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By | October 12, 2017

Have German blood in your family tree? Well you are not alone as there are many Americans that can claim that their ancestors had German roots. In actual fact the largest influx of immigrants to North American came from this European country.

You have a rich German ancestry that you will want to explore. And I am pleased to say that you can do this with the German Genealogy Mega Collection that is jam-packed full of resources to help you!

German Roots

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German Genealogy Mega Collection Product Details:

German Collection
Resources A book, six video downloads, two ebooks and two PDF downloads
Price Was $323.89Now $89.99 (saving $233.90 – save 73%)
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Availability Ships worldwide!
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Buying these 11 resources would normally cost you a staggering $323.89. But buying this complete collection that contains a book, together with ebooks, video and PDF downloads altogether can give you an incredible 63% saving.

All of this for $89.99!

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Sure does sound tempting doesn’t it?

But what does it actually contain and what can you get from this collection? Well keep reading and I will show you how you can benefit from this aid.

What do you want to learn about your German ancestry?

Records are being uploaded all the time and you will want to find out how you can access them online. You may also be interested to find out which village your ancestor called home and the reasons behind their migration to America.

This collection will explain all that as well as help you with translations, and how borders changed over time and how that affected your ancestors.

Not only may you be experiencing difficulties with translating the German language but you may have hit a few brick walls. Not to worry though as this collection will help you on your journey to discovering your German ancestry.

German Roots

Why Purchase the German Genealogy Mega Collection?

The German Genealogy Mega Collection can help you in many ways. We all want to know about our past, our heritage. But we sometimes do not know where to look. Just where is all the information stored about our ancestors?

German Roots

Even if we do know where to look we may not know the best way to find what we are looking for. From this collection you can learn about your German ancestry by showing you the ways to get the information that you are after.

Everyone now and again needs to be shown the way. Otherwise we would be just wasting our time wading through all the information that is in front of us and not actually finding what we are looking for. This is where this collection comes in. It will show you where to look.

German Roots

But what other reasons should you purchase this useful guide?

  • Break down those brick walls in your German ancestry.
  • Trace your ancestry back to your German roots.
  • Learn the various resources that are available to you, such as websites and record collections.
  • Learn about research challenges and the solutions that are available to you.
  • Find out why your ancestors emigrated from Germany.

What You Can Learn From This Collection

As I have just mentioned there are many ways that this Mega Collection can help you with your German ancestry. You will want to know so much about them. Not only who they were and where they lived, but also the reasons for their migration. So what exactly can you learn from this collection?

German Roots

Well from this German Genealogy Mega Collection you will learn:

  • The many records that are available to you.
  • How to track down these records and if possible the original sources.
  • The ways that changing boundaries can affect your German genealogy research.
  • How to track down the villages of your German ancestors and understand the geography of the country.
  • Guides to using worksheets, German language tools, and other resources that can help you with your research.
  • The many terms and resources that there are. Available within a handy cheat-sheet.
  • Find the best websites that contain useful information such as maps and records.
  • Strategies for breaking down those pesky brick walls.
  • Ways to track your ancestors migration from German to the new world.

The German Genealogy Mega Collection Includes

The total value of this collection comes to $329.89, but with Shop Family Tree you can purchase these guides for an incredible $89.99. That is a whopping 73% saving I feel you buy this collection.

German Roots

There are ELEVEN resources within this collection. There is a book, six video downloads, two ebooks and two PDF downloads. The digital resources in this collection can be downloaded immediately after your purchase the set. So you can start tracing your German ancestors today.

The titles that are included in this collection are:

  • Trace Your German Roots Online (Book) – $21.99 – This book will give you a comprehensive look on how you can trace your German roots. All of this can be done through various websites and online tools that are available to you. You will be shown how to find your ancestors records with the aid of this book.
  • How to Trace Your German Ancestry Online (Video Download) – $49.99 – This is another aid that will help you trace your German ancestry online. An hour long webinar that will show what, FamilySearch and other German related genealogy websites have to offer. You will learn various resources and techniques  to help with your research.
  • The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide (ebook) – $24.99 – This ebook will help you find your German ancestors hometown and also track down vital records. This guide will also help you make sense of the German language and unfamiliar script to get the most out of these records.
  • Trace Your German Immigrant Ancestors Online (Video Download) – $49.99 – Your immigrant ancestors helped pave the way between the old country and the new country. But tracing their origin can be quite tricky. This is a one hour video that will help you pinpoint your ancestors and also understand the reasoning behind their migration.
  • How to Find your German Ancestral Village (Video Download) – $39.99 – This is a 30 minute video that will help your German ancestral home. You will be taught techniques and also find out possible sources of information for your search.
  • German Genealogy Crash Course (Video Download) – $39.99 – This video will help you overcome the many challenges that you will inevitably encounter. You will learn more about church records and also other available records that you can utilize.
  • A Genealogist’s Guide to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestry (ebook) – $24.99 – Did you know that actually your German ancestors maybe from Austria, Switzerland or Alsace-Lorraine.
  • Mastering German Place Names (Video Download) – $29.99 – If you have ever seen German place names then you will know how confusing that they can be. This can be especially true if you’re a beginner to genealogy and knowing about your German ancestors. From this guide you will learn how to dissect both geographical terms and the administrative divisions.
  • German Newspapers In America (Video Download) – $29.99 – You maybe aware that there are ethnic newspapers within the United States. These can infact reveal a lot about your German ancestors. This video will show you how to find, access and read these German newspapers.
  • German Genealogy Cheat Sheet (PDF Download) – $9.99 – This 4 page cheat sheet is packed full of useful information. And all at a glance. There is a geography guide, alphabet chart and all manner of language translation tools. Plus there is a list of essential resources of books and websites that will make your research go as planned.
  • A Genealogists’ Guide to German Names (PDF Download) – $7.99 – German names can be quite frustrating to go through and understand. But by learning the naming patterns, meanings and traditions will help you make sense of them.

German Roots

Final Thoughts

Discovering your German ancestry can be a rewarding part of finding out about your family’s history. But with a language and country that may be pretty foreign to you it can seem quite daunting and overwhelming. With this collection though you will have assistance with tackling your German past.

You will want to know where your ancestors once lived in the old country. Just what village did they call home and what was the landscape like? What did they do to make a living and ultimately why did they emigrate to America?

German Roots

All of your questions can be answered with this collection of guides, strategies and tips. It can even help you to break down those pesky brick walls that you may have encountered during your research.

This collection of eleven resources comes with a great saving. The $234 that you can save with this collection can be better used by purchasing the documents and certificates of your German ancestors. So why waste your money?

It is crammed with many video downloads that can help you almost immediately. So while you are waiting for your book to arrive you can start downloading the videos, PDFs and eBook straight away. You can begin tracing your German roots today!

Further Recommendation!

Besides buying this excellent collection of resources why not head on over to the German Roots site. There you will find even more resources to help you with your German genealogy.

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Author: Owain

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10 thoughts on “German Roots – The German Genealogy Mega Collection

  1. Nicole

    This sounds like a really great collection of books. As someone who speaks German, even I find it difficult to decipher old German, and especially official documents because they use a different type of language. This type of collection would be a big help in trying to figure out these sorts of documents. Thanks for introducing me to this collection.

    1. Owain Post author

      I am glad that I could be of help to you. Understanding is one thing but deciphering old records can be something else. So it is handy to have this sort of guide. All the best with your family research.

  2. Andy

    I am I guess one of many that have German roots, actually very deep German roots. Is there a way to preview the content of the package prior to making the commitment? I am on a tight budget and to make a purchase I really would want to get an idea of what relevant material there might be for my situation. This was a very well thought out page, thanks for the information.

    1. Owain Post author

      Just click on the link to buy. That will bring up the page which will feature all of the different items that are included in the collection. You will get a further description of each of them.

      Hope this helps and all the best tracking your German ancestors

  3. L.A


    The mega collection is very interesting and will help those who have german roots, even though I have
    no german roots I have a few german friends that I can show this article to! Thanks for the article, will
    make sure that the next time I encounter my friend I’ll show this to them, might help them 🙂

    Thanks again for the Interesting Article

  4. Farhan

    An American having German ancestors? Wow, that’s certainly something that has never crossed my mind. Would be cool to know that you actually have European blood in you.

    These resources definitely seem like a must have for people living in North America. But how would they know if they are of German descend? Will a DNA test be required in this case?

    Great review!

    1. Owain Post author

      Yes certainly a DNA test could prove your ethnicity. Also asking your older relatives about your family history could point the finger towards German ancestry. Records, certificates and passenger lists could also be the link to anyone’s German past

  5. Mark

    What a great idea! Genealogy is something that has always fascinated me. You’ve created something that is extremely helpful and has great information. I wish I had known about your product before I visited Germany and Austria a few years ago to do some “root” searching. Thanks again for your contribution to the genealogy world!

    1. Owain Post author

      Thanks for the appreciation. Not to worry about already visiting your homeland. You can check out the useful guides and tips that this site has to offer. All the best with your genealogy research Mark


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