Genealogy Magazine Subscriptions – What’s Out There!

There are a number of genealogy magazines out there today that can offer advice to not only the beginner but to the more seasoned genealogist. But what genealogy magazine subscriptions should you take out?

Who Do You Think You Are?

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You need to think about features included in many of these, such as tips on how to conduct your research, latest genealogy resources, and readers and authors own ancestor stories.

4 Best Genealogy Magazines Reviewed:

To help you make this decision I have given an overview of what you can expect from 4 of the leading genealogy magazines that.

These are all on the market today so you should be able to buy them.

They are all practical for the beginner to the expert. There is something for everyone in each of these magazines.

Family Tree Magazine  Internet Genealogy

Your Genealogy Today            Who Do You Think You Are?

Please note: These magazines come in a variety of formats which include print, Kindle (ebook) and App.

So, if you prefer the old-fashion style then you can purchase the paper version of the magazine. Or you may prefer to go modern and get a digital download that you can read on your tablet.

Family Tree MagazineFamily Tree Magazine

First published more than 30 years ago Family Tree Magazine is an expert guide for your genealogy research.

It is even America’s number one family history magazine.

Presently though the US version can only be shipped to within the fifty states.

This magazine is suitable for the beginner as well as the veteran genealogist.

It will help you if you have hit a brick wall, or whether you want to dig deeper into your family and want to know how.

So what can you expect within the pages of the magazine?

Family Tree Magazine
Rating 4 Stars
Format Print, Kindle and App
Issues 7 issues/12 months
Place to Buy in US Amazon US (Print and Kindle)
Place to Buy Worldwide Family Tree Magazine One Year Subscription – International
Place to Buy in UK Amazon UK (App) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
Also available for Amazon Prime customers!

Following features included:

  • Useful guides for using resources of information,
  • Discusses genealogy sites and how to use them effectively,
  • Gives you advice and the resources needed to trace your family,
  • Guidance for when you hit brick walls,
  • Reviews of current genealogy products and services.

Subscribe within the US has benefits!

There are even more benefits when US customers take out a Family Tree Magazine subscription. You will get the following 3 benefits.

  • A free weekly email newsletter,
  • A free monthly podcast,
  • Option of downloading back issue CDs, special issues and downloads as well.

If you are living with the UK then you will also benefit from subscribing to the Family Tree Magazine.

This magazine is suitable for you if you are a beginner or have been delving into your family tree for a number of years.

So for the UK customer here is what you can expect from the magazine:

  • Expert advice from Mary Evans who has helped many celebrities discover their family tree.
  • A selection of the best free websites to explore your ancestors childhoods. Chosen by Emma Jolly.
  • Lessons in learning Latin from Dr Bruce Durie.
  • Skills and tips to use for researching given by David Annal.
  • And even more than can be listed here.

Internet GenealogyInternet Genealogy

The Internet Genealogy magazine keeps the family historian up to date with all the latest genealogy resources that are available to the researcher.

Current software, tools and products are also discussed within its pages.

This magazine is suitable for the veteran genealogist and also the novice beginner as well.

Internet Genealogy
Rating 4 Stars
Format Print and Kindle
Issues 6 issues/12 months
Place to Buy in US Amazon US
Also available for Amazon Prime customers!

As well as keeping you up to date with the latest resources each issue will give you the following:

  • Review genealogy websites,
  • Social networking strategies,
  • Tips for conducting your family history research, and
  • Stories from genealogists who share their experience.

Internet Genealogy also offers a free email newsletter. This newsletter will cover research tips and will preview upcoming articles in the magazine.

You can expect a newsletter in your inbox every two weeks.

Your Genealogy TodayYour Genealogy Today

Originally titled as the Family Chronicle this magazine changed its’ name to Your Genealogy Today back in March 2015.

The reason?

To give the magazine a fresh new look to its readers and to the genealogy community.

The magazine covers topics such as organizing your genealogy research, stories of genealogists ancestors, advice on breaking down those brick walls and more.

With this updated version the magazine has added three new columns!

Your Genealogy Today
Rating 5 Stars
Format Print
Issues 6 issues/12 months
Place to Buy in US Amazon US
Place to Buy in UK Amazon UK (App) – NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
Also available for Amazon Prime customers!

These latest features added to the new-look magazine include:

  • Genealogy Tourism,
  • DNA and Your Genealogy,
  • Advice from the Pros.

If you signup for the free email newsletter you can get up to date research tips, previews of articles appearing in the magazine and more.

These emails will be delivered to your inbox every two weeks.

Who Do You Think You Are?Who Do You Think You Are?

The most popular and well known off all the magazines has to be Who Do You Think You Are?

This brand through its’ television program brought genealogy into the public eye.

The TV show saw celebrities with the aid of genealogists tracing their own family tree.

This magazine inspires the amateur sleuth in all of us to discover our own family history.

It is suitable for the beginner as well as the more experienced genealogist.

There are tips on finding out where we came from and who our ancestors were are explored within the magazines pages.

Who Do You Think You Are?
Rating 5 Stars
Format Print and App
Issues 13 issues/12 months
Place to Buy in US Amazon US (Print)
Place to Buy in UK Amazon UK (App)
Also available for Amazon Prime customers!

Other features included in each issue that you can expect are:

  • Getting started tips, as well as more expert advice.
  • Get the most out of online resources.
  • How to build your family tree.
  • How to explore archives and the records that they contain.
  • Keeping track of your ancestors information that are online.
  • Interesting insights into lives of some interesting people throughout the country.

My Final Thoughts

Anyone of these genealogy magazines will be a great investment to the family historian.

They are all packed full of tips, guides and strategies that both the beginner and veteran researching can use.

Not only that but in each publication you will find advice from leading experts in the field. So you will be able to learn from the best.

Also included in each of these magazines is the latest news when it comes to what records have been made available to the researcher.

This will therefore help you decide what next step to take with your research.

What magazine do I recommend?

Personally, my favorite has to be the Who Do You Think You Are? magazine. You must admit that everyone has heard of the program.

Even people who are not even remotely interested in researching their family history has heard of this.

So, they must be doing something right?

The Who Do You Think You Are? magazine contains the most issues. Therefore, you will get the most recent, up-to-date information out of all the other magazines that are on the market today.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you have been researching your ancestry for a number of years.

This magazine caters for both types of researcher.

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