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If you want a newspaper from the British Isles then chances are that this website will help you. This Historic Newspapers UK site contains the largest collection of newspapers and a wide range of gifts for you to choose from.

Historic Newspapers UK Review

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In this review I will show you why they are considered the best archive in the United Kingdom, what gifts are available, how to search the catalog and what other services are available.

Historic Newspapers UK Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars 4.5(4.5/5)
Newspapers Over 4 million titles
Available From January 1st 1900 to present
Help & Support Online Guides, Telephone and Email Support

Not technically a genealogy search website!

This website is different to the newspaper archives that I have reviewed thus far in that it is not actually a genealogy search site. The site specializes in newspapers packaged as gifts that you can give to your loved one, or even to a friend.

If you are interested in utilizing UK newspapers for genealogy research then please check out my British Newspaper Archive Review.

Original newspapers have become quite popular gifts recently that can signify a birthday or a silver wedding anniversary for example. And may I add that these are great gifts as you are getting an original print, not a production.

There are plenty of gifts that are on offer here. And even though you can’t necessarily carry out any research with these products they certainly can help you to remember your ancestors.

Let’s take a look shall we?

About Historic Newspapers UK

The main product from this site is the original newspaper from the day that they were printed. But there are other kinds of gifts for you to purchase. I will discuss them later on.

Historic Newspapers prides itself as being the go to archive for newspapers for over 30 years.

And it is no wonder why when they have a choice of over 4 million titles to choose from that go back as early as January 1st 1900.

Historic Newspapers UK Review - Original Newspapers

Currently they own the largest private selection of original British newspapers, and their collection is only getting bigger. That is because as they get updated with recent additions and also reclaimed collections as well.

The collection keeps on growing as they receive newspapers from nearly every Scottish and English newspaper title. Plus, they source libraries and other collections from all over the world.

With so many titles at their disposal they are pretty damn confident that you will find an original paper from whatever date that you are looking for.

You don’t have to settle on just purchasing the newspaper as there are a number of different kinds of gifts available to you. More on this later as I promised.

How are they stored?

You maybe wondering what is the quality of the newspaper that you are buying. Are the newspapers just sourced from a big pile of newspapers?

Well, they are not. The newspapers are bound in leather binders which help to preserve and protect them. This easy access also helps researchers get to the title that they are after.

The conditions that these newspapers are kept in are quite exact. They’re not too hot, bright or dry.

For this reason you maybe interested to know that the whole archive is located on the coast of southwest Scotland near Wigtown in Dumfries and Galloway.

Why Choose Historic Newspapers?

I am glad that you asked. There are a number of reasons why you should consider this website.

  • Best prices – Unrivaled prices for the newspaper that you want.
  • Direct access – Search and select from the largest selection of newspapers which you can buy from them direct.
  • Fast and affordable delivery – Get your newspaper at a great rate the very next day.
  • Free personalized certificate of authenticity – This is available for every newspaper so you know you are getting a genuine original issue.
  • Quality customer service and support – Exceptional help and assistance from the staff that will go that extra mile for you.

So, you can see there are plenty of reasons why this site is ideal for you to get that perfect gift for someone you care about. Let’s have a look at what this site has to offer then, hey?

Discussed in this post:

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

I would love to hear from you.

Searching for the newspapers on the site is very simple, (that is of course that you know the date of the paper). Entering the date of the newspaper is just the first step of a 4 step process.

Historic Newspapers UK Review - 4 Step Process

4 Steps Involved:

  1. Your Date – Select the day, month and the year that you want. It can be as early as 1st January 1900 and as recent as today!
  2. View Archive – From this date you can see which newspapers are available for you to make a selection from.
  3. Gift Pack – Choose whether you simply want the original newspaper or as some form gift, (covered in the next section).
  4. Personalize – As well as receiving a Certificate of Authenticity you can also attach as message.

9 Different Gift Ideas

As I have already mentioned earlier in this review you do not have to just settle on purchasing the original newspaper. There are 8 other types of gifts that you can choose from which I will cover below.

Historic Newspapers UK Review - Gifts 2-5

1. Original Newspapers – From £24.99

I have already covered what the main gift that you can purchase from this site, and that is an original and genuine newspaper from a date of your choice.

You have from over 4 million titles to choose from that cover a period of more than 100 years.

As these are actual original newspapers once there are no more stock within the archive then they are quite literally priceless.

2. Newspaper Books – From £12.99

There are a number of gifts for your to choose from, (most of the following gifts are included here).

What I do like here though is that you can get personalized gifts such as Ladybird or Famous Five books. So that’s pretty different, if not unusual and unique in a way.

3. Your Date Books – From £24.99

Choose from any date that is special to you, (not just a birthday). These books also showcase the world by decades as well/

4. Sports Books – From £12.50

Concentrating on sports these books can be quite a memorable gift for the sporting fanatic. There is a range of different sports celebrated here, including football, boxing, cricket, rugby, golf, horse racing, golf, formula 1 and cycling.

Any of these books can be personalized with the recipient’s name as well as a special message. A selection of these books can even be leather bound.

5. Historic Books – From £44.99

These are special books that contain newspaper stories from either periods of war and conflict, as well as biographic books as well.

Titles included in this selection include:

  • History of Napoleonic Wars Book
  • World War I – Newspaper Book
  • World War I Centenary Book
  • World War II – Newspaper Book
  • WW2 Anniversary Book
  • History of Battle of Britain Book
  • D-Day Landings Newspaper Book
  • Beatles Edition – Newspaper Book
  • Titanic Newspaper Book
  • Personalised David Bowie Life Book
  • Queen Elizabeth II History Book
  • Princess Diana Book

Please note that most of these books are assembled from clippings taken from The Daily Mirror newspaper.

Credit:   Paul Kinder

6. Birthday Edition – Newspaper Book – From £44.99

Birthdays are a special occasion and what better way to celebrate than by giving someone special a newspaper from when they were born.

Do note that the newspaper of choice for this gift is The Daily Mirror.

This is not the full newspaper that corresponds with the date of birth. No, this is a collection of newspaper headlines, (i.e. the front page), from when the recipient was born right up until present day.

These are presented in book form, which make them really easy to handle and look at. So, you can flick through the years and get a glimpse of history unfolding.

The book can also be personalized with the recipient’s Name and Date of Birth. There is also the option of luxury leather cover and gift box as well.

7. Other Newspaper Gifts – From £9.99

There are a range of novelty items here that put a spin on the plain old newspaper, (not that there is anything wrong with that mind you).

Among the choices that you are presented with you can buy mugs, jigsaw puzzles, calendars and reprints.

Do note however that there is some limitation to the choice of newspaper for this particular gift.

Historic Newspapers UK Review - Gifts 6-9

8. Original Birthday Newspapers – From £24.99

Celebrate a birthday with this popular gift. The most desirable birthday occasions range from 40th birthday celebrations right up to 100th.

Historic Newspapers have even supplied a 110th newspaper for a birthday celebration.

There are a number of options that you can choose from so that they can be preserved for generations to come. They can be gifted inside a deluxe gift box, luxury presentation folders, frames or hard back books.

You can even add a personalized message to go along with the gift as well.

As well as a Certificate of Authenticity you can even purchase a bottle of bubbly, Cognac or any other drink to choose from.

9. Old Photo Gifts – From £13.99

Besides containing an impressive number of newspapers within the collection you are also able to purchase a variety of photos and history books.

You can either search through the selection that is on offer by either typing in your town or selecting through the countries available to you, (Channel Islands, England, Scotland Wales).

Yes, I know the Channel Islands is not a country.

Anyway, after you have selected a country,you then pick a county from the list followed by town. Then you will be presented with a collection of old photos and history books from your choice.

Research and Education Use

Not only are the newspapers within the archive ideal as gifts but also to the researcher and teacher.

There is a dedicated team of researchers at Historic Newspapers that can help the media, theater companies, solicitors, schools and private individuals.

There are also teaching resource packs that are made available to schools for free. These can be downloaded as PDFs.

Help & Support

There are a number of guides on the site that show you how to make a purchase, what type of delivery to choose and how to keep track of your order.

Help and Support

If your cannot find the help that you are after then you can contact the staff in a number of ways. You can call, email or even send your query by letter.

Pros & Cons


✔ Over 4 million titles
✔ Over 100 years of papers
✔ Search collection for free
✔ Huge selection of gifts
✔ Research available for the genealogist


❌ Does not contain all UK newspapers

Do I Recommend Historic Newspapers?

So far I have only shown you what you can expect from this site and also my opinions as well. I have sounded quite favorably for this archive and rightly so.

That is because I am not alone when I speak highly of Historic Newspaper. From the 2,227 reviews that they have received at Trust Pilot the site has received a score of 9.1 out 10.

As you can see from this score most people were happy with their purchase. However, there were a few grumbles concerning products being mislaid on route and being overpriced.

But do I recommend Historic Newspapers?

Yes, I do recommend Historic Newspapers.

They have a great range of products to choose from and have the largest UK collection of newspapers within their archives.

If you decide to buy any of these newspaper gifts then please come back and let me know what you think of them..

Great Newspaper Gift Ideas For You and Your Family!

Original newspaper gifts!

Historic Newspapers UK Review

Check Out Historic Newspapers Now!

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