Free Family Tree Builder Online Guide

My Free Family Tree Builder Online Guide!

Researching can be an exciting and rewarding hobby. This Family Tree Builder Online Guide will show you what sites you can visit to easily start building your family tree.

Free Family Tree Builder Online Guide

And get many benefits besides.

Are you interested to learn more?

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What you can expect from them!

Many of the sites that I have reviewed in this post will allow you to create and build a family tree for free.

They also allow you to access either millions or even billions of genealogical records that may feature your ancestor.

Access to these records though is restricted to paid subscribers. I would suggest for you first try out the family tree builder for free and see what records show up for your ancestor.

You will not see the full transcript of the records but you will see a small snippet. This will be useful to you as you will get a taste of what is on offer.

Most of the top genealogy search websites do offer free trials for you to see the full capabilities of the site.

It’s worth checking these sites out for free, but make sure that you have free time on your hands to get the most from it.

Top Family Tree Builders:

Further Recommendation!

After reading this helpful guide to family tree builders why not check out the website.

Here you will find a guide to 20 Best Online Family Tree Builders.

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Express Your Thoughts Below!

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Why Choose A Family Tree Builder Online?

It seems that every genealogy search website offers the ability for you to create your family tree.

But what are the advantages of building your tree online?

Let’s take a look!

Easy to start

Genealogy search websites make it very easy for you to start. You just enter your name, then your parents’ details.

And that’s it pretty much. You just keep adding branching with what information that you do know.

Upload a GEDCOM

If you have already begun your genealogy journey and already built a family tree then there is no need to worry.

You can simply save your tree as a GEDCOM file and upload it to your chosen genealogy site.

Helpful hints

The major genealogy sites will provide you with links to records within their databases that may include your ancestor.

You can get this feature with programs but only if they are linked to these sites.

No running costs

Whenever there is a site update you will not need to pay for this. Compare that to the software that you have purchased.

With software updates, you will generally need to pay upgrade costs, (although there will be a discounted price if you already have the software).

Easy access

These sites are accessible from any device, so you can access your tree from your computer, tablet, or mobile.

As you can access your tree anywhere this means that you can take your research with you and not be stuck at home.

Automatic backups

If you’re like me then you will want to keep a few copies of your tree. Just in case. With an online tree builder, your tree will be automatically backed up.

So, there is no need to worry that you will lose your tree.

Set privacy

You can easily set the privacy of your tree. So you may want the public to see it or not.

Please note that generally, anyone in your tree who was born within 125 years will not be visible to anyone else.

Easy collaboration

An online tree will be easy for you to share with your family, and friends as well. This will mean that you can get help from them as they help to piece together your family history.

The BOTTOM Line!!!

You can see that there are several advantages to why you would want to build your family tree online.

There are benefits to you building your tree online compared to a genealogy software program that you may have purchased.

It all depends though on your needs.

So, before you do go ahead and start researching your ancestry please consider which you prefer before you invest both time and money in it.

The Family Tree Builders That You Can Find Online!


Although Ancestry is a paid genealogy site you can create your family tree on there for free. Ancestry makes it easy for you to do this as you can imagine.

Ancestry com

As you enter what information that you do know hints will pop up which will lead you to records that may include your ancestor.

I say ‘may include‘ as the technology behind this search all depends on the facts that you have entered for your family tree member.

You may find that records featuring a person with the same name and location that you were expecting but their year of birth may be incorrect.

So, my advice is to enter as much information as you can so you get the records that you are after.

You will though need to be a paid subscriber to the site to access the full transcript and image of the document.

But you may get an excerpt of the record which can help to show you that there are records that exist for your ancestor.

If you want to get an idea of what Ancestry has to offer there is a 14-day free trial.

So, if you are interested then sign up for a trial before you commit to a full package.

With Ancestry you can:

  • Get hints to billions of genealogical that are in their databases
  • Connect with distant relatives
  • Lots of helpful support in the form of articles and guides

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Family Search

Unlike Ancestry this site is FREE! That means that you can create and build your tree on the site for free as well as access to millions of records.

Credit:   Web Genealogist

Although you won’t need to part with your money on this site there is one disadvantage that does spring to mind.

And that is it does offer as many records compared to other major genealogy search websites.

The major ones offer billions of records, compared to Family Search’s millions of records.

Despite that there it is a great way for you to start your family history research for free.

With Family Search you can:

  • Share your tree with other members of the site
  • Add photos to your tree to make it more visual and put a name to the person you researching
  • Upload your GEDCOM file

Check Out My Family Search Review

Find My Past

In my mind Find My Past is a lot like Ancestry. These two were my go-to sites as I was researching my family history.

FindMyPast Logo

If I couldn’t find what I was looking for on one site then I would check the other. And chances are I would find what I was looking for on one of these.

Credit:   FindMyPast

Creating and building your tree on this site is very simple, (like the first two sites that I have mentioned). You just enter your information and what you know about your parents, grandparents and so on.

You can decide whether you want to see your ancestry in the traditional Family View format or a Pedigree View instead.

As you build your tree you will get hints to genealogical records that are stored within the Find My Past databases.

Full access to these records will require you to be a paid subscription, but you will get some excerpt of the record.

Even though you will not get a full transcript of the record at least you will know that records do exist for your ancestor.

And if you like what you see then you can always sign up for one of the subscription packages.

Similar to Ancestry, FindMyPast also offers a 14-day free trial. It’s a good way to check out all of the features of this site.

You can then commit to one of the subscription packages that are on offer.

With Find My Past you can:

  • Get hints to billions of records stored within the site’s databases
  • Connect with distant cousins
  • Upload your GEDCOM

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Genes Reunited

This is a dedicated U.K. site, so if you are from the United Kingdom then this site is worth considering.

Genes Reunited UK

Not only can you easily create a tree on this site but you can also link up to more than 500 million records that are contained within their databases.

There is no limit size to the tree that you can create at Genes Reunited. You can even add photos and videos as well.

Similar again to other genealogy search websites you will get hints to records that may contain your ancestors.

And once again I must clarify that you will need to be a paid subscriber to access these records.

If you do decide to join Genes Reunited you may be connected with other members. What this means is that these Hot Matches could be your distant cousins.

Wouldn’t that be great to discover long-lost family members who can share with you their genealogy research?!

With Genes Reunited you can:

  • Create an unlimited family tree
  • Connect with family members
  • Get access to more than 500 million British records

Check Out My Genes Reunited UK Review


You can join Geni for free and start building your family tree straight away. With the site’s tree builder you can add photos and videos that you can share with your family.

Geni Family Tree

You can even add birthday reminders, events, and timelines to your tree as well.

The great benefit of this genealogy site is that you can connect with over 175 million other profiles and share what information that is held within these trees.

This means that you do not have to repeat their research.

So, you will undoubtedly save time with this approach!

Connecting with distant cousins is a possibility as the information that you enter into your tree will be cross-referenced with other members’ trees.

And if you do find a match then you will be connected with them.

Who knows maybe you will find a relative who will share with you their research.

With Geni you can:

  • Get hints via MyHeritage

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I would have to say that MyHeritage is in my top 3 genealogy websites, (paid ones that are). Yes, you will need to pay to access full records of your ancestors but you still can create your family tree for free on this site.

MyHeritage Review

Not only can you add information about your ancestors to your tree but you can also add photos as well.

I like this feature as it can put a face to the person who you are researching.

For me, this just makes the whole experience more personal.

There are many Matching Technologies that My Heritage use to help you get the most from this website.

Through this feature, you can get connected with other members, find records of interest, instantly create new branches based on what you have entered and other benefits besides.

The extent of features that you will get access to depends on whether you are a free or a paid member.

There are 3 different subscription packages on offer which will also offer various levels of matching capabilities.

With MyHeritage you can:

  • Get access to billions of genealogical records
  • Incredible matching technology
  • Upload a GEDCOM file if you have already created a family tree elsewhere

Check Out MyHeritage Now

My Trees

This genealogy site has been online since 1996 and was the first to help people create their family tree online. They were also the first to provide a name search function where you can search for your ancestors’ records.

MyTrees Review!

I do want to point out that even though My Trees have been helping countless people trace their roots for over two decades the site’s design is a little outdated.

Also, the number of records available for you to access only goes into the millions, compared to billions as can be found on the major genealogy websites.

However, you can easily create and build your family tree on this site, as well as add photos and share your tree with others.

Check Out MyTrees Review

One Great Family

This resource is quite different from the others that I have reviewed so far. The creators’ bold purpose with this site is to make one great big family tree.

One Great Family Genealogy Site Review!

With everyday people creating and uploading their trees to the site it is hoped one day that one great family will be created.

Even though I think that it will be a long way off until such a tree is created you can still find connections with distant cousins.

And on top of that, you can get access to genealogical records that have been uploaded by other members.

You will need to subscribe to the site to create a tree and join the community. But there is a 7-day free trial that you can take advantage of.

So if you do have a free week to spare where you can spend some time on genealogy research then it is worth a look.

Check Out My One Great Family Review


TheGenealogist is another U.K. site that can help you find your British ancestors. Here you can also create and build your family tree for free.

And you can access your tree on the go with their mobile app!

Credit:   TheGenealogist

There are many different features to the family tree builder tool.

You can choose which family view you want, (Pedigree, Hourglass, Ancestor, Descendant, or Family view), access historical records, upload photos, and sync with other devices.

If you do decide to subscribe to the site you will get access to 21 different types of records held within the site’s databases.

These include amongst others, birth, marriage, and death certificates, education records, immigration records, military records, and more.

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  1. How interesting! I was always fascinated by ancestry and finding your genealogy but didn’t know there were so many other sites out there besides Ancestry. I’ll check them out, thanks!

    1. You’re welcome Sarah’s. There are a lot of resources out there both online and offline that can help you. That’s the main aim of this site to show you where to look and find the informational that you are after.

  2. Wow, great value here!

    I can see that there are a lot of benefits with creating an online family tree. I have heard of Ancestry but not familiar with the others. I’ll check Ancestry out first and see what the others have to offer.

    I will bookmark this page and share with my family.

    Thank you,

    1. Thanks Kit for your comment. Yes you do get a lot of benefits if you decide to create an online tree. I particular like how easy it is to set up and that you can get hints that will connect you with genealogical records.

      I also like that it is possible to get connected with distant cousins. Very powerful stuff.

  3. I have not used this genealogy records to find my ancestors, but interestingly I could tell I used a very old method of seeking for my ancestral family tree believe me, it’s so awkward, expensive and stressing.

    Though at the end my labor paid off, but if I have known of this family tree builder online, I wouldn’t have spent so much. Anyway, my search reunited me with my cousin who helped to changed my life for good.

    I will definitely use this guide for my future search.

    1. Hi Peter,

      Yes an online tree can be so much easier. That’s great that you were reunited with a cousin and that they changed your life.

      Hopefully you can create a tree online and make new connections.

      All the best with your genealogy research.

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