenue of discovering your ancestry I feel that an update will be added for this.

There is unfortunately no video tutorials provided to to help you use this program. But if you do get stuck there are online resources and FAQs that are available to you.


Family Historian 6 will run on any of the recent Windows OS except for Windows Vista. Despite this I feel that any genealogist would be happy to buy this genealogy software program.


✔   Connects to FindMyPast/MyHeritage (PAID)
✔   Sync trees to web
✔   Get web hints
✔   Quick and easy input of your ancestor’s details
✔   Same sex relationships
✔   19 different charts
✔   Great for publishing your family history online


❌   Visually unappealing charts
❌   Unable to input DNA results

My Verdict

This program does not offer stunning charts to print out your family tree. So, if you want to make some special gifts for your relatives then this software is not for you.

Connecting to genealogy sites such as FamilySearch and FindMyPast is a must these days as they both help you to extend your knowledge of your ancestors and help build your tree.

Getting web hints from these sites is also a bonus.

If you want something that is easy to use then I highly recommend Family Historian 6.

Award-Wining Genealogy Program!

Really Easy To Use!

Family Historian 6

Buy Now!Check Out My Family Historian Review

3. Family Tree Maker 2017 – Most Popular and Well Known Program Today!

By far the most popular and well known genealogy software program available to digitally create your family tree.

Family Tree Maker 2017

Some of the advantages it offers over Legacy is the ability to create same sex marriages and providing web hints to help with your research.

Even though it is my second preference Family Tree Maker is still regarded as a top genealogy software to use by many genealogists.

Family Tree Maker 2017 Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 4(4/5)
Platform Download
Compatible Windows and Mac
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, FamilySync
Connects FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
Help & Support FAQs, Online Chat, Email
Full Review Full Family Tree Maker 2017 Review!
Previous Version Full Family Tree Maker Deluxe Review!
Bottom Line Most Popular Today!
BUY HERE   ==>

What Can You Expect From Family Tree Maker?

The hints featured in Family Tree Maker show up when you are connected to the Internet. These hints can help you further with discovering your roots.

You will be able to connect with two of the biggest genealogy search websites – Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Credit: FreeTutorials

So, you can build your family tree quickly with the Family Tree Maker program.

Entering Family Information Is Easy!

Most of the information that you will enter will be through the program’s People tab. By using this tab you can easily enter your family’s details such as birth, marriage and death.

From this tab you will also clearly see your ancestors in a pedigree form. The children of a selected ancestor will be listed in a table below the pedigree chart.

The task of entering individual information is very intuitive and easy to do. You will also be able to add media content such as videos, stories and images for each member of your family.

Color Code Your Family Tree!

The latest version now allows you to color code each family member. You maybe wondering what is the point of that? Does it serve any purpose?

Well, actually it does!

By selecting one or more colors to an ancestor you can effectively set an attribute to that person.

For example, if you add a dark blue to several ancestors then that may signify that they served in the military.

It’s just another cool visual representation of your family that makes finding what you’re looking for easier.

View A Map of Your Ancestors Migration!

I really like to see the path that my ancestors took as they went from their homeland to a new world. If you are like me then you are probably keen to see what path that they took.

Their route may have been subjected to a number of conditions, such as the topography of the area or the likelihood of work.

Whatever factors that affected their decision you can see their path of migration with an embedded aerial or satellite map in the program.

Synching Your Tree

You can take your family tree and your genealogy research with you on the go thanks to FamilySync. You are not tied to your computer at home.

If say for example you do some research at your parents house then you can sync your tree. That means that you will also see any latest additions to your tree on your computer at home.

The Sync Weather Report will allow you to view any errors that may occur when synching your tree. If there is a major problem then a red box will appear or if there is some caution then there will be an orange box.

But if everything is OK with the process then you will see a green box.

What Are The Negatives?

Despite being a great program to help you with your family history research Family Tree Maker does gives you significantly less charts than its’ main rival Legacy.

But the easy and intuitive feel of the program does more than make up for this.

With this family history software program you can connect to FamilySearch. This is the world’s largest genealogy search website where you can access millions of records for free.

This program also connects to Ancestry. However, in order to access any records on that site you will need to have a paid subscription.

Whether you want to call that a negative for Family Tree Maker or not. I just thought that you may like to know that.


✔   Stunning user interface that makes it easy to use
✔   Connects to FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
✔   Sync trees to web
✔   Get web hints
✔   Same sex relationships


❌   No connection to other genealogy search sites

My Verdict

The reason that Family Tree Maker is the most well known genealogy program today is because of its’ past association with Ancestry. And that is why, in my opinion, it is so popular.

But with saying that I have personally used this program and have found it really ease to use.

So, being an intuitive, simple and easy program definitely contributes to it being one of the more popular choices amongst genealogists.

If you want a program that is easy to use and does offer you appealing reports and charts then this program is for you.

Most Popular Genealogy Software Program!

Discover your ancestry today!

Family Tree Maker 2017

Buy Now!Check Out My Family Tree Maker Review

4. RootsMagic 7 – This Genealogy Software Program Offers You A Lot!

By using this software you are able to link with the top genealogy sites FamilySearch and Ancestry. And a helpful lightbulb icon will help you make connections with your family’s past. RootsMagic 7

With RootsMagic 7 you can also print out various kinds of family reports from what you have discovered.

RootsMagic 7 Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 3(3/5)
Normal Price Please refer to Amazon for price
Platform PC Disc
Compatible Windows
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, CDs, Websites, Export Tree
Connects FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry / FindMyPast / MyHeritage (PAID)
Help & Support User Group, Webinars, Video Tutorials, How To Guides, Forums, Phone and Email
Full Review Full RootsMagic7 Review!
Bottom Line Offers A Lot!
BUY HERE   ==>
www.Amazon.comAlso available for Amazon Prime customers!

What Can RootsMagic 7 Give You?

To start off RootsMagic 7 does offer you significantly less choice of charts for you to chose from. Despite this you do get a wide range of reports that you can use to display your family’s ancestry.

With RootsMagic 7 you get the most reports out of all the top five programs.

Finding your ancestors records is clear and simple with the aid of the in-app browser. Within the program there is a lightbulb icon that will next to your ancestor’s.

Credit:   RootsMagic

This lightbulb will clearly show you if there are any online matches.

Working with more than one database is also available!

One clear advantage with this program is the ability to open more than one database at a time.

When working on different family groups if there is a relationship between the two then you can drag and drop people between the two.

RootsMagic 7 will also keep track of these changes. So, that’s really helpful!

There is nothing worse than dissecting the difference between two trees that you may have. RootsMagic makes this job easy for you.

With this program there is also a diverse number of relationships that is also supported.

So, if there is a same-sex marriage within the family then you can add this as well.

You can add all sorts of information for each member of your family. The media that you can add includes photos, sound clips, videos and more.

What Are Negatives There With RootsMagic 7?

One of the benefits of RootsMagic 7 is that you can connect with the top genealogy software sites. However, you will not be able to sync your tree to the web.

You will also not be able to import any online information that you may find. So, whatever you do come across you will manually have to add this to your family tree.

Another drawback is that this software is not the easiest program to use due to the outdated interface and the misleading tabs that feature on the toolbar.

Although support is provided by online resources, printed material and video tutorial there is unfortunately no FAQ support available to you.


Despite these drawbacks RootsMagic 7 is still a popular choice among family historians to buy.


✔   Connects to FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry/FindMyPast/MyHeritage (PAID)
✔   List same sex marriages
✔   Similar web hint feature called lightbulb
✔   Can open more than one family tree so you can easily compare them
✔   Organize large volumes of data


❌   Less charts but more reports
❌   Cannot sync trees to web
❌   Outdated interface
❌   Misleading tabs
❌   No FAQs to help you

My Verdict

I like how RootsMagic can connect to FamilySearch and Ancestry. However, due to the fact that you cannot sync your tree to the web this will mean that any new information that you do find you will have to enter it manually into this program.

One thing that is going for RootsMagic is the ability for you to open more than one family tree file. Keeping track of the changes between these two files is very easy to use.

Why would you want to have two trees?

Well, you may have received a tree from a family member. So, you may want to compare the two to see any differences before you add the information to your tree.

If you want a program that will help you to organize your large family tree then RootsMagic is for you. For that reason I highly recommend this software.

Offers A Lot To You!

This is award-winning genealogy software!

RootsMagic 7

Buy Now!Check Out My RootsMagic Review

5. Family Tree Heritage 9 – Best To Print Out Your Records!

The last of the top five programs for the genealogist is Family Tree Heritage 9. With this package you can connect to the top genealogy sites such as FamilySearch, Ancestry and RootsWeb. Family Tree Heritage 9

Although coming in last this is still one of the best genealogy software programs on the market today.

Family Tree Heritage 9 Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 3(3/5)
Normal Price (Windows) Please refer to Amazon for price
Normal Price (Mac) Please refer to Amazon for price
Platform PC Disc and Download
Compatible Windows and Mac
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, Color Coding
Connects FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
Help & Support Tutorials, Address, Phone, Email
Full Review Full Family Tree Heritage 9 Review!
Bottom Line Best For Printing!
BUY HERE (US)   ==> (Windows) – (Mac)
BUY HERE (UK)   ==> (Windows) – (Mac)

What Can You Expect From Family Tree Heritage 9?

The great thing about Family Tree Heritage 9 is that you can easily add any genealogy site to this program.

Credit:   Family Tree Heritage

If you do use a site other than what is listed then you will still be able to use it within the program.

As with the other top five programs a web hints feature though is included with this package to aid you with finding new information.

Correcting Mistakes and Merging trees Is Easy!

Adjusting errors in your tree in bulk is one of the advantages of this package. If you do find any anomalies then you can simply replace the details and any other occurrences will be altered as well.

This will save you time sifting through your entire tree.

Another benefit of this program is the ability to merge two trees together. This is easily done with Family Tree Heritage 9.

Citing sources to any new information is also easily achieved with this program.

A ditto tool is provided that will enable you to attach numerous people to the same source. So this can save you a lot of time when you are citing your records.

Disadvantages With Family Tree Heritage 9?

Although Family Tree Heritage 9 is a great program for the researcher there is undoubtedly some drawbacks with this choice.

For one you will not be able to sync your tree to the web in order to enter any found information.

If you do find any interesting details concerning your ancestors you will manually have to enter it. This is not really a big problem as this will give you a chance to ascertain whether the found information is correct.

It’s still great for printing out records!

There is also no in-app browser is provided so a separate window is needed when searching online. This can lead to confusion when you switch between the two programs.

Although you could split your screen into two to compensate for this. Or if you do have two screens then this will rectify this problem.

The number of available charts and reports is limited with this choice. And the lack of background templates makes charts rather dull.

But if you just want a program that simply prints out your research then Family Tree Heritage 9 is for you.

Relationships such as same sex marriages is not supported and there is no mapping ability is featured. So, you will not be able to plot your ancestors trail.

Amazon US – Windows & Mac:


Amazon UK – Windows & Mac:




✔   Connects to FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
✔   Add other genealogy sites if you wish
✔   Easily replace many occurrences of new information, such as a place name


❌   No online searching capability within the program<
❌   No same-sex relationships
❌   Doesn’t sync to web
❌   No web hints

My Verdict

Family Tree Heritage will offer you what you want from a basic genealogy software program. But there is room for improvement with this option.

It is a great tool for you though if you want to organize your family tree. And it is excellent for citing your references. Merging trees is also a seem-less process with this program.

Basically if you want a program that will give you stunning reports and charts to share with family and friends then Heritage is the one for you.

Best To Print Out Your Records!

Build your family tree and share your story!

Family Tree Heritage 9

Buy Now!Check Out My Family Tree Heritage Review

Ancestral Quest 15 – Best For Storing Large Family Trees!

When it comes to adding ancestors to your family tree you want the process to be both quick and easy.
Ancestral Quest 15So, if you have already done a ton of research and you don’t want to be wasting your time and getting frustrated with the program then Ancestral Quest 15 is the one for you.

Ancestral Quest 15 Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 3(3/5)
Normal Price (Windows) $29.95 (Download) or $34.95 (CD ROM)
Normal Price (Windows upgrade) $19.95 (Download) or $24.95 (CD ROM)
Normal Price (Mac) $38.95 (Download)
Normal Price (Mac upgrade) $24.95 (Download)
Platform CD ROM and Download
Compatible Windows and Mac
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, TreeTips, NetFam Collaboration, Memories Manager
Connects FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
Help & Support FAQs, Video Tutorials, Newsgroup, Phone and Email
Full Review Full Ancestral Quest 15 Review!
BUY HERE   ==>
Ancestral Quest Store

What Do You Get From Ancestral Quest 15?

Ancestral Quest 15 allows you to enter your family tree easily as I have just mentioned. You can view your tree 4 different ways. You can choose from Family View, Pedigree View, Name List View or Individual View.

Credit:   Ancestral Quest

Whatever your preference there will be a view for you.

Enter your family tree with ease. No matter how large it is!

The interface is a bit basic I must admit. But for me that is not a problem. At the end of the day you want a program that is both intuitive to use and is easy for you to add information and to find it.

Do you want to waste your time figuring out how to use the software?

Do you want to be checking the help files every so often?

Of course not! You want to be working on your genealogy research. And this is what Ancestral Quest allows you to do.

Organizing your family tree is also simple!

As you have a large family tree to work with you want to be able to organize your research. This is done possible with the Research Manager and Log feature of the program.

This can show you what information you need to research next.

The manager will also help you to group your tasks by either location or type, or anything else for that matter.

Sharing your research is simple too!

If you have got a large family tree then chances are that you are working on your ancestry with other family members.

If so then Ancestral Quest is the program for you as it allows you to share information effortlessly!

This is accomplished with the NetFam Collaboration feature. You will however need to subscribe to this feature, but it is a worthwhile extra to consider.

Even more new and improved features with the latest version!

With every incarnation of this program the developers add new and improved features. They listen to their users and give them what they want.

There is not enough room here to describe all of these latest features. Instead why not check out my full Ancestral Quest 15 Review and see for yourself why this is such a powerful program.

Drawbacks to Ancestral Quest 15?

To me the only real drawback of this software program is the lack of a stunning interface. But in hindsight as I have discussed before, what do you really want from a program?

Do you want something that is fancy looking but can be tricky to understand. Or do you want something that will allow you to effortlessly add your ancestors and their information.

And that is why Ancestral Quest have been developing this software for more than 20 years!


✔   Connects to FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
✔   Straightforward and easy to use
✔   Excellent supported help in the form of online video tutorials
✔   Also FAQ section, online discussion groups, in program help section and telephone support
✔   Can research online within the program
✔   Can easily connect and share research with others


❌   Basic interface design

My Verdict

If you want a program that will make your genealogy research a whole lot easier to perform then Ancestral Quest 15 is for you.

Ideally it is suited to the family historian who has amassed a large family tree over the years.

But the beginner can also take something from this program as well. The simple design does make it easier for the newcomer to add their ancestors effortlessly.

So it can be a great program for any level of experience. That is why I highly recommend this software for anyone wanting to researching their family tree.

Start Your Family History Adventure Today!

Most comprehensive and easy-to-use genealogy software!

Ancestral Quest 15

Buy Now!Check Out My Ancestral Quest Review

My Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, my pick of the best genealogy programs that you can choose to buy to create and build your family tree. Which ever program you do decide to buy I’m sure you will be more than happy with it.

Don’t stress too much though which program that you do go for. They all have the same basic features and will ultimately do what you want. And that is to create and build your family tree.

Don’t worry if you do feel though that your chosen program isn’t right for you. You can easily export your family tree and load it into a new genealogy program.

My Recommendation!

My personal recommendation is Legacy 9. It does everything that you would expect from such a program and more!

You can read my What’s New With Legacy 9? to find out what cool features you can expect from the best genealogy program.

My main reason for this choice is because that it connects to many genealogy search sites that can really help you with your family history research.

Connecting with FamilySearch and FindMyPast has really helped me with my own research. And it can with yours too!

But at the end of the day it is your choice. So, all the best on your decision and I wish you all the best with creating your family tree and your genealogy research.

What do you think?

If you decide to buy any of these software programs then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

Thank You and Please Leave A Comment

I hope you enjoyed reading this review about the best genealogy software programs available to the family historian. If you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment below.

Please share with family and friends if you think this post will help others by using the social media buttons below.


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