Family Tree Heritage 9 – The Best to Print out your Records!

By | March 17, 2018

Billed as the best genealogy software tool to print out your family tree records. Family Tree Heritage 9 allows you to easily correct any mistakes in your family tree. If you are wanting to merge trees then this is easily done with this program.

Its’ main advantage though is that it is great at printing out records!

Family Tree Heritage 9

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Family Tree Heritage 9 Product Details

Family Tree Heritage
Rating 3 Stars
Normal Price (Windows) $39.99 (US) – £39.28 (UK)
Normal Price (Mac) $59.99 (US) – £38.65 (UK)
Platform PC Disc and Download
Compatible Windows and Mac
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, Color Coding
Connects FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
Help and Support Tutorials, Address, Phone, Email
Place To Buy in US Amazon US (Windows) – Amazon US (Mac)
Place To Buy in UK Amazon UK (Windows) – Amazon UK (Mac)
Also available for Amazon Prime customers!
Bottom Line Best For Printing

This Family Tree Heritage 9 review will explore the features that are included in the genealogy software program and how it can benefit you!

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An Overview of Tools and Features

Besides creating and building your family tree you can also search your ancestors online with this genealogy software program. The makers of this program also allow you to simply copy your tree from the Family Tree Maker program into this one. There is also a YouTube video showing the easy two step process.

Please note: The intention behind this is the claim that Family Tree Maker is retiring. This is not the case though as the new developer Software Mackiev are continually selling and updating the software.

Credit:   Family Tree Heritage

The user interface shows your family tree as a five generation chart.

Up to five generations can be displayed at a time from the user interface. From this chart you can easily add new ancestor details or edit any of their information. Selecting any ancestor will show you their spouse as well as their children. Adding source citations is also simple with this program.

Family Tree Heritage 9 Interface

Web hints will also appear next to a person’s name. I will discuss web hints later on.

A number of charts and reports can be produced with this program. Although it must be pointed out that there is not a great number of these to chose from. However, a color coding filing feature is implemented that will help you easily track your ancestors. This system has proven quite popular with genealogists.

Family Tree Heritage 9 Chart

Family Tree Heritage 9 lets you produce both ancestry and descendant charts. If you want to display these charts larger than the standard A4 then it will  be able to create wall charts instead.

Pedigree, family charts and family or individual records and reports are also included. You can also publish a family book showcasing your work if you wish. A book is a great way to show your research to your family. It can also be a great present as well.

How Family Tree Heritage 9 Can Benefit You?

As with many genealogy software programs available on the market today Family Tree Heritage 9 connects with popular genealogy sites. The beauty of this is is that it can help you further trace your ancestry. The sites supported by this program are FamilySearch, Ancestry and Rootsweb.

You can also add any other genealogy site to this list if you wish. However, if you do find new information on these third party sites then you will have to enter it in manually.

Family Tree Heritage 9 FamilySearch

I did mention earlier that web hints will appear for people in your tree. The web hints will show whether there are any records available on these genealogy sites that may concern your ancestor. So if you do find your ancestor among these records you can add their information to your tree.

However, there is no built-in web browser so you will have to load up a separate Internet window and switch between both of them. This can be a hassle for you as you go from one to another. By doing this you may lose track of where you actually are in your research.

The FamilySearch, Ancestry and Rootsweb genealogy sites do have a mass of records that are available to you. However, do bare in mind that there is an additional subscription to pay if you wish to use this service.

But it is worth considering as you will have millions of records available to you which can further your research. And the added bonus is that you can connect with other members who may share an ancestor of yours. These sites are a great resource for the genealogist and I have gained significantly from using their services.

But wait there’s more!

While adding ancestors and information to your family tree errors may inadvertently creep in. One advantage of this program is the ability to adjust errors in bulk. So for example if you have incorrectly spelt a place name then you can simply alter it once and it will change all occurrences.

Family Tree Heritage 9 Reports

You may have two trees that you have been working on separately. Family Tree Heritage 9 will allow you to merge two trees together where there is a common ancestor. This will mean that when you work on your family tree you will then not have to open up more than one file. And if you are like me it can be confusing working on more than thing at a time, especially concerning genealogy research.

You may decide to work on your family tree via Ancestry or the FamilySearch website without using Heritage 9. Later on if you decide that you want to work on your tree using the program then you can simply export your tree as a GEDCOM file. This is another great tool in the genealogist arsenal.

The Negative

I have already highlighted a few disadvantages with this program. Them being the number of charts and reports that you can produce with this program is limited compared to other genealogy software programs. The design of these are also simplistic. However, the main aim of this program is for you to print out your records and sources to use for your research.

If you do need support when using this program then this is offered through online resources on their website. But there is no video tutorials and no FA support.

Pros and Cons


✔   Connects to FamilySearch (FREE) and Ancestry (PAID)
✔   Add other genealogy sites if you wish
✔   Easily replace many occurrences of new information, such as a place name


❌   No online searching capability within the program
❌   No same-sex relationships
❌   Doesn’t sync to web
❌   No web hints

Final Thoughts

Despite the setback that this program has it is still a good option to buy if you just wish to organize your family history. The merging of trees and the ability to scan for errors are also very good features of Family Tree Heritage software.

This program does have a number of flaws but it is still a useful tool for the genealogist. This program is really suited to the researcher who just wishes to print out their records in a simple style. No fancy presentation just pure research.

So you can buy Family Tree Heritage 9 in either the US or the UK on either a Windows or Mac computer. And if you are in the UK then it is also available on Windows and Mac.

For me a genealogy software program such as Family Tree Heritage 9 is a must for tracing your ancestry. You can not only create a tree, but build and edit it as well. Creating reports and charts is also a great benefit of such a program. Can you imagine just hand drawing these all the time that you have an addition to make to them?

Also, the main advantage of any program these days is the option of checking out what sources of information there maybe on genealogy search websites. It will be a pain to switch between the program and this tool, but it is still a great way to further your ancestry research.

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14 thoughts on “Family Tree Heritage 9 – The Best to Print out your Records!

  1. Uwais Aboo

    I am busy with my Family’s tree, but really struggling to actually do it on MS Power Point, hopefully this programme will help me to do a better job

    1. Owain Post author

      Yes it certainly will. You can do so much with this program. First put in what you know and then you can ask relatives for more information. Then you can connect with genealogy sites to get even further information.

  2. Ravyn

    I really liked how through you were in creating this page, the only thing I am somewhat confused on, is whether this is an application that you have to download then use, or is it something that you can become a member of, then proceed forward? It reminds me of the commercial I am always seeing, is this supposed to be easier and cheaper than it?

    1. Owain Post author

      This is a physical product rather than a download. When you have installed the software you can fill in your family tree details that you know. You can ask your relatives for help with the branches of your tree. With this program you can join genealogy websites where you can access millions of records. These records will then help you further with your genealogy research

  3. Dawn

    Your site is really interesting and informative. I also find my family history intriguing. It’s funny how if you look back far enough we are all connected somewhere. Loved your about me section, really showed me the your heart is in your research, it was nice to see such a personal side of the site creator. Maybe you could share some of the stories your father told.

    1. Owain Post author

      My aim is to provide a website that is both interesting and informative. Genealogy is a fascinating hobby that can bring the whole family together. Family Tree Heritage 9 can help you on your family history journey.

      Thank you for enjoying my site. I really enjoy genealogy and I am glad that it shows. I want to bring a site that everyone can enjoy and get use out of. In time I will put up my stories but before I am concentrating on bringing a quality website

  4. marc

    Thanks for your post on the family tree heritage 9 software program. I found it interesting and in depth enough for me to make an informed decision. I personally have used Ancestry in the past and built out quite a bit. But since it has been a while I am unable to access those records. My email has changed. So I am looking for some other alternatives.
    Thanks again,

    1. Owain Post author

      I am sorry to hear that you have lost your records. Family Tree Heritage 9 is a great program if you are after something to record and print off records. It doesn’t offer anything fancy but sometimes that is all that you want anyway.

      Thanks for your comments,


  5. wagreatstuff

    Hi, Owain. I have not done this family tree before and I suspect the additional research to trace your family ancestry works only for the US. Do they have similar resources for Asian market?
    I click on your link to Amazon and went through their product info as well as the Question and Answer section but couldn’t find any answer/similar question to the above.

    1. Owain Post author

      This software is catered for the US market. I have not been able to find any software that caters for Asians. However, Cyndi’s List maybe able to help you

  6. Allan

    I know absolutely nothing about genealogy, but I’ll bet is a very rewarding hobby! It would be very interesting to see where exactly I came from, and fun to be able to hand that on to my other family members. I didn’t know there was such a thing as genealogy software! I thought it was all about making charts, ordered from a genealogy company, or something similar. It sounds like the software would make life much easier for the researcher! How did you get started with your hobby, just an interest on your own, or from someone else you know?

    1. Owain Post author

      Genealogy is certainly an interesting hobby. It’s something that you can be proud of, showing to people where you came from and knowing that YOU have done the work.

      I came interested because of my father who would tell countless stories. He did some research and I took it to a whole new level. You can read more about my story on my About Me page

  7. Waqas Burney

    Hi Owain,
    Thank you for the post. I hope to seek your advice.
    Over 10 years of effort in his lifetime, my grandfather was able to trace and put together 32 generations on paper.
    My objective now is,
    1) To digitize the same and then add upon details of the next 3 generations,
    2) To organize, print and publish a book for all 35 generations
    3) To be able to share the same with family. This can obviously be done in the form of a book, but any web/ app interface will help our newer generations even more.
    Please advise on which software should I use – for inputting, for organizing/ publishing, for sharing?
    Hoping to hear from you soon,

    1. Owain Post author

      Hi Waqas,

      Your grandfather sure did a lot of research. I am glad it has passed down to you. It will be a lot of work mind you, but it will be well worth it when you have completed it.

      It sounds like the passion for family history has also passed onto you. Sounds all too familiar as my father has passed on his research to me.

      I would suggest Family Historian 6 would be suitable for your needs. It is easy to use so you will be well on your way to entering all that information.

      With this software you can create books as well as websites, CDs and DVDs. If any other member of your family wants to carry on your family’s research then you can always create a GEDCOM file. This is easily done with any genealogy software program.

      I hope this information is useful to you. All the best with this project.


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