What’s New With Legacy 9?

New and enhanced features have been added to the best genealogy software program. Find out why Legacy 9 is today’s proven leader in this post where I will discuss 13 of the coolest additions. Excited? Well, please read on!

Legacy Family Tree - Legacy 9

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Within this review I first want to discuss the different bundles that you can choose from.

After that I will explore the 13 new and enhanced features that have been added to this program.

I will give the pros and cons of this software and then finally state whether I recommend Legacy or not.

Legacy 9 Family Tree Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 5(5/5)
Normal Price Bundles vary from $34.95 to $99.95
Discounted Price (upgrade from Legacy 8) Bundles vary from $26.95 to $89.95
Platform PC Disc and Download
Compatible Windows
Features Charts, Reports, Maps, Hashtags, Color Coding, and more!
Connects FamilySearch / Find A Grave (FREE)
FindMyPast / GenealogyBank / MyHeritage (PAID)
Help & Support FAQs, User Groups, Email
Previous Version Legacy 8 Full Review (read more what Legacy can do here)
Bottom Line All Round Software!
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Legacy Family Tree Store

Start your family history journey with Legacy!

Legacy has been around now for more than 20 years so they certainly know a thing or two about about helping your store and organize your family tree.

True their user interface is a bit dated, but Legacy is still the best program that you can purchase.

Many people all over the world use this leading genealogy software to create and build their family tree.

The same base format is used which helps retain their customer base as they are familiar with how to navigate the program.

20 Reasons Why You Should Buy Legacy

It is an easy enough program to use where you can get right into it and start on your genealogy research.

But if you have been looking into you right family’s history for years and are more adventurous then why not see what Legacy has to offer you.

Credit:   Legacy Family Tree Store

Discussed in this post:

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

I would love to hear from you.

Bundles Explained!

Before I do look into what has been improved with this program I just want to cover the bundles that are on offer to you.

There are a few that you can choose from and I thought I tried best to cover this now.

When you click through to the Legacy Family Tree Store you will be presented with a choice of 6 different bundles.

Each of these packages are unique and each of them depend on your needs.

Prices listed in brackets are the discounted price if you are upgrading from Legacy 8.

So, I found you do have the previous version then you do not need to pay full price for an upgrade. That’s pretty nice of Legacy to offer this discount.

Well I think so!

Legacy 9 as a download and CD!

In the past we would install any software onto our computer by a CD. And Legacy offer you that choice with the first three bundles.

With each of them you are able to download the program if you wish.

With also the following:

  • Printed and PDF manual, 272 page guidebook, and webinar membership – $99.95   ($89.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual, and a 272 page guidebook – $54.95   ($46.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual – $39.95   ($31.95)

Legacy 9 Family Tree Software Bundle

What’s included!

Having a PDF manual is a great addition to your package. If you do get a little stuck then you can easily refer to it so that you can get on your way.

With the first two packages you also get a 272 page guidebook that can help you further. It will show you how to get the best from this world leading genealogy program.

And if you do want to learn more about genealogy research in general then Legacy offers you a subscription to their Legacy Family Tree Webinar videos.

Currently there are 550 different classes for you to watch presented to you by 147 different genealogy experts.

Just a download and the following:

  • Printed and PDF manual, 272 page guidebook, and webinar membership – $79.95   ($71.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual, and a 272 page guidebook – $49.95   ($41.95)
  • Printed and PDF manual – $34.95   ($26.95)

Legacy 9 Family Tree Software Bundle

The second batch of packages basically offers you the same inclusions but with the exception of a CD as well.

And that is fine because you will easily be able to download this program and start working on your family’s tree right away.

There’s New and Enhanced Features!

In total I have counted 13 features that either have been added to Legacy 9 or have been improved that are worth mentioning in this post.

Even though this number maybe regarded as unlucky it certainly hasn’t done Legacy any harm as it is still regarded as the best genealogy software program to purchase.

It just amazes me what gets added to genealogy software these days.

Just when you think that there can’t possibly be any more to update Legacy keeps adding them and continually improves on their software.

Lack luster user interface?!

The Legacy user interface has been described as outdated but to me that doesn’t matter as it’s what it can do that matters.

There are plenty of features that make up for the lack in design.

For me Legacy 9 certainly delivers!

Family Tree Heritage 9 Interface

Note: There are in fact dozens more enhancements that have been added to this latest version of the Legacy Family Tree software.

However, I have highlighted here 13 of the coolest new additions that really make Legacy stand out from all the other software programs.

10 New Features!

So, what can the new and improved version of this popular genealogy software program do?

Well, let’s start by looking at the ten new features that have been incorporated into Legacy 9.

I’m sure you’ll be interested to see!

1. Get a hintLegacy Family Tree - Hinting

When you enter a new ancestor to your family tree the software will search four of the biggest genealogy search websites for records about your relative.

It literally searches billions of records that are already online.

All of this is done automatically.

You just enter a name, (and whatever else you know), and the program will do the rest.

From the example above you can see that there are five results returned for both GenealogyBank and FindMyPast, eight for FamilySearch, and an impressive 24 from MyHeritage.

I’m sure that you can see that MyHeritage as more records to offer.

These records may give you new information that you can enter into your software a site well as possibly pictures and stories as well.

So, with this program you can connect with 4 genealogy search sites; GenealogyBank; FindAGrave; FindMyPast; FamilySearch; and MyHeritage.

Unfortunately it does not connect with Ancestry.

Please note!

MyHeritage have purchased Legacy which means you can expect more exciting improvements in the future.

They are already planning a TreeSync feature where you can sync your tree on the MyHeritage site and in Legacy.

2. FindAGrave.com searching

Legacy Family Tree - FindAGrave

One of the things that I was interested in when researching my family history was where my ancestors were buried.

I was also curious to know what was written on their grave as this could give me new information and provide me with clues to find out more about my family tree.

Grave inscriptions can give you vital information that you may not already know about.

From them you can find out when they were born, or how old they were when they died.

You can learn when they died, which parish they were from, or even what house they lived in, (this is something that I have personally found out about some of my ancestors).

Legacy 9 will link to the FindAGrave website where you can view your ancestor’s grave.

From there you can obtain an ID of their grave which you can then add to your records in this program.

This feature also allows you to create a list of ancestors that have an ID and a list who don’t

3. Online backup

Legacy Family Tree - Online Backup

The greatest fear that you can have when researching your family tree is to lose all of your work.

Can you imagine creating a tree that has over a thousand names with countless amounts of detail about each and everyone one of them?

The beauty of this program is that you have the ability to backup your tree online, to the Legacy Cloud.

From this feature you can have peace of mind that a secure network is used to save your priceless research work.

In the past I have backed up two versions of my family tree.

One has been on the computer while I have had another on a portable hard drive. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra form of your tree on the cloud.

So, for me this is a priceless addition to the program.

One other cool thing about this feature is that you can transfer what you have saved onto the cloud onto a new computer.

All of this is done effortlessly and you can instantly resume your genealogy research.

4. Family stories

Legacy Family Tree - Stories

I got interested in family history because of the many stories and anecdotes that my father recited to me and my two brothers.

When I started to type up these stories never did I imagine that this would lead on to researching my family tree.

At the time I just wanted to preserve our family stories but this project just snowballed into something so much more.

It grew into a tree comprising well over a thousand names that included ancestors and many of their descendants, including living cousins that I have made contact with.

Within Legacy 9 you are able to add many stories that can be attached to your ancestor’s file.

These maybe stories that have been passed down through the generations, (like with my family), or personal stories that you yourself remember about relatives.

Not only can you add stories but you can organize them and print out multiple stories for any of your ancestors.

5. Cause of death chartsLegacy Family Tree - Cause of Death Charts

Besides finding out where my ancestor was buried and recording the inscription on their grave I also had a ‘morbid‘ interest in what was their cause of death.

It may sound morbid to you but remember that I was curious to know everything possible from my ancestors.

And this therefore included how they died.

And sometimes finding out how they died can give you some important clues about your family tree.

For example, you may discover why they died at a young age.

This nifty new feature can show you a trend in your ancestors medical history.

Is there a particular disease that is more prevalent on one side of your family tree?

This can be easily seen with the aid of this particular chart.

As with any genealogy software program where you can create and print out several different kinds of charts you can also create a chart showing the cause of death of your ancestors.

The above example shows an ancestor chart that includes an ancestor that was gored by a bull a tree the age of 70.

I wonder how that occurred. See, there’s a story straight away!

5 charts to choose from:

  • Ancestor
  • Descendant
  • Fan
  • Hourglass
  • Bow tie

6. X-DNA charts5 available charts that you can choose from include:

Researching your ancestry by DNA testing has become quite an exciting area of genealogy research these days.

I think that it has become quite popular because of the many ancestry TV adverts highlighting what DNA testing can do.

With Legacy 9 you can map your family’s X-chromosome via cool color coding.

This feature works very well as it uses a color scheme showing your various lineages.

Excuse the clarity of the example.

But it does show that male ancestors are colored as purple and female ancestors are in violet.

More color coding has been added to Legacy which is discussed later on.

7. Hashtags

Legacy Family Tree - Hashtags

Hashtags have become quite the phenomenon because of social media.

And Legacy has also incorporated this new searching aid into their software.

With this program you can create a virtually unlimited amount of hashtags that you can assign to your ancestors.

There is also no limit to the number of hashtags that you can attach to them.

What is also useful about this feature is that there is also a glossary of your hashtags.

So, if you do forget what a hashtag is about then you can easily check up the description.

Another cool thing about this feature is you can print out everyone who shares the same hashtag.

Taking cause of death for example then you can print out everyone in your tree who died from #pneumonia for example, or see all of your #civilwar ancestors.

8. Family dictionary report

Legacy Family Tree - Family Dictionary Report

Reports are great because they can show you at a glance what you have found out about your family tree.

And the latest report that Legacy has added to its software is called the Family Dictionary Report.

Ancestors are indexed by surname, followed by their first names, and then the usual vitals such as birth, death, marriage and partner information.

All of this is displayed to you I need a dictionary type report.

You can easily ‘thumb‘ through your ancestors to find a particular ancestor and see their details.

9. Family tree bingo report

Legacy Family Tree - Family Tree Bingo Report

There are a number of ways that we can encourage our children to be interested in their own ancestry.

As I mentioned earlier I became interested in my family history because of the many stories that were passed on to me by my father.

Legacy has also taken this on board this initiative and created a so called Family Tree Bingo Report.

This takes on the form of a card that features pictures of your ancestors, descendants, cousins, immediate family, or any combination of these.

You can literally create any kind of bingo report that you desire. You can then play this game with your family.

This game is a great way to:

  • Pass the time with your family,
  • Get your kids interested in your family’s history,
  • Improve your own knowledge about your ancestors, and
  • It is great to be played at family reunions.

10. Compare two people

Legacy Family Tree - Compare 2 People

As our family tree of ancestors grows we may become confused with several people in our tree that share the same name.

You may think to yourself, ‘is this or isn’t this the same person?‘.

From this added feature you can check whether you have you entered the same person twice or is this a new member of your tree.

You easily select the two individuals from your list of ancestors and a Chronology Comparison Chart is displayed side by side for the two of them.

Any differences between the two will be color-coded so you can see at a glance whether they are in fact two separate people or not.

3 Enhanced Features!

So, that’s what’s been added to the latest version of the Legacy Family Tree software.

But what has been enhanced to this program since the Legacy 8 version.

Well, I can tell you that there are three improvements that have been made to existing features of the program.

11. Color coding

The color coding initiative worked really well with the previous version of this software.

Legacy have taken this initiative even further and have incorporated it into the Index View and Name List.

Because of this visual impression of your ancestor you can see which branch of your family tree that you are looking at.

12. Multimedia

When we research our ancestors we find out so many interesting facts such as when and where they born, married, died, etc.

All of the top genealogy software programs allow us to add multimedia to our records such as pictures and audio files.

Legacy can arrange the pictures that you have uploaded into the program and auto-sort them into date order.

A cool new option has also been added where you can globally sort your media as well.

13. Tagging

The Name List feature now allows you to view all 9 Tags.

What this means is that you can see at a glance the pre-defined tags that you have assigned you your ancestors in this particular view.

Pros & Cons


✔   13 new and enhanced features with Legacy 9!
✔   Red warning symbols to highlight errors
✔   Connects to FamilySearch/Find A Grave (FREE)
✔ Connects to FindMyPast/GenealogyBank/MyHeritage (PAID)
✔   Sync trees to web
✔   Web hints now available!
✔   25 different charts and 20 reports
✔   Print books and wall charts


❌   Same-sex relationship not possible
❌   No email or telephone support, (but does have online resources, printed material, video tutorials and FAQs)

Do I Recommend the Latest Legacy Family Tree Software?

I was really amazed at the initiative of Legacy to include these improvements and enhancements into their latest version.

They have pushed on what you can do with color-coding which will make it easier for you to look at your ancestors at a glance.

This can further help you to research your ancestors.

Accessing genealogy search websites such as FindMyPast and MyHeritage is also a great bonus as you have access to billions of records.

And this is done effortlessly and instantly by the program. Granted though that you will have to sift through these records to see if they ‘relate’ to your ancestors.

Note: You will need to be a paying subscriber to these third party sites to see the full transcriptions and images.

Finding your ancestors graves is also another cool feature that I like about this program.

Searching for your ancestors grave is a bit of hit and miss though but I really do like that Legacy has included this into this version.

You don’t have to be a paying subscriber to access any of the records that you find on this external site.

Legacy Chart

The new reports and charts are great additions as well. Some thought has really gone into this area of the program.

The tagging and hashtags particularly help you to navigate through the mass of ancestors that you may have accumulated. I know it certainly helps me as I have so many within my family tree.

Other customers review of Legacy Family Tree Software!

Most people on the GenSoftReview website appear to like Legacy, however there are a number of complaints that I would like to do here.

Complaints about Legacy Family Tree Software!

Most people on the GenSoftReview website appear to like Legacy, however there are a number of complaints that I would like to do here.

One of the complaints refer to the poor customer service and also the delay in shipment.

Drawbacks of Legacy Family Tree Webinars

I cannot comment on each particular case but I will say that sometimes when we deal with support or sales service can be somewhat less than desired.

And this can be said for any company. Some people have no trouble at all, while others nothing but praise.

So, I am on the fence for this one.

As for delay in shipment then all I can say is to download the software and you are well on your way in an instant.

Other complaints!

Another complaint is that you have to purchase again when there is an update.

Firstly, to make improvements there needs to be testing and research to be conducted behind the scenes.

And purchasing an upgrade helps with the costs involved.

Secondly, you do not have to pay full price if you have the previous version of the software.

So, I think that that is kind of Legacy to offer that. Other companies would charge you full price no matter if you had that last version or not.

The bottom line!

In a nutshell I recommend Legacy Family Tree.

It has everything that you can expect from all genealogy software program these days and more.

What do you think?

If you decide to buy this software program then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

If you did like this review then why not check out what Legacy Family Tree Webinars has to offer you.

All Round Software!

Setting a new standard in genealogy software!

Legacy Family Tree - Legacy 9

Buy Legacy Now!

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I hope you enjoyed this post reviewing Legacy Family Tree Software and what the latest version, Legacy 9, has to offer. If you have any questions or comments then please leave a comment below.

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