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A Guide To Family Tree University!

Are you a genealogy beginner and want to know how to discover your ancestors? Well, Family Tree University offers some very impressive courses that will help you get started.

Family Tree University

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If you don’t fancy doing a course but still want to learn then there are more than 170 expert genealogy webinars on offer.

Interested? Then read on as I will show you what’s on offer.

Family Tree University Rating and Details

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Programs4-Week Online Courses or Workshops, Independent Study Courses, and Webinars
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From $29.99 to $99.99
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Family Tree University

How can Family Tree University help you?

Family Tree University was created by the very popular Family Tree Magazine and began in 2010.

The university provides online education that makes it very easy for you to learn all that you can about genealogy.

What’s great about the courses are is that they are designed to be fun and rewarding for you!

The material that you will find within the university is designed with the beginner in mind.

Although there are several topics within the courses which will cater for the intermediate family historian as well, i.e. someone who has been researching their family history for a while.

And there is even a couple of courses for the more advanced researcher. But predominantly it the university is for the beginner.

Nonetheless, what Family Tree University has to offer is a great way for you to learn how you can get started.

It will show you how to effectively and efficiently research your ancestors.

Access the course wherever and whenever!

What’s also great about this online course is that it doesn’t matter what computer or device that you use.

You can access the material anyhow you like.

And you can access the courses at any time as well.

So, it can be during the day, or even as late as night, which is the best time for genealogists to work, lol.

The point is that the courses can suit your lifestyle.

The 3 programs available to you include:

  • Online Courses and Workshops – Great as you get expert guidance during the 4-week course, or a one-off workshop.
  • Independent Study Courses – Most of the online courses are available but without any expert guidance.
  • Webinars – Live presentations by the experts on a range of different genealogy topics.

Genealogy Experts/Instructors

To help you understand the world of genealogy the courses and webinars are presented by many familiar faces within this field.

To name but a few there is Lisa Louise Cooke, Nancy Hendrickson, and Lisa A. Alzo.

These instructors feature in the pages of the Family Tree Magazine where they share their wisdom with you.

Many of them are also members of renowned genealogical societies.

Although I must point out a number of these experts have not yet been accredited or certified. They are though very experienced instructors and you can certainly learn a lot from them.

The courses are more suited for the beginner.

But even if you have been researching your family history for a while now you may still learn a few tips and techniques.

Discussed in this review:

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

I would love to hear from you.

The Programs

Online Courses and Workshops

The courses cover a range of different topics which look at such things as research methods, genetic genealogy, organizational tools and techniques, and much more besides.

Credit: Family Tree University

These courses will typically last for four weeks and they range in price from $29.99 right up to $99.99.

If you do think that this price is a bit too expensive for you then there is a VIP membership package that you can purchase which will offer these courses at a discounted rate.

You can easily ask for help from the instructor if you get lost along the way. You may though want to seek guidance from other students who are taking the course as well.

And this is possible too!

To reinforce what you have learned during the courses you will have to complete several exercises. This for me does help the learning process.

It makes you think and therefore everything that you have learned will sink in.

There is also a library of resources available both during and after the course, as well as how-to guides.

So, not only do you get expert advice from the instructor but you have further access to supporting material as well.

Independent Study Courses

If you do not wish to be led by an instructor then that is fine as Family Tee University also offers Independent Study Courses.

However, not all of the online courses are available here. So, you will need to check whether this is the case with your chosen course.

From these independent courses, you will get the same material as with the online course.

But of course, you won’t get any help along the way.

If you do not particularly want your handheld all the way and want to work at your own pace then this program is for you.


Family Tree University also presents one-hour-long webinars by the genealogy experts that they have at their disposal.

These are live presentations but they are made available sometime later where you can watch them at your leisure.

Accessing the Courses and Webinars

When you first go to the course page at Family Tree University

you will be presented with the latest courses and conferences, (most recent first).

The title of the course will be shown as well as the price for the course.

Family Tree University Courses

There is a handy shop menu in the left margin of the webpage which is divided up into many different criteria.

So, you can easily find what you are looking for from here if you wish.

Simply shop by the following criteria:

  • Heritage – Scottish, German, Other European
  • Skill Level – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Popular Topic – Genealogy Records, Preserving Your Genealogy, Genealogy Websites, U.S. Research, Family Photos, DNA and Genetic Genealogy, Organizing Your Genealogy
  • Price – $0.00 to $99.99; or $100.00 and above

To get further information on the course just click on the picture or the title.

This will bring up a new page where it will explain to you who the course is designed for and also what you will learn from it.

The time and date that the course will commence will be listed, as well as the duration and whether there is a live Q&A following the course.

Once you are happy with the chosen course you can then Add to Cart.

When you are ready to pay just click on the shopping cart icon at the top right of the webpage.

You will then be shown what is in your cart and from there you can Proceed to Checkout.

From here you will either need to create an account if you are a new customer or log in if you already have an account at Family Tree.

Family Tree University Webinars

The Family Tree University Webinars are packed full of useful information, tips, and techniques to help you with your family history research.

These webinars are priced at about $49.99 and are suitable for beginner, intermediate, or advanced genealogists.

From the Expert Genealogy Webinars page you will find more than 170 digital and video downloads, and live and OnDemand webinars.

The shopping experience is very much similar to buying courses at Family Tree University.

Shop for webinars from the following criteria:

  • Product Type – Digital Download, Live Webinar, OnDemand Webinar, Video Download
  • Heritage – Irish, German, Scandinavian, Scottish, English, Canadian, Polish, Italian, African-American, Other European
  • Skill Level – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Popular Topic – U.S. Research, Genealogy Records, Genealogy Websites, Organizing Your Genealogy, Preserving Your Genealogy, DNA and Genetic Genealogy, Sharing Family History, Family Photos
  • Price – $10.00-$19.99, $20.00-$29.99, $30.00-$39.99, $40.00 and above

Pros & Cons


✔ Perfect for the beginner
✔ Also good for the intermediate family historian
✔ Courses developed and taught by experienced genealogy instructors
✔ Access courses and webinars from any computer or device
✔ And access material either day or night
✔ Get help from instructors


❌ Not all instructors are accredited or certified
❌ Includes just a couple of courses for the advanced family historian
❌ Programs are a bit expensive

Do I Recommend Family Tree University?

The courses and webinars on offer from the Family Tree University as I have pointed out are tailored more to the beginner.

But there are some resources included within the material that will help the intermediate and more advanced researcher.

So, there is something there for everyone.

As The Genealogy Guide is catered primarily more towards the beginner, (but also for the seasoned genealogist), then I feel that these courses and webinars can help you learn what you need to know to discover your ancestors.

Even though most of the instructors are not accredited or certified they have had years of experience when it comes to genealogy research and teaching as well.

So, you definitely can learn from these experts.

I must admit that the prices do seem to be quite expensive. The courses are typical $99.99 but spread over 4 weeks then this comes just under $25 a lesson.

That’s not all that bad, is it?

So, do I recommend Family Tree University?

Yes, I do recommend Family Tree University.

If you want to get started and learn all the tips and tricks that will put you on the right path then check out the courses and webinars and see how they can help you.

If you decide to check out this useful resource then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear from you.

Get Help From The Genealogy Experts!

Start your journey today!

Family Tree University

Check Out Family Tree University Now!

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8 thoughts on “A Guide To Family Tree University!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this course info Owain. I love the free seminars to give me a taste before go full hog into the course.

    I think the main benefits its getting instructor help if you need it. You don’t get this feature with too many online courses.

    1. Hi Vince, sorry but there are no free seminars. But Family Tree do throw in some freebies when you do make an order. At present you can get Family Recipe Care Templates for free. This is a template where you can fill in an old family recipe in a PDF file. You can then print it out and put it in a binder. Very handy indeed.

      It is great that you can get help along the way if you do get stuck. So it is definitely worth taking the courses because of this benefit.

  2. Wow awesome!

    I have always wanted to know my heritage but never knew where to start, now I do because of your services and this post. There is plenty of choices to choose from which is a nice option.

    I cant wait to see my heritage!

    1. Glad to be of help Jon. The courses can really show you on your way. And if you do get stuck while researching your family tree then please check out the webinars. There is so much content there that it will surely help you.

  3. Wow, I had no idea that there were classes for this. I remember in graded school having to do our family tree. It was a fun little project. I bet these classes would make filling out all of those branches much more fun and easier!

    1. Yeah I remember when I researched my family tree when I was in school it was great fun. But if you do want to know more about your family history, (and who doesn’t), then we need to be shown the way.

      And that is where the Family Tree University comes in. There’s plenty of useful content within the programs and there is something for everyone.

  4. I think it’s great that there are so many options for all price ranges and a family tree is always something that most people are fascinated and intrigued by, i really like the idea of a family tree university! My dad is really into finding out about his family ancestry so this could be a great idea for a christmas present, thanks!

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