TheGenealogist Review!

Do you want to learn more about your British ancestors? Well then TheGenealogist website is just for you as it offers millions of records, many of which are exclusive to this site. It is packed full of records that can help your genealogy research.

TheGenealogist Review

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Are you interested to learn how this site can help you and what is available to you? Well, read on as I will show you what this resource has to offer.

TheGenealogist Rating and Details

Rating Rating Stars - 4(4/5)
Subscription BMD Index, Starter, Gold, or Diamond
Duration 3 months, 6 months or 12 months
Prices From £14.95 to £119.45
Credit System
£5.00 (50 credits) – 90 days (Access to BMD Index)
Features BMD Index/Transcriptions, England & Wales Census, Military, Parish, Wills, Electoral, Occupation and many more records

About TheGenealogist!

As you can see from the above table TheGenealogist has a lot of records within its collection that can help you greatly with your family history research.

And it was help from volunteers that would make this company such a useful and valuable resource for any U.K. family historian.

Back in 2002 a volunteer project was started in order to index the 1891 census. These records were provided on a genealogy site called UK Indexer, which in turn would be used by TheGenealogist.

It was evident from this successful project that there was a need to have census records from other years to be transcribed.

The creators of TheGenealogist, Susan and Nigel Bayley, thus formed Genealogy Supplies in 2006.

Since then TheGenealogist has been a go to site for U.K. residents wanting to know more about their ancestry.

And why not when they offer so much?!

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Historical Records Available To You

There are other genealogy search sites that are available to you, such as Ancestry and FindMyPast.

So, what makes TheGenealogist stand out and why should you consider checking out this website? Read on as I will discuss what they have to offer you.

Search TheGenealogist

Searching for your ancestors!

Let me explain first of all how you can search for your ancestors on this website.

When you visit TheGenealogist there is a clear search form for you to use right at the top of the page.

Searching for your ancestors is simple.

There is a drop-down menu which you will use to select the type of record that you are searching for, (only a partial listing of records is shown in the above image).

Then you will need to enter both the forename and surname of your ancestor. It will help with your search if you enter both pieces of information.

After that you will enter the Year of Event that you are searching for, followed by a tolerance for that year, i.e. you can set the limits either side of that year.

This is in case you may be incorrect with the year and therefore miss the record.

Of course you don’t need to enter the Year of Event but it will certainly help with your search.

And then just hit the Search button and check out the results!

Records to search for:

OK, so I have shown you a snippet of what records that you are able to search for in the previous section.

Let me now show you the full list of records that you can check out.

  • Births & Baptisms
  • Census UK and Census US
  • Court & Criminal
  • Deaths & Burials
  • Education Records
  • Immigration, Emigration & Travel
  • Insolvents & Bankrupts
  • International
  • Marriages
  • Military
  • Miscellaneous
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Occupational
  • Parish Record Books
  • Peerage, Gentry & Royalty
  • Polls & Electoral Rolls
  • Reference Books
  • Tithe & Landowner
  • Trade, Residential & Telephone
  • Wills

As you can see there are 21 different types of records that you can explore at TheGenealogist.

There is definitely a lot of information here that can help you extensively build your family tree.

Subscription Packages

There are 4 different types of subscription packages that you can choose between, and they are BMD Index, Starter, Gold and Diamond.

The higher up the subscription you go will mean the more access to the different kinds of records that are available on this genealogy site.

But obviously the higher up you go then the more money that you will need to spend.

I will say at this point though that if you are serious and passionate about tracing your family tree then you should seek out every piece of information that you can about your ancestors, like I have done.

If you are just beginning on your family history journey though then you may want to start off slow and go with the base Starter package.

Once you are comfortable with the research process then you may want to take it to the next level with your research.

Cost of the Subscription Packages

I will first show you how much each of the four packages cost before I go into what each of these subscriptions can offer you.

  • BMD Index – 50 Credits £5.00 (valid for 90 days)
  • Starter – 3 Months £14.95 – 6 Months £28.95 – 12 Months £54.95
  • Gold – 3 Months £24.95 – 6 Months £44.95 – 12 Months £78.95
  • Diamond – 12 Months £119.45

The first package, BMD Index, will only allow you to get the BMD Index for England and Wales for the years 1837 to 2005.

It will also give you access to BMD transcripts as well.

You can buy 50 credits to view these records at £5.00. When your credits run low then you can buy more so that you can continue viewing these records.

These credits though are only valid for 90 days from time of purchase.

You will save more if you decide to opt for the 12 Months options on either the Starter or Gold subscription packages. However, there is only a 12 Month option available for the Diamond package.

The Diamond package will give you access to everything that is within TheGenealogist database and is quite frankly a goldmine for any family historian.

It is also their most popular product.

What’s In The Packages?

But what can you access for each of the 4 subscription packages you are probably wondering.

Features BMD Index Starter Gold Diamond
BMD Index England & Wales 1837-2005
BMD Transcripts
English & Welsh Census (1841-1911)
Image Archive
Overseas BMD
Reference Books
Roll of Honour Records
Treeview Premium Features
Landowner Records
Non-Comformist Records
School, College & University Registers
Wills, Probates & Testaments
Electoral Records & Poll Books
Military Records
Parish Records
Biography and Who’s Who
British & International Records
Criminal Registers
Immigration, Emigration & Travel
Newspapers & Magazines
Occupational Records
Peerage & Heritage Records
Regimental Records
Royal Records
Telephone Directories
Tithe Records
Various Unique Censuses
Visitation Records

means that there is exclusive content available if you subscribe to the Diamond package.

Get TheGenealogist Free Access!

There is another alternative option available to you if you do not want to spend any money on accessing records at TheGenealogist.

Although this is only available to you on a 14-Day free trial!

You will though need to fill in your personal information, such as your name and email, followed by your chosen password.

In order to start this free trial you will need to select a subscription package, Starter, Gold or Diamond.

After you have completed this process you will then have full access to the records available for that package.

Please note:

You will need to inform TheGenealogist if you wish to cancel your account before the 14 days has elapsed.

Failure to do this will result in you being billed for your chosen subscription package.

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Now

Build Your Family Tree

Many of the genealogy search websites offer you a family tree building feature. And TheGenealogist is no different.

However, you can easily start to build your family tree online today through this site, or you can download the TreeView app.

Credit:   TheGenealogist

Start with yourself and work backwards!

When you begin your family history journey you will start off by entering what you know.

And that means that you will begin with yourself and work upwards, i.e. to your parents, grandparents and so on.

And the process is the same when you first start using the TreeView app.

There is nothing worse than starting from scratch, especially when you have spent many long hours building an extensive tree.

Well, do not worry if you have already created your family tree elsewhere as you can easily import your tree file into TreeView.

Features of TreeView:

  • Flexible tree design – Choose between either a Pedigree, Hourglass, Ancestors, Descendants or Family view
  • Add and edit details – You can easily add new information, and also change anything that you have already entered. You can add notes as well.
  • View historical records – Depending on the level of subscription will mean what records are available to you when building your family tree.
  • Upload photos – Make your tree more visual by adding a picture of your ancestor.
  • Offline mode – There is no need to worry if you do not have a signal as you will still be able to view your tree.
  • Sync with other devices – You will be able to view your tree on any devices that you have.
  • Help and advice – You can also get support if you have any problems.

Help & Support!

Undoubtedly you will become stuck while researching your ancestry.

This maybe due to an elusive ancestor that is very hard to find or you may have a technical difficulty that you are having problems with.

Help and Support

Either way there are options available to you at TheGenealogist which will help you on your way.

  • Research guides – This section will give you practical help on how to search for your ancestors, the different kinds of subscriptions packages, and what records are available to you.
  • Forum – A helpful forum is available to you where you can get help and support from staff and members as well.
  • FAQ section – Get advice on technical issues, logging in, searching, viewing images and subscribing.
  • Video tutorials – Support is also available through videos that will help you to search for your ancestors, how to check censuses, getting started with TreeView, and how to import your family tree from another genealogy program or service that you have previously used.
  • Email or call – And if you cannot find what you are looking for then you can email, call or even write to TheGenealogist for help.

Pros & Cons


✔ Millions of records to help with your genealogy research
✔ Many of these records are exclusive to TheGenealogist
✔ Build your family tree online with TreeView
✔ Get help from other members and staff


❌ Can be expensive to research your family tree
❌ Information limited to United Kingdom

Do I Recommend TheGenealogist?

When I first started to trace my family tree I didn’t know where to look. As I began to look for my ancestors I was confronted with many different sources of information.

So, that meant that I had to go from one site to another. That was very frustrating as I had to switch between the different Internet windows as I found new leads.

That’s not the case with this site as you have a ton of information available to you right in one place.

And what is also really cool is the family tree feature that they have as well.

That means that when you do find something about your ancestor then you can immediately add it to your tree.

Great choice when it comes to packages!

I like how TheGenealogist offers you different subscription packages at varying durations.

That is great as it gives you what you pay for. If you are not interested in the full range of records then you do not have to buy it.

And if you do not want to stay with this site for a whole year then you do not have to. But if you do start using it and like it then why not upgrade to a 12 month package.

That way you will be saving money. It makes sense.

So, do I recommend TheGenealogist?

Yes, I do recommend this site. This valuable resource will definitely keep you busy tracing your U.K. ancestors.

If you decide to subscribe to this genealogy site then please come back and let me know what you think of it. I would love to hear how it is working for you.

Perfect For British Genealogy Research!

Discover your UK ancestry!

TheGenealogist Website

Check Out TheGenealogist Now

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