Genes Reunited UK Review!

There are many genealogy search websites online that can help you discover your United Kingdom ancestors. Genes Reunited UK is just one of them. But what is this genealogy site all about and how can it help you?


Genes Reunited UK


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This post will look at the Genes Reunited UK website, and will show you what records you can find, subscription packages that are available, tools and features and more besides.

Are you interested to learn more?

Yes, well then please read on.

Genes Reunited UK Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 4(4/5)
Subscription Standard or Platinum
Duration 1 month, 6 months or 12 months
Prices From £4.95 to £79.95
Free? 14-Day Free Trial
Records 550 Million Records
Family Tree Builder Yes
Other Features Message Boards, Discounts
Bottom Line Excellent Website For UK Research!

All about Genes Reunited!

Genes Reunited is a U.K. genealogy resource that is very easy to use.

Since first launching in 2003, (as Genes Connected), it contains over 515 million vital records that you can access to help you build your family tree.

And not only does it contain so many records but there is currently over 13 million members who frequently use this site.

So, you connect with them to get help and advice, and who knows maybe you will discover a distant cousin as well!

Genes Reunited is available to anyone within the United Kingdom. But there are sister sites available in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

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Historical Records Available To You

You can certainly learn a lot about your ancestors by searching through the many records that you will find on the Genes Reunited site.

They cover a range of different records that you can find within the United Kingdom.

Search Genes Reunited Form

From the search box you enter what information that you do know. You can enter details such as your ancestor’s first and last name, where they were born and where they were from you.

Then click on the ‘Search‘ box to be linked to what records that may be of relevance to you.

Vital records you can search at Genes Reunited include:

  • Census records 1841-1911
  • Birth, marriage and death indexes 1837-2006
  • Birth, marriage and death records for British subjects overseas 1761-2005
  • Military records 1656-2005, (includes WW1 and WW2 records)
  • Parish baptisms, marriages and burials dating from 1538
  • Travel and migration records, includes Passenger Lists leaving U.K. between 1890-1960

What To Search For At Genes Reunited

Subscription Packages

There are two different subscription packages for you to choose between, Standard or Platinum.

The Standard package will give you limited access to the records found within the Genes Reunited databases.

Access to these databases will be unlimited if you choose to go with the Platinum package.

Deciding on which package will obviously depend on what you are after and also what you are willing to pay.

But if you are passionate about your family history then, like me, then you will try to get as much information as you can about your ancestors.

Standard Subscription

Standard members only have access to non-indexed births, marriages and death records.

These members will therefore need to purchase credits in order to access other kinds of records and documents.

For the Standard Subscription you have three options when it comes to the duration of your membership.

I do suggest that you select the 1 month option to see whether it is for you before you commit to 12 months membership.

  • 1 month£4.95
  • 6 months£14.95
  • 12 months£19.95

Platinum Subscription

The Platinum package has no restriction in place as you can access any record within the Genes Reunited databases.

However, with this subscription you only have the following two options to choose from.

  • 1 month£19.95
  • 12 months£79.95

The Platinum package is though also available on a 14-day free trial. This is a great way for you to discover the full potential of this genealogy site.

Pay As You Go Credits

There is however an alternative if you do not wish to pay for either subscription. Genes Reunited offer what they call Pay As You Go credits which allows you to access their records.

  • 50 credits£4.95 (valid for 30 days)
  • 200 credits£17.95 (valid for 90 days)

It’s obviously a better choice to go for the 200 credits as you do get more value for your money.

And these credits are also valid for 3 months instead of just 1 month if you buy just 50 credits.

Not only can you view records with these credits but you can also use them to send messages to members of the site as well.

This as I have mentioned before is a great way to get help, and maybe make a connection with a long lost family member.

Please note:

Once you have reached 10 credits within your account Genes Reunited will automatically top it up for you. If you do not wish to happen then you will need to change this setting within your account.

Get Free Access!

You can also choose to join Genes Reunited for free if you wish. This is a great way to introduce you to this fantastic genealogy website.

Although you will not get access to records held within this site there are other benefits to joining for free.

So, it is worth discovering this site and seeing what wall the fuss is about.

Benefits of joining for free:

  • Create and build your family tree
  • Get tips and advice from other members

Incidentally, you may like to know that you can also get free records at Ancestry and FindMyPast as well.

Build Your Family Tree

As with any other genealogy search website at Genes Reunited you are also able to create and build a family tree.

Besides entering details about your ancestors you can also upload photos and videos into this interactive family tree builder.

Genes Reunited Hot Matches

Get hot matches while building your tree!

Your family tree can be viewed by other members which is a great way for you to connect with distant relatives.

These connections to other members are called Hot Matches and are based on what information that you enter into your family tree.

To begin this process you just need to enter information about yourself. You will need to enter your first and last name, year of birth and your gender.

As you will be creating an account at Genes Reunited you will also need to enter your email address as well.

After you have filled in your information you can then start to build your tree by entering details about your parents, grandparents and so on.

Enter what you know about your relatives such as where and when they were born.

When initially creating your family tree you can add up to 10 of your relatives. From there you can then build on that with the records that you find at this site.

Sometimes you will need to edit what you have entered into your tree as you discover records about your ancestors.

And good news for you as editing your family tree is a very easy process.

Upload Your Family Tree!

You may have already created a family tree prior to joining Genes Reunited and do not wish to start from scratch again. Luckily for you you don’t have to.

If you are currently using a genealogy software program to research your ancestry then you can easily create a GEDCOM file. Once you have created this file you can then upload it to the Genes Reunited site.

After you have completed that step you can then check out what records that you can find concerning your ancestors.

Access Other Members Family Trees!

One of the great benefits that I like about this site is that you can view other members family trees that they have also created.

But to be able to do so they need to invite you first.

One of the reasons why this is useful to you is that you maybe able to make connections with living relatives.

The other advantage is that you can get clues about your own ancestry through other members.

Owain’s Tip!

Please check members family trees thoroughly before you do enter their information into your own tree.

From my own experiences I have discovered that people don’t often check facts before entering what they have found.

They will enter individuals that do share the same name, but are obviously the wrong person, i.e. different place of residence and family.

Benefits of creating your tree at Genes Reunited!

Genes Reunited offer you some incentives for creating your family tree on their site.

  • Receive free record matches – From the information that you have entered you will receive hints connecting you with possible records containing your ancestors.
  • Family tree has no size limit – You can go wild with your family tree. Not only can you build your tree upwards but also outwards as you discover distant cousins.
  • Access to discussion boards – You can get help from the Genes Reunited community if you hit a brick wall in your genealogy brick wall.

Message Boards

What I also like about this site is it offers you so much help through their many message boards.

Currently they have 11 message boards that cover a range of different topics.

11 Message Boards:

  • Announcements – Where Genes Reunited will make important announcements to the community.
  • Success Stories – Share your genealogy success stories with the community.
  • General Chat – A place where you can chat and make friends with the other members of the community.
  • Hobbies and Crafts – If you have another hobby then why not share with other Genes members.
  • Quizzes and Games – Lots of fun word games and other fun quizzes.
  • Genealogy Chat – Get help by asking your genealogy questions and also offer your assistance as well.
  • Military Chat – Ask your military questions here or tell everyone about your military ancestors.
  • Find Ancestors – Another board to get help with finding information about your ancestors.
  • Find Living Relatives – Get help with finding living relatives.
  • Suggestions – Provide your comments and suggestions to make Genes Reunited a better place for all U.K. genealogists.
  • WDYTYA Live Requests – Another board where you can get help with your genealogy questions.

Genes Extras!

Another incentive to get you to join this popular U.K. genealogy site is the introduction of the Genes Extras feature.

From here you can find exclusive competitions and discounts of family history magazines, days out and much more besides.

It’s a way of saying thanks to the subscribers of Genes Reunited and rewarding the members who continue to use this site.

So, why not take advantage and see what you can get from this feature.

Help & Support!

There is nothing worse than hitting a brick wall when researching your family tree. This is especially true if you are trying to find an elusive ancestor of yours and come to a dead end, (no pun intended).

Help and Support

The Message Boards is one way that you can get help with your queries. You can also visit the Help and Support section that is offered by Genes Reunited.

From here you will find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that can help you with your problem.

FAQ section includes:

  • Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions – A compilation of the most popular/frequent questions that have been asked by members.
  • Subscriptions and payments – Get information on how much the packages cost or how to renew your subscription.
  • Family tree – Get help with the Family Tree feature.
  • Searching and matches – Get help with searching for your ancestors and suggested matches based on your family tree.
  • Messages – Learn how to get the most from the messaging system at Genes Reunited.
  • Records – Learn what records that you can get from this genealogy search website.
  • My Account – Get help with updating and editing your account.
  • Keepsafe – This feature helps you to preserve your family history memories where you can upload photographs or scans of documents or letters.
  • Community – Get help with posting on the Message Boards.
  • Genes Extras – Further information as to what other benefits that you can get through this feature.

Pros & Cons


✔ Millions of records to help with your genealogy research
✔ Build your family tree online
✔ Connect with distant cousins
✔ Get help from the Genes Reunited community
✔ Competitions and discounts to family history magazines, etc.


❌ Can be expensive to research your family tree
❌ Information limited to United Kingdom, not Ireland

Do I Recommend Genes Reunited?

This genealogy search website is very much like any other site that you will find online.

You can access millions of records held within their databases, build your family tree and make connections with living relatives as well.

But the focus of this site is the information that you can find about your U.K. ancestors.

As it was first launched in 2003 it has grown quite a following with currently over 13 million members.

So, not only is there a very good chance that you WILL be able to meet a distant cousin but you can get help with anything genealogy related.

Genealogy can be an expensive hobby as you have to pay to access your ancestors records. Despite that though there is a very good chance that you will find what you are looking for on this site.

I would though suggest that you first check whether you have the right ancestor before you buy a record.

In order to do this check to see whether the details are correct, such as year or place of registration, or any names that have been entered.

So, do I recommend Genes Reunited?

Yes, I do recommend Genes Reunited. It has everything that you could possibly want from a genealogy search site and for that reason I do suggest that you should check it out.

If you decide to subscribe to this genealogy site then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

Excellent Website For UK Research!

Discover your ancestors today!

Genes Reunited UK Website

Check Out Genes Reunited UK Now

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