Canadian Genealogy Research – Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

Do you have Canadian ancestry? You may have already begun your Canadian genealogy research and discovered that your ancestors may have passed though Canada on their way to the United States.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

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You may still even have relatives and ties within a community in your ancestral homeland.

If you have already begun or are just started your Canadian genealogy research then this Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection is for you.

Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection
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Buying these 7 resources would normally cost you $164.97.

But buying this complete collection that contains a book, together with six digital downloads altogether can give you a staggering 63% saving.

All of this for just $59.99!

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Sure does sound tempting doesn’t it?

But what does it actually contain and what can you get from this collection?

Well, keep reading and I will show you how you can benefit from this aid.

What do you want to know about your Canadian past?

Resources within Canada are quite different to the United States.

So, it can seem quite difficult and strange to get your head around them and start researching your ancestors just north of the boarder.

You may also not be aware just what resources are available to you or just how to access them.

There is nothing worse when researching any ancestor of yours to when you don’t know where to start.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Research

Or if you do know where you are looking you may not know how to dig deep into the records.

In addition to the resources that are available to you the French Canadian language can seem quite perplexing.

The naming practices that you will find within each Canadian province may also seem bizarre to you at first.

You will therefore need some sort of guide to help you get the most from your Canadian research.

So, if you want to learn about Canadian immigration and also how to find government passenger lists then this collection will help you with your research.

You can also find out about migration patterns.

From this then you may find out that your family may have made the trip to the US with other Canadian families on their way to the promised land.

And also the reasons why they made the trip.

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Why Purchase the Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection?

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

Your ancestors may have traveled through Canada before settling in the United States.

They may have emigrated from the United Kingdom, maybe from England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales even.

They may have come another European country such as France, Germany, Hungary, the Ukraine, or even further afield.

You may be well on your way researching your Canadian ancestors but have come stuck and want further information and useful guides that will point you in the right direction.

Or you maybe just starting on your journey to discovering all that you can about your Canadian past.

This collection is for you if:

  • Your ancestors immigrated to the United States from Canada.
  • Your beginning your Canadian genealogy research.
  • You want to know more about your French Canadian genealogy.

What You Can Learn From This Collection

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

There is so much useful guides, strategies and tips contained in this collection.

It will help you immensely to research your Canadian research.

So, if you are just beginner or even have made a start research your Canadian roots then this collection will help you.

Learn the following:

  • The geography and history of not only Canada but also French-speaking Canada.
  • Relevant place terminology.
  • Ways to research your ancestral homeland without even having to visit Canada.
  • Guides on how to collect useful records such as civil registrations, i.e. births, deaths and marriages.
  • Guides on how to collect census, land, probate, church, cemetery, notarial and immigration records.
  • What genealogical resources are available within each Canadian province.
  • Tips on the French Canadian language and naming practices.
  • Top Canadian genealogy blogs, websites and also printed resources that will help you with your research.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

The Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection Includes

The Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection includes a total of SEVEN resources that can help you with your Canadian ancestry.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

There is a book and six digital downloads.

As the majority of this collection contains digital products then when you purchase this you can immediately start researching your Canadian past.

So, you can begin right away while you wait for your book to arrive.

This collection does normally cost $164.97, but with Shop Family Tree you can buy all seven resources for a bargain price of $59.99.

That is a whopping 63% saving when you buy this collection.

Titles included in this collection:

In Search of Your Canadian Roots (Book) – $30.00

This is a great resource for both the beginner as well as the more experienced genealogist. This book will give you a step-by-step guide to the records and repositories for each of the provinces and territories in Canada.

You will also Ben given common sense tips on how to start your search and also common research mistakes that you need to avoid.

There is also the history of early European settlement in Canada by the Scots, Irish, English, Germans, Huguenots, Ukrainians and Jews.

Canadian Genealogy Crash Course (Digital Download) – $49.99

When it comes to tracing your Canadian ancestors you maybe quite surprised as to how different genealogy research can be.

This one hour long webinar is presented by family historian expert Janice Nickerson. She will show you can trace your Canadian kin.

Canadian Immigration Records Video Class (Digital Download) – $29.99

This is a useful guide that will show you the essential records that you will need to trace your family tree.

This will help you trace your ancestors who migrated to Canada as well as crossing into the United States.

French Canadian Genealogy Guide (Digital Download) – $4.00

This digital download will show you the tools and the history that will help you to discover your French speaking Canadian ancestors.

From this guide you will learn a timeline of key events that is relevant to genealogists.

It will also give you tips on the French Canadian language and the naming practices.

As well as this you will learn about French Canadian genealogies, censuses, church records and notarial records.

Canada Immigration Genealogy Guide (Digital Download) – $4.00

This is a guide that will teach you the history of Canadian  immigration from as early as the 1600s. From this guide you will also discover government passengers lists dating from 1865.

Included is early passenger information and border crossing records of immigrants who traveled from Canada to the United States.

Family Tree Magazine Canadian Genealogy Guide (Digital Download) – $4.00

Here you will find genealogical tips and tools that will help you learn about Canada’s history. You will also learn about archives, migration patterns, naming customs and key genealogical organizations.

Also included are full color maps that show political divisions, major ports and population centers.

Canadian Research for Americans OnDemand Webinar (Digital Download) – $39.99

This is a one hour long webinar that will help you learn about the history and geography of Canada.

There is also information on key Canadian records that the family historian can use to trace their ancestry. A list of the best Canadian genealogy websites and printed material that also can be used to your advantage.

From this webinar you will learn to create a solid research plan for discovering your Canadian ancestors.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

My Final Thoughts

Researching any branch of your family tree is interesting enough. But tracing your ancestors journey through Canada before they arrived in the United States can also be very fascinating too.

You can find all sorts of useful records and information about your ancestors by purchasing this collection.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

Once you have learned all that you can about your Canadian ancestors then you will have a deeper knowledge about their lives.

You will know why they came to North America, and where they worked and lived in Canada.

When you know all of this then you will be able to write their story and add it to your family history.

The $104.98 saving that you will make by purchasing this collection is rewarding enough.

The money that you will save with this collection of seven resources you can use on purchasing certificates and other evidence.

We all want to know as much as we can about our ancestors. Sometimes we need a bit of a helping hand along the way.

That is why I recommend this collection. So that you can gather all the documents and records that you can find about your Canadian roots.

What do you think?

If you decide to buy this helpful collection then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear from you.

Canadian Genealogy Research - Ultimate Canadian Genealogy Collection

==> Check Out This Collection For Yourself! <==

Further Information!

If you want help tracing your Canadian ancestry online then please head on over to Family History Daily.

There you will find a really useful 10 Free Canadian Genealogy Websites guide.

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