How Family History Matters for Future Generations

How Family History Matters for Future Generations

This pandemic has given us time to realize and think about many things. It has made us think of things we never had time to focus upon before. So please check out what guest blogger Jessica Stone has to say about how family history matters for future generations.

How Family History Matters for Future Generations

I started to wonder about things such as my kids, how will I raise them, what things to teach them, and what not to teach them.

I realized that I wouldn’t make the same mistakes that my grandparents made while raising my parents, or what my parents did while raising my siblings and me.

This further led me to think that I am glad and grateful to have known my parents and grandparents.

But what about folks who don’t?


How will it impact future generations?

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Importance of knowing your ancestors

A study has shown in the eastern part of the world that kids act half as their parents and half as their grandparents.

This can be seen in kids as they live their childhood. Some kids will even spend their teenage years observing their grandparents as they grow up.

And hence they will adopt a lot of their habits, as well as some of their skills.

I know an Asian lady who loves knitting and is now about to establish a business from it.

Surprisingly, (or maybe not surprisingly), she learned this skill from her grandparents.

This shows a lot of skills we own probably descend from our ancestors.

You never know, maybe your ancestors might even have been royalty at some time in the past.

Well, once you know your ancestry you can go on and flex what you have learned to your friends. Maybe you will want to add it to your social media accounts.

Sense of security

It is human nature to feel secure when we know where we come from. This sense of security can help us feel peaceful about our background.

Why discover the occupation of our ancestors?

There are several reasons why we should, (or maybe like to), uncover what our ancestors did for a living.

The first is to query if we (still) possess the same skill or skills

Who knows, maybe this skill will make you rich one day.

Knowing about our ancestors’ work may make us realize just how far our family has evolved.

Lastly, when you know what work your ancestors did you can then tell your children more about them.

What kind of traditions did your ancestors have?

As one’s identity is found in one’s traditions, thus being aware of, (and maybe following), the traditions your ancestors used to have can help you feel a sense of belonging

It can also help build a healthy familial bond, and make memories too. Besides, it may even help you to honor your ancestors as well.

You can ask yourself these questions:

    • Did they have a tradition of celebrating their first day at school?
    • Did they exchange personal poetry at the dinner table?
    • Did they have their own special bedtime story or poem for the kids?

Maybe you can follow these traditions with your kids, or maybe you can make your fun traditions.
And who knows, maybe these new traditions will be passed down for generations to come.

Be a better version of yourself

Knowing your roots will humble you. When you sit down and talk with someone about the difficulties that they faced it will make you realize just how privileged you are.

It can make you feel even more compassionate toward the less fortunate. And you will feel kinder and nicer towards other people.

Know their story

Most importantly, knowing your ancestors ensures that you know their story. Some people have ancestors who were immigrants and had to face unfortunate conditions to get to where they are now.

Knowing your ancestor’s stories will help you to be more compassionate and be more grateful.

Some people may have soldiers within their ancestry. And once they know about them, they can draw inspiration from them, and be braver.

It is never too late to learn about your ancestry.

No matter how old you are you can always learn more about your ancestors from the elders in your family.

Treat them to a nice dinner and listen to their stories or if you want to keep it lowkey. Just roll in a cozy comforter with them in the comfort of your own home and have a fun QnA session.

Sweet Dreamers can provide you with the best range of comforters that you can buy for your bonding sessions with your grandparents.

Please also check out Owain’s Top 20 Family History Interview Questions to get some great tips and questions to ask your relatives.

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